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2-3 spoons of it a week, I keep an alternating supply of 3-4 different types of ***LOCAL*** Honey, I have not had allergies since 4-5 yrs amazing-almost "die" before! must be consistent and
to the guy that said no-have no clue sure it was local and did you stay consistent?

Eat honey, my son, for it is good-Prov24.3

If you find honey, eat just enough— too much of it, and you will vomit.-25.16
June 30 2010

No King but Christ from Texas

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This is drops of liquid containing the things you are allergic to. You put a few drops under your tounge every night. The doctor bumps up the dose slowly. In about 2-4 months you will be amazed that you can breath normally again. I feel it is nothing short of a miracle. It works fast because you administer it at home every night instead of going to a doctors office once a week. This is called subligual therapy (under the tounge). I am/was highly allergic to most everything airborne. I have tried shots and home remedys, this Allerdrops works. You still have to go through a doctor to do it, but once you are on your treatment schedule, you self administer the drops. Very easy, painless. It tastes funny, but not horrible. Just look up their website and find a doctor in your area. There are even doctors that do it out of state. You submit blood samples from a local lab to find what you are allergic to and to follow up on the treatment in a year.
July 20 2009

Ken from Iowa, USA

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Netty Pot

The netty pot has saved my life. I live in Austin the "allergy capital of the world!" This is merely warm saline water that you pour into each nostril. You can find it @ any drug store and you will not have allergies again! I use it about once a month.
June 03 2009

Shoni from Austin, TX USA

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Honey is not an allergy Remedy!

I have very bad pollen allergies. Honey is not at all effective unless maybe you are allergic to the flowers that the bees pollenate-and very few people are. Most allergies are to trees, weeds and grasses. Keep trying to find some relief.
April 08 2009

Keith H from Austin, TX

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This is only for Pollen Allergies!!!

Eat Honey!!! Local honey is better because the bees collect pollen from local flowers. Plus... ITS delicious!(Mix it with hot or warm water and drink whenever. YUM!)
April 05 2009

Rene from Columbia, S.C. USA

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Essential oils

I use a combination of different oils. You should use the purest ones you can find making sure you can use them directly on your skin. Wintergreen, peppermint and lavender can be rubbed over your sinuses and they open them up and even stop itchy eyes. You can also rub them on the bottoms of you feet for less immediate but more long lasting results. Just reapply as often as need which may be a lot at first but after a week or so you shouldn't have to do it but once or twice a day and maybe not at all some days. I don't have asthma when I do this either. There are other oils that you can use to help allergies and other waays to use them as well. Just experiment. Peppermint and wintergreen may burn a bit but you can put olive oil or any other vegetable oil over it and the burning will be lessened.
April 30 2008

Jessica from Arizona

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food allergies

I had severe food allergies that could not be nailed down to any particular food. My tongue might swell, or itchy rashes, typically on my upper arms and feet. In severe reactions, my face and tongue would swell. Read an article on "leaky gut" out of England on the internet. Quit coffee, supplemented with enzymes and yogurt(natural). The problem is essentially gone unless I drink too much alcohol.
December 15 2007

Larry Layton from Moncton, NB Canada

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Unusual Rash

If you keep getting an unexplained itchy rash (mine was on my face and looks like pimples) it could be an allergy to FLAVOR ENHANCERS like E621, 627, 630 and especially 635. Took me YEARS to figure this out but now i know it is 635 FOR SURE! So the cure is to read food labels and avoid any food with this in it!
July 03 2007

Judy Madge from AUSTRALIA

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3 or 4 in the morning or evening, depending when it's the worst. Builds up immune system, therefore kicking off all the symptoms, for at least 8 hours. Only take them for about a week or the immune system gets used to it and it won't work so well. Also vitamin E, 1000 milligrams a day, antioxidant gets rid of garbage we breathe in.
May 15 2007

terri g. from warren, RI

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gum infection

If you are spitting pink every time you brush, chances are you have a gum infection which will lead to tooth decay and a visit to the dentist who will give you a prescription to take and have you call him in a month!
sooo, make a paste of baking soda and peroxide right on the corner of the sink and brush your teeth with this every day until the "pink" stops. After that, do this at least twice a week alternating with your brand toothpaste, your dentist will hate you when you go for that check up and everything is just fine.
Be sure to rinse your mouth out after brushing, don't swallow it!
June 25 2006

D. Willow from USA

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Do not

Just dont go near anything that gives you allergies.
June 01 2006

Sarah Adams from IN

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Hay Fever remedy

Save all rose petals. They can be used as a hay fever remedy. Steep until cool a level teaspoon of ground petals in a cup of hot water. Filter the liquid through a paper filter and insert 2 or 3 drops of the liquid in each eye 4 or 5 times a day
October 17 2005

Ben from NY

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