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65 Home Remedies for Poison ivy

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Creme de la creme

This one is simple. Its a cream called sarna original it is amazing and stops almost every itch.
August 18 2008

Anonymous from new york

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Hot shower and benedryl

I get poison ivy almost every year. So far the best solution i have found is a really hot shower. Make sure you don't wash all the the affected areas at once though. There is a slim chance that is could spread ): What ever you do don't take a bath either. Sure you will feel relief AT first but the next day you will have probably spread the poison. Then after the shower start taking benedryl. Take two each day 1 in the morning and one in the evening. "Doesn't make me tired" Lastly if your case is really bad just vist your doctor he/she will prescibe you something good, or give you a shot.
August 15 2008

Mike from NJ

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Hot water

I suffered a few times from poison ivy. I am highly allergic and I experience horrid rashes. I've even ended up in the ER with a doctor saying, "I've never seen anyone react to poison ivy this way." I practically went mad with itching. I tried everything--and the standard advice is "cool baths." Nothing worked until I tried a hot shower. Can you say relief? I'm telling ya--you'll be a new person and you'll get relief and a good night's sleep.

Get in a warm shower, and slowly make the shower hotter. You want to use really hot--but not scalding--water. As hot as you can take it. Get the affected areas as close to the shower head as possible and let that hot water blast on that itch. Do this for a couple of minutes. I count to 100. At first, it will itch, but after several seconds, the itch seems to decrease, then subside. Continue on all affected areas. Pat yourself dry, wear cool, loose, comfortable clothing.

I get about 8-9 hours of complete relief from my itching. I mentioned this to my Doctor, who looked at me like I was insane, but then said, "Ahhh, that makes sense, because of what the hot water would do to the histamine in your body." I don't know how it works. I'm not a doctor. I just know that this method is relief and we all know how important that is when you've got poison ivy, oak or sumac. It's just so awful and unbearable. Rest assured, get in that hot shower and feel the relief!

July 26 2008

Angie from Iowa

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I read tips on several web sites about stopping poison ivy itching and combined them and actually was able to sleep through the night because the itching was gone.

Wash the affected areas with Dial soap. Use a hairdryer on hot to dry. Liberally dab rubbing alcohol on areas. Use hairdryer to dry. Repeat. Liberally dab on Benadryl gel. Use hairdryer to dry. Then spray hairspray on areas and use hairdryer to dry. My poison ivy was on my arms so I wore a long sleeve shirt to bed to try to prevent any spreading by having the poison ivy rubbing on the sheets.

At night before bed, take 2 Benadryl pills. (Skip this during the day because Benadryl will make you too sleepy.)
July 03 2008

Marlene from Fairview Park, Ohio

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Numb It!

When you have poison ivy, the best thing to do is to get an ice cube and numb it. Put it in a dish cloth or a handkerchief and put it against your rash, and your pain will be numbed
June 29 2008

Anonymous from PA, USA

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Charcoal pultase and concentrated garlic tablets

Activated charcoal draws out toxins from your body. Make a mixture of the charcoal powder and water so that it's good and wet, but not dripping and put it on a paper towel or directly onto the skin. (Be careful-it's black and hard to clean up) Use a glass or metal bowl to mix it in. You'll need to re-wet the charcoal when it dries up and/or make a new pultase.
Also, garlic is very helpful. It stregthens your immune system and fights the toxins. You can apply fresh garlic directly to your skin, but what may be more effective is to take concentrated garlic tablets. I use "Kwai" brand. Also, taking the garlic BEFORE you go out into the woods can be helpful in preventing the reaction.
Both activated charcoal and garlic tablets can be found at health food stores. The charcoal comes in canisters of powder and tablets (learn more about charcoal-it does a lot)
June 20 2008

Nadine from North Carolina, USA

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A Trip To The Ocean

If you can deal with the burning,Take a trip the ocean,the ocen has its own cure for,poison ivy,poison oak,for the first 10-15 mins, its going to burn, then it stops,and thats all it takes, one trip to the ocean,
May 06 2008

Kahuna from Augusta Georgia

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Zanfel really works

Its like $35 but its the best . if you cant wait for nature its worth it
It actually reversed the effects and itch on the spot!
April 15 2008

Aaron from kansas city

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Coppers water

When I was a child I would get posin ivy just looking at it. We lived near a coal mine and mom would get coppers water and rub it on me within a day or so it was gone. Well I hope this works but you need to live where copper water is.
April 08 2008

Gerrie from ohio

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Hair dryer or hot hot water/shower

Take a blow dryer on hot/high and go over the itchy spot about 3 inches away(depending on how hot your dryer is)you will feel it itch wicked bad for a few seconds then it will burn(and feel OH SO GOOD!)you then move on to the next spot. The itch goes away for up to 6 to 8 hours.

Also use the shower the same exact way, get the water as hot as you can stand it by slowly turning down the cold, then just let the hot water run on the spots that itch, you will go through the same sensations( OH IT FEELS SO GOOD!)and when your done, dry off and enjoy your ITCH FREE day/night....
March 25 2008

Krane from NH live free or die

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Pain or time

If you can stand the burn, spray the affected area with aerosol lysol brand disinfectant, it kills the infection immediately, and has dried up poison oak over night for me, if you dont want to take the quick route, then there is a plant that grows wild, called planton, most people try to kill it in their lawns, but it is also an almost immediate cure but it takes a day or so, just crush the entire plant and rub it on the affected area, and in no time the oils from the planton will counter act the oils from poison oak/ivy
December 12 2007

Terry from Gaston SC

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sweet fern leaves

have used this method I learned from my grandmother for about 60 years. Boil the leaves of the sweet fern plant till it looks like strong tea and just apply the liguid to the affected areas a few times a day. completly gone in 2 or less days.
October 13 2007

Harry from Maine

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