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65 Home Remedies for Poison ivy

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Hot/cold and ice

Agree with hot shower idea, but then close pores with cool water. Then use an ice cube. You can also rub the area with the ice.
June 13 2016

Susan Godfrey from New York

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Germ x

I went to boy scout camp this summer with my grandson and got a good case of poison IV the first day there. I use germ X and it was cleared up by the end of the week for our trip home. Yea germ x
September 03 2015

Cathy Jaimet from USA

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Urishiol rash releif

Take a 10-15 min hot shower. Get out pat your self dry and with a dry wash cloth scrub the rash vigorously for about ten seconds, now douse pure bleach onto a 2nd dry and clean washcloth and press down on the rash until the burning stops.
Next apply some type of paste such as vinegar and baking soda of calamine and baking soda and this will keep it dry and prevent oozing. Mineral spirits work in place of bleach do this a couple of times a day.

If this doesn't work go to your local physician and get a shot for the stuff along with the steroid pack. The shot may or may not relieve it at the time but will definitely prevent it for up to two years. Its good too familiarize yourself with the Urishiol sources which are P.Ivy,P.Oak, and P.Sumac.Knowing what to stay clear of is the most important preventative measure.
If you think you may have come in contact with one of the three be sure and wash the area within the first hour with soap such as dial and germ-x afterwards using cold water.
October 11 2014

James from Central States

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I guaranteed cure for poison ivy or oak

I am highly allergic to both Ivy and Oak and I have tried everything believe me. I could just look at it and catch it. Here is a sure fired way to cure the fungus ASAP almost over night. OxiClean and hot water.
Get a hand full of Oxiclean powder in your hand and rub it in like a paste. Work it in for at least 5 minutes then let it sit for a couple minutes then rinse it off. You will feel a burning sensation it is a bit painful but it very short. You will feel instantly relieved you only need to do this couple times and I guarantee you it will be gone.

Believe it or not Oxiclean also kills jock rash fungus. It will burn shortly but your skin will instantly feel different and the fungus will be gone.
February 27 2014

David P from Canton Georgia

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If you have insurance.... go to the doc!

I am an idiot, while digging a hole along the edge of my yard for a bird feeder post.... I apparently went bare arms through a root nest(my term, not technical) of poison ivy. Less than 4 hours later I was in full outbreak. That night I couldn't sleep, the itchiness was intense.

I tried a few over the counter products the next day. The Zanfel, which is expensive, is worth every penny. Stops the itching immediately and for hours. Ivarest helps to subdue the itching in between Zanfel applications. But today my eye was swollen, last straw. I went to the walk in, got a scrip for Pedrisone.
Less than 6 hours later the swelling was down everywhere including my eye. Don't mess around folks get relief. I am so grateful for my roids right now. I know I'm not going to be a purple swollen itchy mess for two weeks.

The Zanfel does give relief, but I went through 1 $40 1oz bottle in a day. The copays were worth it. Good luck everyone, and please please please mind where you dig. Especially all you bare armed dopes like me.
June 25 2013

Mike O C from Somerset Ma

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A little cheesy

K, my name is Jayde and I have a bad case of poison ivy one night, I was eating taco bell and spilt a dab of cheese on an infected area so tae the hot cheese and dab your finger into it and rub it on the infected area and the itch is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 20 2010

jayde campbell from findlay, OH USA

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Jewel Weed - learn your plants!

When I was in Girl Scouts, I went to a GS camp and the counselor had us rub a plant on our arms and legs before we took a walk in the woods, and she said it prevents getting poison ivy. It had little white flowers on it.

Come to find out this plant in called "Jewel Weed." Now the camp was in Illinois, and I'm not sure whether Jewel Weed grows in all parts of the United States, cause I haven't seen it since.

I am very allergic to poison ivy, so I stay far away from it. But if I do get exposed, like going fishing or something. Washing ASAP with soap and water usually keeps it from turning into a rash.
March 27 2010

kathy from illinois

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Multiple remedies

We tried each one after the other for my arm and my dog's belly skin. First rubbing alcohol sponged on it and let set a few minutes. Then rinsed with cool water. Repeat.

Epsom salt, table salt or baking soda. Don't know what it is about the salt that dries the oil up. I got it barely wet with cool water and let sit for several minutes, rinse with cool water. Repeat.

Next I used palmolive dish soap. Lathered up my dog's belly good and rinsed with cool water. Also lathered him up everywhere else to remove any oils that weren't affecting him because of fur on his back. Rinsed continually for a few minutes letting water go down the drain and not soak in it.

Then I put two cups of rolled oats in a sock and tied it. Soaked it in a tepid tube and squeezed the sock over and over to get the tub filled with the oatmeal 'juices'. Don't do with out a sock or something b/c the oatmeal will junk up your drain. Let dog soak for about 15 minutes constantly getting sock wet and squeezing/rubbing on sore areas directly. Rinsed with cool water several minutes letting it all go down the drain.

Last used vitamin E oil as a carrier oil about a 1/2 tsp. with a few drops of tea tree oil in it applied to the rash. Repeat w/ another 1/2 tsp oil and tea tree drops for each area. Just poured in cupped hand and then rubbed on. Pat dry.

We were told our dog had mites. But it turned out he was getting repeatedly exposed to poison oak in our back yard! Take benadryl internally. For dogs/cats or young children you can use the liquid. For animals it's 1 mg/1 lb. a tsp or 5 mL has in it 12.5 mg. so one tsp is for about a 12 lbs dog, mine is 17 lbs.

For me I used topical hydrocortisone cream from store and it worked. Didn't put it on the dog because he stopped whining and scratching with the above remedies. He seemed to like the oatmeal soak the best.
March 25 2010

klr from orlando, FL

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Go to your wall-mart or kroger or whatever store close to you. Mix some of the baking-soda with hot water in a bath tub, soak in water for 15 minutes, and pat dry. Keep doing this twice a day. In 1 week it should be gone.
December 09 2009

Jennuh from Georgia

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Preperation H-Cooling Gel.....

It's not just for Hemmoroids anymore! I had Poison Ivy all over my HANDS. And I put Preperation H-Cooling Gel on it. Let it Air Dry" and it stopped the itch, AND Shrunk the lumps. It was gone in two days! Try it, you'll like it.
November 07 2009

Cathy from Connecticut

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Salt water and sunshine

I realize that this remedy is not available to many, but for those who have access to a beach and the season and weather permits, soak in salt water and then lie in the sun.

A chlorinated pool and sunshine works well too, but not nearly as well or as pleasant as the ocean!

Dish soap, lemon joy, for example, works well in drying up the affected areas too.

Tea tree oil works well in quelling the itch.

Hope this helps!
September 18 2009

Duncan from New England, USA

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Acne wipes

Rubbing the affected areas with alcohol wipes that are designed for acne help a lot. The alcohol dries the area and seems to stop the itching. I believe some of the ingredients used to remove the oils that cause acne help remove the oils that promote the growth of your rash.
September 06 2009

Daniel Prego from Grand rapids, MI, USA

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