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54 Home Remedies for Sunburn

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If you have a fresh aloe plant that is what you need to use for this cause, if you dont get aloe at yor local pharmacy,drugstore,or grocry store.
November 05 2008

Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555

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Sesame Oil

Just cover the burnt area with a 1mm layer of sesame oil. It's soothing at the time, and helps keep the moist environment required for a faster healing. Smell is not so bad, and spreading is not as painful as other treatments.
After 4 hours, clean up roughly, and reapply as indicated above.
July 16 2008

Jonah Tebaa from Lebanon

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Rescue Remedy

There are many ways to get rid of a sunburn..but this is one way..If you go into a health food store you can get this cream...(rescue remedy) it really works!
June 19 2008

Sydney from OK

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House Leek

A House Leek works even better then Aloe Vera for a sun burn. Simply crush a few leafs and rub them on the burn. By the next day the burn is practically gone.
May 24 2008

Jacklyn from Brooklyn Park, USA

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Generously apply peanut oil in the infected area of the sunburn then gently spread it. Once done start gently massaging the oil into the skin. For best results massage in a circular motion. Once the majority of the oil has absorbed into the skin then continue to re-apply the peanut oil repeatedly until the oil remains floating on the surface of the skin. At that point it is evident that the skin is now saturated with the peanut oil. Depending on the severity of the burn one may have to re-apply and follow the same procedure as I did when I developed a third degree sunburn. I used only peanut oil and the skin was softer than a baby's skin. You will know if you need to add more oil to the sunburn as the warmth begins to return. You are simply replenishing the moisture to the skin that the sun took out.
May 07 2008

Glenn first aticle from Boston, Ma

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Yes, it's messy, but if you can cover your burn (ANY burn) with a layer of raw unpasteurized honey and a layer of gauze it's hydroscopic, natural bacterial and enzymatic properties will help it heal fast and with less damage to the underlying tissue.
April 27 2008

Ros from Alabama

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I saw this remedy online and it is sooo soothing. I sliced a fresh tomato into several slices and laid the slices over the sunburn. It was on my back so I had someone help put it there for me.
It is instantly cooling and actually healed the rather severe sunburn in just over a day, which used to take over a week. I think it has to do with the vitamin found in tomatoes that helps heals burns.
January 09 2008

Hannah from San Diego, CA USA

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Works every time!!!

Aloe Vera works every time for fast sunburn relief. You can use an aloe vera plant or buy a bottle of aloe vera gel at any health store (some pharmacies also sell it). Simply rub all over the sunburn and re-apply it about every hour.

Another thing that works is white vinegar, it takes away the sting. Fill up a bath with cool water and add 2 cups of vinegar and soak in it for about half an hour. Or fill up a spray bottle and spray all over the sunburn. You smell like a packet of chips but it realy helps!!!
December 27 2007

Heidi from Auckland, New Zealand

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Vinegar for the burn

Use white vinegar mixed w/ some water and give yourself a rub down with it. It stinks but really works. It's amazing.
August 11 2007

Mary B from Hobart, IN

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When I get a sunburn I put noxema cream on the area during the day, the vapors help cool the skin. this is fast relief.
At night i dampen a hand towel or reg size towel depending on the area and place it on sunburn, the towel will dry as your skin soaks up the moisture. If you wake during the night redampen the towel.
April 24 2007

Becky from Wildwood Tx

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Aloe Vera

Yes, you know all about aloe, but you don't know how to use it properly. Here's how.
1. Cut off an aloe stalk from the plant.
2. Cut the green skin off the round side, not the flat side.
3.SCRAPE the clear gel bubbles (cells)to break them open and get the juice out. Use a serrated blade or other raspy device.
4. Rub the aloe into the skin. It goes in through the pores and through any breaks in the skin. The Pain will go away.
5.Keep gently rubbing the aloe juice in, on any spot that tingles or is sensitive. In case of a severe burn, this may take several hours. I burned the back of my hand with flaming cooking oil and it took two and one half hours and five stalks of aloe, but there was no pain and no blistering during that period, or after. I stopped only when the tingling stopped. It was labour intensive but it was damned well worth it, I had no further problems.
6. If tingling recurs, rub in more aloe. You can't use too much aloe but you sure can use too little, much to your painful and eternal regret.
February 04 2007

Charles Mathison from cfmesq@hotmail.com

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Oatmeal paste(temperary relief, but it works for the time)

Put a pack of oatmeal in a baggie, even flavored oatmeal works. Then add cold water to the bag but only enough so it is like a paste. mush the oatmeal in the baggy untill paste form. When you are ready rub in with a spoon or your hand . When it dries wipe it off but how bad it is depends if it hurts with a towel when you take it off.
June 01 2006

Alexis from IN

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