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46 Home Remedies for Swimmers ear

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Definitely heat pack

A heat pack works very well, but only for a short period of time.
June 27 2015

Jj from IL

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Swimmers ear prevention

Use one part vinegar and one part alcohol. The vinegar helps prevent the bacteria and alcohol dries the ear. If it is an infection you have to have antibiotics, but this will help prevent an infection. This is what my doctor told me.
June 21 2015

Norma from California

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Swimmers ear

Thank you!!!! Daughter was up all night... Over the counter stuff caused her pain and did not work..(ingredients mainly alcohol).
After a long sleepless night waiting for doctors office to open so to take her In...Decided to Google and came across this...5 drops hydrogen peroxide..Crackled and popped which she didn't like but we waited a min drained excess and in about another 2 min. she was all better!!! Thank you!!!
June 04 2015

Mommabear from California

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Swimmers ear

You should lay down in a damp warm wash cloth or rag for about 15 min and the warm will dry it up.
June 03 2015

Shane Montani from Canonsburg

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So I tried many remedies over my experience with swimmers ear.
Olive oil: Nothing
Rubbing alcohol: Works after a really long period of time of repeated use, can sting a lot and did nothing to ease my pain.
White vinegar: Nada
Rubbing alcohol + white vinegar: didn't work any better than just plain rubbing alcohol, which still isn't very good.
Hydrogen peroxide: This definitely works the best. It has become my go to home remedy because it works the fastest and isn't painful.
Heating: Soothed it, but the pain was back in an hour or so
Heated onion slice on ear: Did a VERY good job of soothing, but the pain always came back, worked better than plain heating as far as pain relief goes.
June 03 2015

American from USA

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Hydrogen peroxide did the trick!

My 10 yr old daughter had some water in her ear from swimming earlier in the day- used a syringe and and squeezed 5 drops of hydrogen peroxide into her ear, let it sit for about 5-10 seconds, turned her head for the liquid to leak out, walla! All better!!
June 01 2015

R. Jordan from Phoenix AZ USA

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I'm reading these suggestions and am a little dumfounded. True Swimmers ear doesn't just happen instantly. Its an actual bacterial infection of the outer ear canal. Its extremely painful and won't go away "instantly". You can't "pop" or "fizz" away the infection instantly with peroxide or alcohol. You need antibiotic drops only available by prescription . There's a huge difference in evaporating water in the ear and curing a bacterial infection. Most all these remedies are for prevention of swimmers ear or for evaporating water in the ear.

If you have a true swimmers ear with swelling and pain and hearing problems and chewing problems, see a doctor, if left untreated your ear could swell completely shut and your ear drum could burst. Its extremely painful on its own without adding ear drum pain into the mix.
May 30 2015

Jennifer E from United States

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Poof! gone in less than a minute!

After reading all the posts, I decided to try the Hydrogen Peroxide method. I've been waking up on and off for several months with my ear sore to the touch. I finally decided to look it up here before hitting the Dr's office because I can remember having this problem many times living in our pool while growing up, and the home remedy working then. Just didn't remember what it was.

After waking this morning for the 2nd time this week with my ear so sore I couldn't go near it, I finally am doing something. The Peroxide method worked in seconds! Literally less than a minute and no more pain!!! YAY! I put some on a q-tip and dropped about 3-4 drops in the sore ear, waited for the sizzle, and when it slowed down, I tilted my head back up and let the rest drain (tugging my ear lobe to help it.) Gone that fast! I won't forget this remedy any time soon.
May 19 2015

JEANNE from N.C.

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Quick relief

Take a q-tip and coat the end with Vicks vapor rub. Put a little ground cinnamon on the tip. Gently put q-tip in ear and twist slightly. Helps to relieve the pain quickly, but doesn't work as well in the long term as other remedies.
April 14 2015

Some Guy from Somewhere

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Rubbing alcohol my behind

This is a resentment post. I'm laying here on my side in pain cursing all of you that said you put alcohol in your ear and it went "snap crackle pop!" And abracadabra the pain was gone! As I'm writing this I tried the hydrogen poroxide method and it worked. Hallefreakinluja!!! End of rant.
March 13 2015

Ivan Redding from Oregon

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Heating pad

Heating pad works great.
March 01 2015

Nahh from Nah

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Hydrogen peroxide

I used Hydrogen peroxide. I filled the cap so at the bottom it was filled. Poor it in and yes it will sizzle and also tickle. Keep you head tilted till it is done sizzling. It works really well if it is hard to hear out of the ear that has swimmer's ear.
January 30 2015

Makayla from From Fremont, Ohio

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