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54 Home Remedies for Sunburn

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Lilac heaven.

Simply put lilac lotion on sunburn blisters daily and wash it in cold water at night before bed it will be gone in 2 days tried it 1 time after a pool date it worked wonders for both of us.
June 08 2016

Zenah Handshoe-eguia from Decatur

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Coconut magic

Coconut oil. Cure for everything really. Best to use organic unrefined. If you apply at night, the next day you won't be red. Try it for everything and anything, hair mask, massage oil, wrinkles, yeast infection ( cured a yeast infection in 2 days, 4 applications. NEVER put candy up there :P but coconut oil makes great lube btw) I take a teaspoon a day and use it everyday on my skin in the summer. And seriously try it for sunburn, you won't go back to aloe.
February 08 2016

Greaser from Big Onion

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3 easy things to help

You can apply aloe, aloe really does help it cools it down and keeps the pain away, you can put a ice pack or wet rag to cool it down even more and drink lots of water!
I did these three steps and my face feels great! Hope this helps!!
July 27 2015

Kendall from Canonsburg

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St 37

Yes, it sounds like something you put in your car. Ask your pharmacists to order some for you. It comes in a blue bottle and can be diluted by 50 percent and will stop the pain in any type of burn. I use it in a spray bottle. I promise it works, even for the most severe sunburn.
February 16 2015

Tom from Georgia

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Cold shower and cream.

I got a burn AND a really painful scratch. I couldn't sleep so I soaked ice cubes in lotion and put it on. Soooo cold and weird but it worked.
July 11 2014

Elisabeth McVey from Kent, WA

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Ice soaking

After 3 days at Disney World in the summer, and I'm way to lazy to put sunscreen on even at the pool, I found out your going to get a pretty bad burn. First of all, I would strongly recommend getting some shades before even though you get those marks on your face and even though it makes your eyes look bad w/ mascara and if your mom thinks your to young just get, I'm 10 it's fine. Get like a bucket of ice and a washcloth or two, fill the washcloth FULL of ice and let it sit for a while while you fill the other ones maybe put it in ice water and when you think it's ready just stick it on your face or wherever your sunburn is and just put it there and watch Disney channel or whatever for about an hour, if you still look like a tomato repeat.

IMPORTANT: soak clothes in ice water before putting ice in them. Trust me this works, know instead of looking like a tomato at my cousins wedding I just didn't need as much blush!
June 30 2014

Rachel from Orlando, Fl

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Honey, cinnamon and sugar

I was decorating for a kids party this weekend and it was outside of course I forgot to put sunscreen and I got a bad shoulder burn. I already knew to apply milk to the effected areas but my close friend told me to take Honey, Sugar and cinnamon and run it all together onto the effected area. First time hearing this I thought she was NUTS but decided to try regardless I'm not gonna say it worked 100 percent but it did help the redness and keep it cool.
June 11 2014

Kelly NB from Brooklyn

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Sunburn relief

This comes from several of the ideas I once found when I had a severe sunburn on 1/2 my face from sitting at a baseball game.

1. Rinse the burned area with clear water to remove any possible irritants from previously used products and natural body secretions.

2. Mix well the following items in equal part portions.
a. One of the following work best as they are dermatologist recommended:
Aquaphore Healing Ointment, Eucerine, Lubriderm or Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion
b. Banana Boat After Sun Aloe Vera
c. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Add and Mix well:
1 Vitamin E capsule
3-4 drops of Tea Tree Oil - for cooling effect but not required if you just wish to eliminate peeling.
Place in fridge or freezer while you complete the following. You may wish to keep this mixture in fridge for future uses, but there is no need. I keep a small mixture in my purse throughout the year and use for any dry skin or sun exposure.

Depending on how much of your body is burned you may wish to complete the following in small areas a bit at a time.
Prepare for a stinging sensation in the burn area. If you are sensitive, you may wish to mix with equal parts of water the first time you try this.

3. Apply to burn areas vinegar using a spray bottle, cotton balls or soaked cloth. Allow to sit for at least 5 minutes, longer if possible until you feel relief from the burning.
You will wish to rinse the areas from the vinegar with cool water. Either bathe or use a patting motion, DO NOT RUB.

4. Stir and apply moisturizing mixture previously made. This moisturizer mixture will assist with the healing of the burned areas.
I personally did not have any scarring from using this method. Note I used the Aquaphor Healing Ointment. Each night, I slathered on the moisturizer mixture and applied lightly twice daily for 3 days to eliminate the dried skin from the burn. Each morning I was able to wipe away the layer of dead skin and re-applied a light layer of the mixture.

Should you women need to apply makeup be sure to allow the mixture to absorb into your skin before covering with makeup. The Aloe Vera has a "sponge" effect and will aid in the absorption of the moisturizer/oils allowing your skin to heal. Avoid makeup if possible.
July 23 2013

Raquel from Lakewood Co

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Bamboo cream

I was at the beach all day for 8 hours. Of course I only put on sunscreen a couple times, but not enough. I saw a bunch of different remedies but this one is great.

Apply a thick layer of moisturizing lotion and wait for it to soak in. Repeat until redness goes away. When you put on lotion it may sting a little, leave it there, it also may at first make spot more red. LEAVE IT!! This works wonders very fast.
July 23 2013

Anna from Los Angeles

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A mix

Take a generous amount of your brothers shave cream and apply. Nap. Drink a water bottle. Take ibuprofen if needed.
June 04 2013

Wondergirl from Dover de

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Olive oil

Apply olive oil to the peeling area let it soak in for a couple of hours and rinse off. It really works!
May 27 2013

Maria from Dallas Texas

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Apply natural aloe Vera. Try using clear one.
Take a cold bath.
Apply white vinegar.
Put 3 to 4 black tea bags on your skin directly.
Drink water.
Cucumber crisps.

May 26 2013

Sarah Noesey from Ca

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