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46 Home Remedies for Swimmers ear

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Icky paste

So what you have is a muffled sound and pain in the ear. It could be water trapped in the ear...by wax. Vodka works or green alcohol to dry up the water if it's accessible. If not warmth will perhaps melt the wax out of the way and provide access needed for drainage or drying agent. So will a flush of hydrogen peroxide and warm water. Warmth and moisture is also ideal growth environment for bacteria (add vodka). But what if you have a skin infection on the ear making it feel like swimmers ear? None of this stuff will work IN your ear. Try Icthomol paste on the back of the ear. It drawls infection out and works great.
January 30 2017

Herbal Momma from US of A

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Chronic swimmers ear

I've had swimmers ear for a week, none of these home remedies worked. If you have swimmers ear go see a doctor asap and get drops. Now to ease the pain I was taking 3 Advil's every 4 hours and applying heat to ear for temporary relief. Don't listen to other remedies they don't work or make it worse trust me!
August 30 2016

Cornbread from You don't need to know

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Swimmers ear - pain pain pain

We recently moved and I can't try any of these home remedies. I've tried Heating Pads, Ear Drops, Prescription Medicine, Pain Reliever (worked ONCE) I'm currently on another Antibiotic and Ear Drops for 10 Days. Ive had minimal Swelling Hearing loss Puss. (Yay) Haven't had a Goods night rest in weeks!
August 18 2016

Desperate from Maryland Usa

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Really works

I'm a surfer and swimmer so I'm in the water everyday not that often for me to get swimmers ear never had until yesterday it's the worst I went to the doctors today and they said ear drops haven't gotten them yet! I found a method that worked for me. I grabbed a q tip and covered it in a thin coat of Vicks vapor rub. Put it in both your ears before bed and on your chest, it will help you sleep more comfortable.
August 04 2016

Tt from California

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Hydrogen peroxide..

Okay so I tried the Hydrogen Peroxide thing and it didn't really work. Maybe I'm not as in much pain as I was but I can still feel the swelling in my ear and the discomfort. I was prescribed Baush + Lomb Optic Solution for my Swimmers Ear and I'm on day 3 of treatment (Swimmers Ear typically lasts 7-10 days if treated correctly.) And my pain has eased a bit, So PLEASE go to the doctor and have them prescribe you eardrops, it's probably the only way to make it go away.
June 30 2016

Kyla from Tennessee

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I had swimmers ear and I took an ice pack (it doesn't matter what kind) I layed on the ice pack over night and in the morning removed the ice pack, and then wiped my ear with a warm wash cloth. This did the trick for me and hopefully for you too!
June 20 2016

Karla L. from Pennsylvania

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No it doesn't

I don't see how y'all can put hydrogen peroxide in your ear and it feel better. It makes my ear feel even worse. I'm sitting here with my blow dryer up against my ear. After taking anti-biotics and butting 3 ear drops in its slowly going away.
June 05 2016

Kaylee from Missouri

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None of these are for SWIMMERS EAR.. These are for excess fluids in the ear. If you have the bacterial infection of swimmers ear go see a doctor. They will give you a prescription and it will probably go away in a couple of days, depending on severity of course.
August 05 2015

Noah from Florida

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Instant relief

Hi, I had a Horrible Painful Earache. I didn't know exactly what it was. I went to the Pharmacist and they Said "You have Swimmers Ear." and of course they prescribed me Over-The-Counter Medicine (Medicine took by Mouth). I went home and my Daughter searched for hours on Google and I tried one of the Remedies. It worked great!!! Gone! Thanks the Lord! And Katie!!! :-)
~3 Tablespoon Lavender or Regular Epsom Salt
~1 Tablespoon Boiling Water
~1 1/2 Teaspoon Peroxide
Mix and Pain is GONE!
August 05 2015

Brittany from New York City, NY

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Use green alcohol

Use green alcohol. Not the clear. Green is a drying agent.
July 10 2015

Sue from Fla

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Swimmers ear

I tried hydrogen peroxide and it did not work. I got rid of swimmers ear by just getting ear drops and it went away in 1 day. Pain is gone. I can hear better. It works great.
July 08 2015

Lola Cervantes from Hemet, California

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A blow dryer is very useful, I had a bad condition of swimmers ear it went on for 2 weeks so I put the blow dryer on warm and set it on low and held it there for about 10-15 minutes and the pain was Gina but then after I took the heating pad and I set the blow dryer on high and hot and put it about a hand length away and let it sit there for about 7-10 min and it was gone!!!!!
July 02 2015

Brianna from Louisiana

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