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58 Home Remedies for Sore throat

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Warm Salt Water, Peroxide or Apple Cider Vinegar

For years I either gargled warm salt water or hydrogen peroxide and both work well. In the last year I have taken a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar when I had an irritated throat and it works!!!

Keep in mind that if your throat is not any better in three days you need to seek medical attention. You could have Strep and you will need an antibiotic!
October 07 2008

Valerie from Charlotte, North Carolina

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Peroxide and Water

Use the cap from a peroxide bottle,fill it with peroxide, drink it and then drink about a cup of water, lean over a toilet and you will begin to regergetate,all of the bacteria will come out of your system, it works I was amazed
September 17 2008

Sore Throat Sufferer from Maryland

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Boil a kettle, and fill up a mug about a quarter of the way, drop in two soluable disprin tablets, then fill up the rest with cold water. Each mouthful you take, gargle for about 15 seconds before swallowing. This should either get rid of the sore throat entirely, or atleast alleviate the pain for a good 12 hours (depending on the cause of your sore throat).
August 09 2008

Steve from England

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Such a simple but effective gargle

Gargle with about 3 tablespoons hydrogen peroxide for about ten seconds. Then take a few deep breaths to let it kill the bacteria. Then rinse with water. This really works fast! I love the other remedies that include salt water gargles, echinachea tea, ginger, garlic, lemon and honey!!! Those are helpers for your body, but it doesn't mean you don't need something that will give that sore throat a big kick.
July 12 2008

Cherie from Virginia

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Sore throat

Hot water and salt mixed together gurgle it and spit it out.
July 02 2008

Lynn from london

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Chewing Garlic Cloves

I have found that chewing a clove or two of garlic is very effective for sore throats. For those concerned about the odour(and burn), you may eat the garlic with fresh parsley(blending the garlic with the parsley is also good), or chew cardamom seeds after taking the garlic.
June 07 2008

Bishop from Bermuda

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Philippine Lemon Wonder

Just drink pure juice of 5 pcs. of lemon early in the morning
May 28 2008

daphne miel from cagayan de oro, philippines

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Relief from Sore Throat

Hi. The best way to get rid of a sore throat is to drink fresh carrot juice (as much as possible) and within a day or two, it should be gone.

You can buy it at your local health store or juice the carrots yourself if you have a juicer.

The problem with this, however, is it can be costly and time consuming (if you are using a juicer).

So here is another option that I do a lot (and also use it for my daughter). I use a homeopathic "cold remedy". You can buy it at your local health store or buy it online. You have to follow the instructions just like it says. Sometimes, you have to take the "pill" once every 2 hours and sometimes it will be once every 15 minutes until it subsides... and then an hour or two thereafter till it goes away.

For me, the homeopathic cold remedy works typically within 2 days... but again, you need to be religious about taking the pills.

For more information on natural cures, visit http://www.provennaturalcures.com

May 21 2008

Hope from Inverness, FL

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Ricola, and comments on other remedies

Dissolving two or so Ricola lozenges in hot water or tea works incredibly well for symptom relief. This is basically the sugar or honey suggestion, but with the added herbs and menthol.

I also gargle with water and baking soda, which is similar to gargling with salt but provides a pH shock and will also kill any yeasts/thrush moving in to occupy your mouth, especially if you're on antibiotics.

The peroxide suggestion is good but be wary of overdoing it, as it can oxidize your healthy tissue as well; a 1:3 dilution of the usual drugstore product is often more than strong enough.

Antibiotics are sometimes overused, but don't hesitate to see a doctor if you think it's strep. Nobody wants rheumatic fever, and antibiotics will prevent you from transmitting it to highly susceptible people like me. :P Lest we forget, penicillin was discovered in a natural fungus.
March 14 2008

A. Peon from Ridgefield, CT

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Chamomile tea with honey

Throughout college I was on stage a LOT (theatre) and when I would get a sore throat as I always did, I drank hot chamomile tea with honey. (Lots of honey!) It probably works even better with lemon, but I didn't like the taste as well. This was not only soothing, but the tea and the honey are both on my herbal list for natural immunity boosters. When I would use this, my colds and sore throats were much more bearable and lasted shorter time.
March 09 2008

Lori from Georgia

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Salt water Gargling

Simple and it works for me, add 3 salt spoonfuls to warm water and gargle.
February 21 2008

kamz from uk

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A spoon full of sugar and lemon juice

Take a spoon full of sugar and apply lemon juice over the sugar till the sugar is moist and take it....It taste really nasty, but it really works. We used this when I was little and now I use this verses going to the doctor and them giving you some expensive medication. have any questions email me at marczbabeizbak@aol.com

February 05 2008

Jenn from Charlotte, NC

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