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54 Home Remedies for Sunburn

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Lettuce Leaf

Utilize a head lettuce (iceberg) be tearing off whole pieces of the head. The bigger the leaves, the better. Once you have a dozen or so leaves, soak them in ice water. Once the lettuce leaves have soaked for a few minutes or so, apply the cold lettuce leaf to the burnt areas of your skin. When the leaves become warm, repeat the beginning steps.

Each lettuce leaf can probably be used 4-5 times before becoming unusable. A whole head lettuce is usually required to treat large areas such as the back, chest, legs or arms. This procedure may take anywhere up to 30-60 minutes, but is much better than days of pain.
February 25 2013

BK from CA

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Shredded Potatoes

Apply shredded potatoes to a bad sunburn to help speed the healing process. After 8 hours of being passed out on the beach in Gulf Shores AL, we looked like cooked lobsters. After one look at us, our friends mom made us all lie down on sheets on her kitchen floor, and she spread a mass of freshly shredded Russett potatoes on our bodies, from head to toe. It was freeeeeezing! After about half an hour, we took showers to rinse the starch off our bodies. That was it! I have very pale skin, and I did not even peel after the worst sunburn of my life thanks to this remedy. Just be sure to also keep your skin moisturized with a non-scented lotion in the weeks to follow.
September 04 2012

HM from Los Angeles, CA

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Yogurt and Oatmeal

I don't have exceptionally fair skin, but the other day I was on the soccer field from 10 in the morning until 3:30. It was a bad idea, I know, to forget to put on sunscreen. I got home and had probably the worst burn I had ever gotten on my face. I Googled what to do for a sunburn because I had a tournament the next day and didn't want to be completely embarrassed with a tomato face. I read that Yogurt was a good remedy and I knew that oatmeal was. So first I put plain Greek Yogurt on my face (it's inexpensive and you can find it at any grocery store) and let that dry. It felt amazing. Then I mixed the yogurt with just regular dry oatmeal and applied that. It took about thirty minutes to dry and pretty much peeled off. My sunburn had gone from a bright red to a light pink! It was shocking. It felt good and my sunburn had virtually diminished in about forty-five minutes. Try it! :)
June 02 2012

Sarah from Alabama

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Ask the pharmacist for Calmoseptine. It's over the counter but the pharmacy supplies it. It was only $8 at Walgreens. Put a even coat on ANY burn. It says thin but I've noticed that a thick layer is better if you're applying it over night. It relieves the sting and makes it possible to sleep. The next morning, the burn will be drastically reduced. Apply it up to 4 times daily. You will smell a little like a baby's clean butt but at least you'll be comfortable.

The Calmoseptine can also be used to heal and prevent minor scraps, chaffing, and itching.
March 24 2012

Sarah from Orlando, FL

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When I get sunburn on my face I use that pink mary kay cream. The face emoliant. I put it on before I went to sleep and the next morning my face was no longer red. My burn turned into a tan. Works wonders!!
August 05 2011

courtney from sam antonio, tx

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Lotion and Water

I've always used simple lotion on a sunburn. It's not very helpful for the stinging, but if you get past it, the burn turns into a tan with absolutely no gross peeling. If the lotion you use also has aloe Vera in it (Banana Boat Aloe Aftersun) it works to help the sting a little too.
Also drink plenty of water and avoid hot showers.
July 15 2011

Sam from Nevada

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Over night steps

I got a super bad sunburn and my first day working at my job was the next day. This is what I did.

1. take a piture and make black tea (ussually 3-4 bags)The sooner this is done from the time you got burned the better.LET THE TEA COOL TO LUKEWARM!! otherwise it will hurt badly.Then get in a bathtub and get dark colored wash clothes or an old shirt so it doesnt get stained.Place the soaked towels on your burned skin and let it sit for 30 secs.I used the tea bags for more direct helping on my checks and dapped them on my shoulders. Let all areas air dry so it is absorbed by the skin.

Dont wash this off. Leave it on for about 6 hours before going to the 2nd step.

Use aloe inbetween waiting to cool the affected areas.

2.Do this before bed. Take white vineger and rub it on the skin. Let it air dry. Then repeat one more time.

Try not to sleep on your sunburn.

In the morning the pain from my sunburn was basicly gone(except the pplace where I slept on, but even that felt better) and most of the red was gone.

I applyed one more coat of vineger and left it on for 30 min. to the area I slept on.

To take away any left over red, rub on yellow mustard. Leave on for 30 min.

Your skin will feel 10x better!!

Use organic aloe if you can, since it will have less chemicals and more aloe plant leaves. which will help much more then chemical aloe.
July 08 2011

Kimberly from Rochester, NY USA

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Ocean potion!!

When I have really awful burns, I use Ocean Potion 100% aloe vera gell. Its amazing! Then, after the sunburn goes down a bit, use Ocean Potion Aloe Vera lotion, not gell. it takes it away fast! It really does work wonders, especially on fair skin!
June 08 2011

Sierra Denise! from Colombus, MO USA

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Sunburnt body.

I got a terrible tan on the back of my legs, all on my chest and stomach and my back.
I then:
1. Applied Aloe Vera Lotion all over the burn several times a day.
2. Took a bath with cool water, baking soda, and vinegar.
3. Rubbed mustard on the burn.
4. Took ibuprofen

It didn't cure it but it sure did help the pain. It felt better already!
May 05 2011

Jessica from Overland Park, KA USA

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Never use vinegar

I had a really bad sunburn, and a friend of mine had me put some vinegar on my burn (which was on my shoulders). When I went home a couple days later my burn had developed into a chemical burn and my skin had dried and cracked; it hurt worse than it did before. I could barely lay down or even lift my arms. It took 2 weeks longer to heal the chemical burn than it would have to heal the sunburn.

I just use aloe vera, from the plant or in a gel. I like to use banana boat, the kind that soothes the skin. I also like to put cold water in a ziplock bag and just press it on the sunburn. It soothes it almost instantly and it helps the burn as well. A cold shower might help too if the burn is large.
July 25 2010

Emily from Michigan

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Prep H

Prep H. Use the tube type. No joke, I went to the emergency room and thats what they put on me! It shrinks the swelling of tissues! They also applied cool towels on me at the same time.
January 05 2010

Bell Edwards from Ca

15 9

Facial Moisturiser

I wouldn't recommend this for bad sunburn, but for burns that are between red and pink, this works like a charm. I went swimming with my friends for 5hrs and only applied sunscreen at the beginning of the day. After a full day of burning in my shoulders and face and using aloe vera, I gave up and used facial moisturiser. The one I used was Sukin Organic Australian Skincare Facial Moisturiser, but any would work as long as it has aloe vera or jojoba in it :) It worked almost instantly!
December 07 2009

Millie from Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

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