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65 Home Remedies for Poison ivy

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Liquid benydrel and anti itch lotion kicks in in 5 minutes or less and no burn, it can probably be found at a drug store ex; harmon's. Also hot showers are awesome, they keep the itch down and they last for hours.
June 10 2009

anynamous from yale IL

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Top Poison Ivy Cures

There are many ways to stop poison ivy for mostly everyone. I find these to be the best solution to annoying poison ivy. These will either dry out the poison ivy or stop the itching. depending on how your body reacts to the remedy.

The first one is to use Germ-x. Simply apply it to your skin it might sting but it dries it out.
2: make a baking soda paste. using vinegar and a little baking soda. then put it on your skin and let it dry.
3:Try clorox bleach.
4:the ocean really works great! I think the ocean is the best.Just swim in the ocean for an hour then come out and it will dry out then or very soon.
5:aerosol lysol disinfectent works pretty good sometimes.
6:Honestly i dont know if this works because i've never tried it but i heard it works pretty good to stop itching. Rub the inside of the banana peel on the area.
7: Lastly is jewel weed. you can boil it and make ice cubes of it then rub it on the infected area or cut open the stem and rub the jelly like substance on the area.

At least one or more of these should work for you. so i hope these have really helped heal the wretched curse of poison ivy because I believe that no one should have to go through poison ivy. good luck! :-)

June 07 2009

Andrew from Indiana

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2 for 1!

First, a pharmicist recommended Poison Ivy Pills- it helps clear it faster than all the drugs and creams I ever used- plus if you keep taking the pills- which are little round sugar pills with the poison ivy stuff on them- you will stop reacting to poison ivy. They are getting harder to find- look in health food stores. 100% safe
Second- I didn't start my pills this spring & broke out. I just read to use the inside of a banana peel- the dumbest thing I have heard yet- but it takes the itch out! I don't know if it is a cure yet, but I am comfortable! Weird? You bet!
May 27 2009

Mary M. from Harrisonburg, VA

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Baking Soda and Vinager

Well get a measuring cup and put a small amount of baking soda and some apple cider vinager in there and watch out! its a volcano :). But anyways just apply to desiered spot. And guys lol...Don't put this on your man parts.
March 18 2009

Ryan Rowland from Mansfield OH Usa

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Cold Showers, Pure Lavender Essential Oil-- DON'T SCRATCH

First things first: as soon as possible after exposure to poison ivy or oak, take a COLD (not luke-warm!) shower and soap well. This is the most important step.

But if this fails and you get it anyway, continue COLD showers for the first two days. After that, you can take hot showers because all of the oil is soaked in anyway. (Note: hot showers will feel almost orgasmic when you've got poison ivy. Shower as often as you need to to keep from scratching). DO NOT take a bath!!!

When you get out of the shower, douse your bumps, sores, etc. with pure lavender essential oil. You want to make sure there are no carrier oils in your essential oil, as these will actually spread poison ivy oils through your skin. I use Young Living Lavender--check online, it's expensive but really the very best. The lavender eases inflammation, infection, and itchiness and speeds up the healing process tremendously.

I've tried EVERYTHING--soaps, technu, bleach, toothpaste, clay, etc. This works the very best for me. Just DON'T ITCH!!!!
March 13 2009

Cassandra from boulder, CO

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Germ X

OK, I get poison ivy alot. My Grandma told me to put germ x on it, trust me it BURNS but it does dry it out.
March 12 2009

Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555

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Vinegar and baking soda paste

We use this for poison ivy, contact dermatitis and mosquito bites anything itchy. It is very simple mix baking soda with a small amount of vinegar, preferably apple cider but it really matters not. Make a paste, smear it on the spot, leave it until it dries. Usually one application is enough, if not use it again.
March 02 2009

earth mother from york pa

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Cement does the trick

just mix up some cement into a paste rub it on, let it dry and flake off. Do this a couple times a day. The cement absorbs the oils and dries out the infection.
December 26 2008

Anonymous from Seattle, Wa

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Hot shower

After a long day of the itch driving you crazy, the best remedy I have found is to take a hot shower. It's almost like you're scratching at first. Just keep increasing the heat as hot as you can stand rotating from one infected area to the next. After ten minutes or so pat yourself dry and enjoy some long awaited relief.
November 12 2008

Bison from Philadelphia, PA

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Poison ivy

When you come in contact with poison immediatly wash the area to get all the oils from the poison ivy off the skin then apply benydryl to help dry it up. Also take oatmeal baths with aveeno to help dry them up and DO NOT SCRATCH just reach for the benydryl cream.
November 05 2008

hunnybump51 from arkansas

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I use CLOROX BLEACH. It works the BEST. Get a Nice HOT SHOWER, scrub the infeted area with DIAL SOAP, and then put Clorox Bleach on the infected area. It burns pretty bad for a little but I say, give it at the most Two days and it will be healed. BUT! Make sure you don't use the Bleach more then once in one day or over use the Bleach on the infected area. It will burn the skin and leave a red burn if to much is put on the spot. Also, someone told me that if you do use too much Bleach on it that it will get into your blood system and it could hurt you. But it does work the best.
September 06 2008

Tiffany W, from Newton Falls, Ohio

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Natures cure= jewelweed...grows naturally

If you can find some Jewelweed plant, break it and rub the juice on the infected area where poison ivy and poison oak have contacted you...it's great for the itch , can stop the spread, and if applied early enough it can stop the reaction...if you don't know what Jewelweed is look up for pics, it's very common by streams and water areas,it is referred to as an invasive weed, it's a wild cousin of impatients plants and has a orange flower on the tops...
August 22 2008

Richeall from New Jersey

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