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58 Home Remedies for Sore throat

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Hot Milk And Honey

Put your milk in the microwave heat when its hot but a teaspoon of honey inside stir for 5 minutes. I hope it helps it worked for me and it tastes great because its so sweet Oh yeah i forgot you drink it!
January 17 2012

Rizzy Frizzy from England

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cod liver oil

Fish oil and possibly olive oil will work as well. Just drink a few table spoons. The oil coats the infection, Bacteria die and the sore throat is instantly better. It has never failed to work for me... quick and easy.
April 07 2011

aaron from idaho

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First get a cup of water. Then add lime juice and salt. Finally gargle the liquid. (it may burn).
March 19 2010

Divad from Chula Vista, CA USA

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Lemon Cayenne shot

One Lemon juiced seeds removed
1/4 t cayenne
put in a small jar with lid

Shake, drink straight down like a shot.
Works like a charm.
For first sign of cold sore throat or getting rid of cold you have.
February 06 2010

J J Holly from Denver, CO

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Honey and tee

I had a sore throat for 3 says, I made tee and then I put some honey in it I don't know how much honey their was because my mom made it for me. Trust me This will work I am 95% sure I works because I tried this 6 times and it worked every time.
December 12 2009

Gary from Portland, ME USA

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Throat Tea

I swear by throat coat tea by traditional medicinals, or yogi tea throat comfort. Any tea with slippery elm bark and marshmallow in the ingredients is really great to help with the nagging feeling of a sore scratchy irritated throat. Its just lubricating and soothing for comfort, so make sure you are doing some things for your immune system and taking proper care of a possible infection.
They are expensive, so if you have access to an herb shop, it would be more economical to make your own throat coat tea. Look up the ingredients.
Also try lots of honey, you deserve it.
November 08 2009

Alana from Minneapolis, MN USA

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Hot Lemon Drink

Squeeze the juice from about 5 lemons, add enough hot water to make a tea, add a sweetener such as Honey or agave and sprinkle cayenne pepper on top. Drink as often as required helps to ease sore throat and get rid of colds.
August 12 2009

Chrystal from Canada

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Honey Lemon water (magic for the throat)

Prepare a glass with warm water then mix a few spoonfuls of honey into it and squeeze half a lemon into it also.Mix all of the ingredients together until the honey disolves. Then drink away and enjoy a happy throat. Really works and I hope your throat feels better 8D.
July 18 2009

Dominique Pitts from Austin TX USA

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Last time I went to California to visit family I got a really bad sore throat where I could feel my throat burning and it would make my eyes water...
so my aunt took a lemon and cut it in half...
one half was squeezed into a small dish, then mixed in with lots of honey.
I took the other half of the lemon and dipped it into the honey and squeezed it into my mouth...
it really helped relieve the pain....
and its cheap so you can do it as many times as you need <8)
January 10 2009

GLORY from Phoenix,Az

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Apple Cider Vinegar

Take One table spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar at least twice a day to relieve sore throat pains
December 14 2008

John Coviello from New Jersey

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2 cups V8 Juice
2-3 cloves Garlic crushed (use more if you can)
2 T Lemon Juice
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
Mix and heat in a pan or in the microwave. Sip slowly and re-warm as needed to get the full effects of the fumes. Let it sit in the back of your throat to bathe it. Suck the fumes through your sinuses and also down into your lungs. Its all natural and healthy, so drink as much of it as you want or need until you are SURE the infection is gone. This is past the time when you "feel better."

October 30 2008

Tina from Canada

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Don't kill naturally occuring throat bacteria

Just like in your gut, there are thousands of good bacteria in your throat and lungs, thus I am sceptical of remedies that kill off both the good and the bad bacteria! You may get quick relief but how healthy is it? Are you preparing your throat for a possible future infection?

Chewing cloves of garlic is a natural remedy providing quick relief that also boosts your immune system. Also chewing or sucking a zinc, vitamin tablet helps to kill the pain and some manufacturers are even adding zinc to their throat lozenges!

Often a continued sore throat is caused by coughing from a post nasal drip. The nasal passages can be cleansed using a saline spray (I use Salex) administered through the nostrils. The saline fluid would most likely reach your throat, as well, inhibiting infection and soreness.
October 23 2008

Leonard from Pretoria, South Africa

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