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65 Home Remedies for Poison ivy

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Tried it all

I have to be honest I've tried it all. To dry it out the best I used an oatmeal clay facial mask.
It draws out oils and dries it up. Also, tried clarifying shampoo to wash off oils. I'm still itching after 2 weeks but it's been dried up since I did these things.
August 26 2009

Brenda from Lancaster, OH

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St. John's Wort Paste

Get St. John's Wort in capsulse and make sure its in capsules, then open them and mix the powder with warm water to make a paste, then apply on your rash :) it works wonders.
August 04 2009

shawnie from Toronto, Canada

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Take a kitchen scrub brush, run hot water over the infected spot and scrub like crazy! It gets the oils from the ivy out of your pores and scratches without spreading the rash!
August 01 2009

Austin from Kentucky

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I used to be able to crush poison ivy leaves in my hands but now it affects me. The only way I know works is folding a paper towel, tightly covering a bottle of calamine lotion flipping it over then back and dabbing it on the affected area OR use GERM X!
July 31 2009

Austin from TN

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Wash with Dish Soap to remove oil then Dry it out

I have used this remedy many times and it usually prevents it and always takes care of the itch. If you think you may have touched it take a cold shower, within the hour, using regular dish soap and most likely you won't get a rash.

Once you have it know that you need to dry it out.
Here are the methods I have used that work...

HAIR DRYER, get as close and hot as possible.

BLEACH, put a 1/4 cup or less in a cold bath, soak 20 min, but take at most once per day.

Salicylic acid, Baking Soda, Alcohol, and Oxy Clean, Hand Sanitizer all help dry it out.

Strengthen your immune system by not eating sugar or white bread, cheese or dairy, and try to eat fresh oranges, lemons and garlic, plus echinacea.

Please wash all your clothes and sheets Daily in Oxy clean or some type of bleach and hot dryer.

Good luck I hope this helps, if nothing works get a shot of cortisone from your doctor and wash everything with hand sanitizer or bleach.
July 28 2009

Aaron Arthur from Grand Rapids, MI

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Tea Tree OIl

It is simple and painless. Just put Tea Tree Oil on the infected areas (found in the health food stores)and in a few minutes you will have relief from the itching.
I itched for a weed and got new sores daily on my arms. I was taking Benedryl around the clock and putting a prescrition steriod cream on the areas every few hours. I got a little relief, but nothing like the oil. Now it has been 2 hours since I first applied the oil to get a complete relief from the itching. I had to apply it a few times to some areas that continued to slightly itch. Now the itch is gone! I can tell you this remedy really works! It is a miracle.
July 26 2009

D.Flattery from MI

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I know this sounds bad but when I was 12 my brother put vodka on my leg and with in 3 hours it was gone.
July 17 2009

Stacy from oklahoma

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I tried this just the other day and it actually works well, just rub any kind of hand sanitizer on the affected area. The alcohol in it will dry it out and will stop the itching and reduce the swelling.
July 13 2009

David from Nahua, NH

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Bleach or chlorine

Dabbing chlorine or bleach will help dry up the infected areas. It may burn at first.
The best way is to just get in a swimming pool the chlorinated water will help the drying out period.
July 06 2009

Anonymous from il

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Oatmeal bath

If you take about two cups of oatmeal and have a bath the oatmeal coats your skin and should dry the poison ivy up. You can also make a paste with the oatmeal as well.
July 01 2009

Anonymous from Canada

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Germ X

I took the advice of someone's Grandma and used Germ-X which instantaneously reduced the swelling, eliminated the itching. I have been using Tecnu, Calydryl and Benadryl for 2 days witn no results. In the last 2 hours I have a 40% improvement. I cannot believe it. I am going to write to Germ X and let them know what a great remedy this is for posion ivy.
June 25 2009

Anonymous from Long Island, NY

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Tecnu...This stuff works Great...If (and I mean IF) you know that you got in Poison Ivy. You will not even get it if you use it right away. It does also help with the itching, but takes longer. Just follow the directions on the product.
PS..It works great on fire ant bites. Right away! If you have never had them You WILL Know you got biten!!
June 12 2009

LaVena from Greenville, SC

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