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The Hairdryer Method

I get poison ivy every summer and most of the time I get a HUGE systemic response. Ther is really nothing that cures it, but treating the itch is the plus! I tried every cream, soak, spray, etc. to stop the itch. I end up going on Prednisone but the itch drives me crazy. The one thing that stopped it for me was using a hairdryer (on the highest heat setting, without burning yourself) and blow it directly on the site. You will feel an initial pain followed by instant relief. It keeps the itching stopped for quite a while. Be careful not to burn your skin!
July 27 2007

Shelly from PA

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Quick Poison Ivy Remedy

Believe it or not, but cow manure spread on poison ivy not only relieves the itch, but pulls the poison out almost immediately.
I visited my grandparents every summer in Missouri and every visit, got a good dose of poison ivy. My grandma would spread a fresh cowpatty on the spot, let it dry and then gently wash the area with soap and water. After 2-3 days of this treatment every morning and nite, I was a new person again!
July 26 2007

Donna Franklin-McChesney from Kansas City, Missouri

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Aloe vera

I just got my worst case of poison ivy yet. Although, I know some people have gotten much worse. I washed the area within a few hours (not knowing I had it until it started itching). The next day I got some Aloe gel (Clear not colored) and applied it liberally. I also took some antihistamine to lessen my reaction, and Ibuprofen because itching/pain are the same thing to your brain. The aloe provides a protective layer and seems to keep the blistering down. I was camping at time and the weather was so hot! Everytime it started itching I washed the area in cold water, dryed it really well then applied the aloe. This cure saved me! When I got home I used leaves from the plant, cutting the branches open and applying the gel, even better than the bottled stuff. It works great on burns too!
July 09 2007

Laurine from Virginia Beach, VA

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No cure, Prevention

Poison Ivy makes you itch because you're having an allergic reaction to the oil it leaves on your skin. I got covered in it two years in a row, suffered terribly, then learned all I could about it.

Now, if I'm exposed, I wash very well, immediately, and take an antihistamine ASAP. If you can scrub it off in under 15 minutes, it will usually not be a problem to you. Take the antihistamine regardless (to prevent the allergic reaction), and throw all your clothes in the wash (and the washcloth).

The oil can get on your clothes, your dog, shoes, etc, so be careful about spreading it, and wash everything that came in contact with the plant.

I got so bad the first time, I eventually had to go to the Dr, too. I got the shots, and prescription meds, etc, but it took weeks to stop the itching.

Now I keep store brand cortisone cream on hand, and apply it as needed. (It's actually got higher content of the medicine than the prescription stuff the Dr. gave me, and it works better.)

Washing up fast (and thoroughly) works the best, and now that I know it's not contagious (after you wash it off), everyone is a lot less freaked out, and I haven't had much of a problem since.

Learn to ID the plants (Vines with Leaves of 5 or 3 - leave em be!), wash well and fast, and take the Antihistamine. Good luck.
July 07 2007

KM from NH

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Got Poison Ivy Get Some Oatmeal

Wel i got pison ivy a couple day ago and one of my best friends told me to use plain oatmeal and cold water make it thick and sticky now that you have done that rub it on to the place that you have it and let dry and then wash it off and it helps the itch alot you can do it twice in a row like i did well hope it works
March 27 2007

Jacob from USA

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February 14 2007


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Take benadryl so you don't get it.

My mom has gotten poison ivy so bad she was in isulation at the hospital. If you are going out in the woods or going to be anywhere around poison ivy take benadryl. It works because it is an antihistamine. We live in Missouri and it gets huge here. It works long as you remember to take it before you go out.
October 31 2006

Marilyn from Tablerock Lake, MO

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Heal lightening fast.

My family has always used extract of 'Wild Touch Me Not' plants to get immediate relief and healing from poison ivy rash as well as many other skin disorders. In some areas the plant is known as chigger weed. It is very easy to find in the East, growing along roadways and fences. As soon as the solution touches your skin the pain, itch and discomfort is gone. I had a co-worker who burned his arm badly and he'd suffered for months with the injury. He said the itching and stinging of the healing burn site was so bad he hadn't slept much for months. When he did fall asleep for a short time he would wake up with the tender new skin being torn from his touching it while sleeping.

His doctor gave him permission to use the Wild Touch Me Not extract I gave him. He got immediate, lasting relief at the burn site. After he started using the extract, his arm healed quickly, and best of all he reported having no more discomfort. The extract just seems to be good for most uncomfortable skin problems.
I gather the plant in the fall when it is near the end of bloom. The small bell shaped blossoms are burnt orange in color. I chop the whole plant using stems, leaves, blossoms and all. I then cook it in enough water to boil it good. I then strain off the extract and freeze some in ice cubes. I also fill canning jars with some and process it in a hot water bath to preserve it.

October 26 2006

B L Jones from KY

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Baking Soda Paste

For the first time in my life, I managed to get poison ivy. Mom said to mix water into Baking Soda until you have a paste, smooth it on, and let it dry. I was no longer itchy and you see the baking soda absorbing / pulling any liquid away from the skin. It is a little messy, but i learned that using it like baby powder is effective after using it in paste form for 2 days. Worked for me.
August 23 2006

Jeanine from Michigan USA

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Stop the poison ivy itch

stop the posion ivy itch by boiling the tobacco from 3-4 cigarettes in 2 cups water

strain and let cool

use cotton balls to apply the liquid to the itchy blisters
July 12 2006

Anonymous from New York

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Poison Ivy cure

I am very sensitive to poison ivy and have had it almost every summer since childhood. At the end of the summer I had a bad case that itched at night (as always).

I tried everything I had on hand. Cortisone cream, Ivy Itch, alcohol, you name it, and I tried it.

Finally I grabbed the Vicks Vaporub out of desperation and dabbed it on. It eased my itching immediately! I applied some every night until the poison ivy cleared up.
December 11 2005

Katie Marcella from Tennessee

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Jewel Weed to the rescue

Poison Ivy grows everywhere in the Western North Carolina mountains where I live. A plant that grows near it many times is jewel weed. It has a delicate orange flower and is rather tall and leafy. Pull up a plant or two and open the stem near the base of the plant.(anywhere on the plant is fine but the base is the widest) It is slick, much like aloe. Rub the gel on wherever you have been affected by the ivy, and viola! The itch will be gone in seconds.
December 04 2005

Barbara from Clyde, NC, USA

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