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58 Home Remedies for Sore throat

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This is by far the best remedy - wont let u down

Take a glass of milk and add the desired amount of sweetner or sugar. Then add 1 tea spoon of turmeric powder. This is quite cheap and available in all Indian Stores all over the world.
The milk should be warmed to a point where it is drinkable.
Drink this before bed time at night.
You will turn from a toad to a nightingale overnight.
January 16 2007

Vivek from Chicago, IL, USA

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This actually works on pain relief for sore throat

Eat or drink the highest quality dark chocolate. Try to get 70% cocoa with minimal sugar.

Chocolate in recent studies is shown to me MUCH more effective than narcotic medications.

Maalox can dull the pain as well.

Drink plenty of Green Tea for added benefits.
December 27 2006

Hans from Los Angeles, CA

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Speedy Relief

It's true that gargling with peroxide is great for a sore throat but for extra relief after the peroxide, let an aspirin disolve down your throat. I would not recommend this for a child.
September 11 2006

Patricia from Humboldt, Kansas USA

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Salted Plain Youghurt

For bacterial based sore throats, just mix a little salt (c.1/4 teaspoon) with a good plain youghurt (1/4pt), stir and then sip it slowly over 10-15mins, letting the youghurt rest on the sore thorat. The salt and 'good' bacteria work to kill the bad bacteria and therefore the infection. (Generally it takes just one night and it's similar to a 'Salted Lassie')
August 08 2006

Steph from London

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Indian pineneedle tea

small amount of green pineneedles washed
put in small pot on stove with about a cup and a half water 1 tea bag, 2 tblsp sugar. bring to a boil then lower heat and let steep for about 10 min. sip on warm tea. sore throat will be gone by next day if not same day. this really works

August 02 2006

Patti from Florence, SC

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gargle with pure apple cider vinegar

Gargle with pure apple cider vinegar 3 times a day.
July 24 2006

Sandy from Manning, ND

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hydrogen peroxide

Simply Gargle with hydrogen peroxide 3x daily and it will not only relieve your symptoms but it kills the bacteria back there as well. It tastes terrible, and makes you foam at the mouth, but it works very well. Also at approx. 49 cents a bottle it's cheap too..
July 06 2006

Michelle from Elk Grove, Ca, USA

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simple but effective

ok heres my simple remedy that really does work.
its so easy just simply drink very cold water this will numb your throat and take the pain away when swallowing. i hope it helps u
December 29 2005

laura crossland from uk

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sore throat help

ever since i was little my mom told me to gargle with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar 3 times a day and my throat would get better in 1 day or 2. i never thought of it much until i was married had no health insurance and 2 kids , i gargled with it for 2 days for 3 times a day and my throat was instantly better, the taste is gross but i'd rather taste the vinegar than get a shot in the hip! hope this helps you!
November 27 2005

sabrina from boaz alabama

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Sore throat

Gargling with some warm salt water always helps me.
September 27 2005

Mitch from WA

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