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54 Home Remedies for Sunburn

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Mustard cure for Sunburn

It works on the same principle as vinegar does...only you look/smell like a hot dog! It may also stain any cloth it comes in contact with, so be careful. However, in a pinch, mustard works really well and is more readily availb at outdoor activities (fairs, picnics, ballgames, etc) than vinegar may be. I didn't believe it myself when my co-workers in Guadalajara swore by it, until I tried it out of desperation. I've always used aloe and would recommend to keep using it if it's availb, but if not, mustard or vinegar really do work.
March 14 2006

Brigitte from USA

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Cold Tea Remedy

My mother's favourite remedy for treating our sunburn was to drain the teapot of leftover cold tea (not ice cold) and using cottonwool pad, pat it gently over our hot little limbs - usually accompanied by much screaming and yelling, but the result was almost instant relief.
An easier application would be to pour the cold tea into a spray bottle.
January 25 2006

Lani S. from Denver, CO USA

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oatmeal bath

when i get a sunburn i put a pk of alveeno oatmeal in my bath water and soak it take the soreness out and it moisturizes the skin too, it works every time.
January 08 2006

tina from alabama

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I had a bad sunburn when I first used a tanning bed. I was in there for like 30 minutes, and to everyone if it is ur first tan in a bed... go for 15 minutes... What I used was cocoa butter. It helps so good especially on ur back just take your shirt off, rub the lotion on and let the air hit it. It is a Relief!!
November 28 2005


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To bring relief from sunburn

To bring relief from sunburn, whip an egg white and beat in a teaspoon of castor oil.

Apply to the affected area. Or, add a handful of baking soda to the bathtub of warm water and soak in it for awhile.
September 28 2005

Rita M from Miami

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Ouch! Sunburn, what we used to do

When we were teenagers and laid out in the sun all day, not caring if we got burned, we would apply some vinegar to our sunburned bodies to take out the sting. Sure we smelled like a salad, but it worked!

Just recently I did the same thing to my son, but put the vinegar in a sprayer or mister.
We were also told it was not a good idea to use soap on the sunburn, if you take a shower with a sunburn.

The Aloe Vera plant is also known to relieve burns, like in the kitchen. That's why they have added it to so many sunburn lotions.
September 27 2005

Carol from Connecticut

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