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46 Home Remedies for Swimmers ear

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I have swimmers ear right now and going to the doctor is the best thing, they gave me ear drops and antibiotics along with that advil you will feel so much better each time you put the ear drops in.
December 12 2014

Ear infected .34 from United states

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Swimmers ear

Personally I have to say don't use hydrogen peroxide because one it is pretty much water and that's how you got in to the situation in the first place. Going to the doctors to get meds sound more reliable to me. But if your like me and got swimmers ear on holiday break then you would just go to your local pharmacy and get dry ear drops that simple. And it is mostly made up of all of your home made stuff anyway and even know the ear drops don't help with the pain but that's what pain killers are for am I right?
November 30 2014

Cate from Dayton Beach Florida

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Heat pad

lay your ear on a heat pad, dries the water quickly.
July 29 2014

Chris from 45690

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I drizzled a little bit of rubbing alcohol in my bad ear and in seconds my ear popped and the pain pretty much left Number baa bye swimming ear!
July 27 2014

Luke from Wi

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Doctor/r. alchohol

I would recommend going to the doctor and having them prescribe something tho you, it works great and stops the pain immediately. But if you can't get to the doctor, rubbing alcohol works just fine too.
July 22 2014

Julia from Wisconsin

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Easy way to get rid of swimmers ear.

I have a pool at my house and I would swim in it everyday. Then I got swimmers ear and I felt horrible. So what I did was went to the store and bought rubbing alcohol and I put 4-5 drops in my ear in the morning and at night. In about 3 days I felt better. And I decided to take 2 days off from swimming.

P.S. When putting in rubbing alcohol I would wait for the pop.
July 06 2014

Lila from New York

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Onion juice

To try and relieve the pain and itchiness try onion juice. Cut an onion in half and scrub it gently with a spoon. You will get a few droops apply it inside of your ears. Onion juice will only relieve the pain. You might want to go to your doctor to prescribe you antibiotics and drops. I hope I helped get well soon.
July 04 2014

Ashley from Florida

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Painful ear

There is nothing you can do if you have an swimmer's ear what I recommend is pain medicine and alcohol.
June 16 2014

Shiloh from North Carolina

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Swimmers ear cure.

I am on a swim team and was swimming every day twice a day. When I got swimmers ear I went to the doctors and instead of mising two weeks of practice by using a homemade method I only missed 3 days. For me perscription works best.
June 16 2014

Anyounomous from From aynanoumous

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Vodka (grain alcohol) is better. Rubbing alcohol is toxic and should never be used on any open wound. Vodka is one of the best cure alls I've ever discovered for any bacterial infection such as toe nail infection, foot fungus, cold sore, swimmers ear. I even use it to kill the flu upon first symptoms. Very fast and effective. But what is really funny is most people laugh at this and will never even try it.
June 12 2014

Brian from Wisconsin

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Rubbing alcohol in the ear works like a charm. Just cleaned out my ears with the ear wax removal kit and it says to take the syringe and warm water and rinse it out. Well in the mix of all that it turned to swimmers ear. I got on here to see what would work. Took the alcohol advise and it worked. I took the alcohol and poured it in the cap until it covered the bottom of the cap, turned my head sideways, poured it in my ear, let it sit for like 5 seconds and turned my head the opposite way and it was GONE!!!
Love it!!
February 22 2014

Tamahai from North Carolina

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Peace out pain scout

4 or 5 drops of hydrogen peroxide, use a Q-tip dip it in the hydrogen peroxide, drip it in your ear, let it sizzle and when it stops it is dried and so is the water!
June 29 2013

Kynni from Carrollton, kentucky

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