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65 Home Remedies for Poison ivy

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Kill The Itch....with bleach

One time I went to the lake fishing and I noticed a bad itch.
Now for some you might not be able to do this because of the burn but it didnt bother me that bad.
get in the tub and and pour quite a bit of bleach on the affected areas, it will burn at first but will stop the itching and once or twice in most cases will make the rash go away.
November 28 2005

Cody from Somerset, Kentucky

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Stop Poison Ivy Itch

Most of us already know that poison ivy will come and go all on its own. The itching is what really drives everyone nuts. To lessen the urge to itch apply the hottest water you can stand to the affected area.

If you have came in contact with poison ivy, but haven't any rash, be sure to wash in cold water and soap. Do not use hot or warm water. This opens the skin and increases your chances for rash.

October 30 2005

Unhappy from Lancaster, Ohio

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Poison Ivy relief

If you rub the inside of a banna peel on a poison ivy rash, it should reduce the irritation within a few days.

They also say an Impatiens plant will help reduce Poisen Ivy itch.
October 11 2005

Janet French from Indiana

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Poison Ivy preventive

I was raised in the Midwest, and one year I went to a Girl Scout camp, and the counselors took us into the woods and there was a plant growing.

They told us to rub this plant on our arms and legs and we would not get poison ivy. None of us did. (But I was taking the horsemanship course and wound up with a nice saddle burn.)

I found out later this plant is called Jewel weed . People even boil it and freeze the liquid into ice cubes to use on poison ivy in the winter when they can't get the fresh plant. I wish I had done that last summer because I've got a raging case of it myself right now!
October 10 2005

Claudette from illinois

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Poison Ivy remedy

My remedy for Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, and Poison Summac is to avoid getting near the stuff! If I do accidentally touch it, I run and wash my hands with soap and water immediately.

When I was little and got poison Ivy, my mom put me in a tub of cool water with some baking soda or some kind of oatmeal stuff, but I can't remember the name. I can remember putting baking soda on the rash to keep it from spreading. I hate getting Poison Ivy!
September 27 2005

Carol from CT

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