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RE: Boiling distilled water

DISTILLED WATER will not boil, but it may be heated to temperatures over 312 degrees. Be careful cause even though it is not bubbling like boiling water it is just as HOT!

March 13 2010

Mike in Indiana from Lafayette, Indiana

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I was once married to a Man from Morocco ( North Africa). Once he had I guess pink eye. He took a piece of GARLIC CLOVE and PRICKED IT several times in order to release the juices. He then rubbed this CLOVE to the bottom lid. It burns at the beginning and makes you teary eyed, but believe me that afterwards... a few seconds the stinging sensation subsides and after a few seconds you start to feel alleviated. Try it a few times throughout the day. The pink eye will be gone by next day.

Garlic is an antibiotic, and can be used for many infections. You might want to Google the health benefits and remedies of Garlic, and you will see the many wonders.

March 11 2010

CAROL from Houston, Tx

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Salt & Vinegar;)

Fill up your sink with hot water(not hotter than you can take). Then put in a few tsp of salt and a few tbsp of vinegar. Dip your face in and hold as long as you can. Blink rapidly. Do it every 30 mins. for 2 hrs. It burns a bit but pink eye should be gone:)Trust me, it works. And if it doesn't work then I am sorry but it worked really well for my family. I hope it works! ;);););););)
March 07 2010

We at the hotel, motel, Holiday Inn from :D:D

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I went to Google today since this is the first time I ever got the inevitable PINK EYE. This site showed up and with everything that I read I used the warm washcloth trick but instead of only warm water I placed it in a microwavable bowl, after having squeezed out the water and placed it in the microwave for 30 seconds. I did this every 30 minutes or so when I had a chance.

I also used visine to wash the gunk away and wiped away the gunk with a q-tip. I did that every hour. It also helped to take the wash cloth and place it over my eyes and taking a nap to relax my eyes and just get the needed rest. My swelling is now gone and no more gunk. My eyes are clear and it has been less than ten hours. Time and patience does the trick.

March 05 2010

Tara from johnston, ri USA

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The curing straw

When I was little my grandma would get a straw and put it a few centimeters away from the eye and squeeze a drop of water in the eye.
February 23 2010

karoline from charlotte,nc usa

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Pancake syrup

My granddad used this on us as a kid, for pink eye. Back in the late 50s and 60s era, Black people were NOT really allowed to see doctors, due to discrimination and such. So they had to for home remedies for everything. So he used a few drops of SYRUP, like Linda did in Houston. I know this works with out all of the pots and pans and such. LOL !!!!!
February 06 2010

DeDee from Tx

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Sugar Water

Mix a little sugar in some water until mixed well, then use a cotton ball or eye dropper and put a few drops into eye several times per day. This remedy should work within a few days.
January 22 2010

Linda Green from Houston, Texas

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Fish Tetracyclin

Once I got Pink Eye and I thought it would never leave. I was a teacher at the time so you can imagine how difficult it was for me to make this stuff go away. Once I even sat in the emergency room and Pink Eye went to the other eye. So, really fed up, I went to a store with health remedies. A guy who worked there suggested the tea Eye Bright; however, he warned me that it would not clear up immediately. He saw that I was distraught and suggested that I go to a pet store and pick up some fish tetracylin. Yeah, my brows raised like your brows are probably doing! I figured I had nothing to lose. By this time, I had gotten Pink Eye three times consecutively. When I went to the pet store, the guy told me that people buy it all the time for colds and infections. The "cyclin" is a form of penicillin, he told me. I tried it and my pink eye was gone the next day!!!! It works. It really works!
January 22 2010

Gena from Chicago

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Colloidal Silver

Use COLLOIDAL SILVER!!!! I gave up on doctor's visits/Rx with my second child after I tried breast milk which is free, totally natural, and works ten times better anyway, but let's face it, breast milk isn't always available! When I've been without it, COLLOIDAL SILVER works just as well. This has worked for us in just one or two applications, and if you catch it quick, you can nip it in the bud! Place a few drops in each eye and swipe around the entire eye with a soaked cotton ball. You can also use it in the nose to get sinus infections under control (which are often the cause of pink eye) and gargle with a bit when you notice the first sign of a sore throat to keep colds/flu at bay. It doesn't sting and has MANY other uses.
January 06 2010

liv72 from Preston, Idaho

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Hot Water

Whenever I have pink eye I take a washcloth and run it under very hot water. It doesn't have to be boiling, you can just turn your faucet on and wait for the water to get really hot. Wring out the washcloth then place it over the affected eye. Open the affected eye and let the steam sooth the eye. Doing this causes immediate relief, do this as many times as you need, or untill the pink eye goes away.
January 03 2010

Kayla from Issaquah, WA

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Really easy way "for me" to cure pink eye

Last night I was looking for home remedies and i stumbled across this website and i read everyone advice carefully. What looked like to be the most used in each persons remedies was tea bags placing one on each eye (the tea bags have to be warm). I also stumbled on someone saying using neosporin under and at the corner of your eye(s). Also helping to wash out the gunk in your eye(s) use Visine. By the next day I haven't had any trouble with irritated eyes or gunk for that matter. Hope this helps. This worked for me so good luck!
December 30 2009

Veronica A. from USA

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Salt water

Please please please do not and I repeat do not try the vicks vapor rub in your eyes!!!!!!!!!Some people are so mean and devilish. This will not only burn like h&^% but also could cause you to have to go to the ER. I am a nursing student at the moment and growing up my mom used lightly salted water drops. Tears are naturally made of salt so try only natural and medical prescriptions given from a Dr. The warm washcloth which should not be used by anyone after use of the "pink eye wearer" is also a great relief for the itchiness. God bless....and hope you get relief.
December 29 2009

Loving and concerned from Houston, Tx

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