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Colloidal silver

Fastest remedy ever! Other than Breast milk, but I don't have that around the house, and can't buy it at the pharmacy... 2-3 drops in EACH eye every 2-3 hours, and especially right before bed. Should clear up by the end of the first day, or morning of the next!
November 04 2013

Serah from Portland, OR

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Few different ways!

So I got a pink eye, and I had no idea what to do. So what I did was I put an ice cube on it for 1/2 an hour straight, and every 1-2 hours, I would do it again. You can also put warm compresses to your eye.

Another solution is to steep two tea bags in a enough water to make one cup of tea. Remove the bags and put them aside to cool. Pour the tea in a shot glass or a small jar, add honey and salt( about a 1/4 tsp). Allow the salt to disolve and the liquid to cool. With a q-tip put 2-3 drops in each eye and sweep onto the base of the eyelashes. Cover eyes with the tea bags and a warm washcloth.

Honey is an antibiotic and salt is an astringent. Use the left over solution 4-5 times a day and the eye should feel and look better by the next day.
November 02 2013

Annabelle from Ohio

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Honey water works great for pink eye!

Honey is a natural antibiotic, but ever better because it doesn't kill the good bacteria you need to help fight off the infection. Mix a dribble of honey, raw if available (it'll work faster), into 1-2 Tbsp of warm water. Once the water is back to room temp use a dropper to drip a few drops into the affected eye just the same as you would the antibiotic drops from the Doctor.

Apply those drops every few hours and if you wake up at night do it then too... The infection should be gone in 1-3 days. I have personally used this remedy 4 times, I've use it on my daughter once, I have had three friends use the remedy and all three came back and said it worked great, the infection was gone quickly.
September 03 2013

Mrs. Augustyn from WI

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Green tea and warm saltwater

Well this worked for me. Apply one green tea bag and warm saltwater.. Take an empty eye wash bottle fill it with warm salt water( 2teaspoonfull). Then squirt the warm salt water onto the tea bag. Then take a half dry paper towel wrap it up and place it on the infected eye. Wow.. Within a few hours your eye feels and looks like a winner.. Worked 4me.. Hope this helps.
July 26 2013

Michelle from Maryland

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Sweat from your armpits actually works great, sounds like it would burn but the bacteria from the sweat kills the infection quickly.
So get those arms pumping and the sweat flowing.
July 22 2013

Cassie Armstrong from Flab

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Gone in less than a day????

Have pink eye and your supposed to go on a date tomorrow? Well this should fix it!! This worked for me!

If you don't already have a bottle of CVS pharmacy eye wash soothing (pic below) then you can run to cvs and buy a bottle. Drop a few drops into your infected eye(s) do this frequently (DON'T USE THE EYE CAP THAT COMES WITH!!)
Then get a paper towel (has to be disposable so I recommend a paper towel) put it under the faucet and let cold water on to it then crumble it into a ball and squeeze out the water carefully un-crumble the ball make sure not to rip it.
Then put ice in the middle of it and fold the sides over. Hold against eye. After your done THROW IT AWAY!!! Each time you do this use a new ice towel thing. You can do this as many times as you want.
July 16 2013

Isabella from Austin, texas

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A few solutions!

A few things that I find help are:

1) Dip some cotton wool in some nice, cold milk. It really refreshes the eyes.
2) Dip some cotton wool in hot, salty water, it doesn't sting like you think it may, it's soothing.
3) Cold raw potatoes are really refreshing.

Pick one of these things, and just lie back for a little while with it on your eyes. It will help relieve the itchiness, soreness and puffiness. Then, when you take it off, don't itch your eyes, and it'll stop itching and feeling sore/stinging in about 10 seconds :)
June 23 2013

Chloe from England

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Pink eye relief

First grab a bowl.Then put lemon juice, butter and sugar in the bowl stirring it fast. Then apply to the outside of your eye meaning your eyelid.
Do this 5-6 times in one day and it'll be gone. Or if you want fast relief then do this every half an hour if you want the pink eye to be gone in five hours or so.
May 11 2013

Gina Eurteck from Orlando, Florida

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Pure Raw Honey

Unpasturized honey is all you need. DON'T add milk. Unpasturized honey has a natural peroxide in it that kills bacteria, and a water content that is hydrating. I read about it first, then put some in my eyes before putting it in my baby's eyes. It is lightly irritating at first, then it doesn't bother at all. I put it in my 9mo.old daughter's eyes before her mid-day nap, and then again before bed at night, and 2 days later the pink eye was cured. Seems to work faster than what the doctors prescription says (there is no medicine to cure it, just speed it's cure). If the honey has crystalized, slowly warm a little in a double pot over the stove until runny, then let cool. It will remain runny for weeks.
March 27 2010

Heggie from Brooklyn

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Take salt and place in a pan on stove or place in microwave, heat on stove until you can feel heat with hands microwave 3 to 5 mins. Place salt in a pillow case( if you arer worried about leak in pillow case place in zip lock bag the put in pillow case), tie knot in the pillow case place on eye, works great and feels really good.
March 22 2010

emp from myrtle beace, sc

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Breastmilk really does work

I run an in home daycare and see pink eye often. Up until now my family has never contracted it nor has it spread. Typically if a child gets pink eye they use the drops and it goes away. My 8 month old got is yesterday and I refuse to use antibiotic drops.
I found this forum and decided to use what was plentiful...breastmilk. I used it all day yesterday and today its gone. I plan to use it throughout the day anyway just in case. I can't believe how great it works!
March 17 2010

Cindy from WA

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I had pink eye a few weeks ago and I put shredded potatoes with no skin on my eye then my pink eye was gone I kept it on for ten minutes with my eye open.
March 17 2010

Megan from San Antonio, TX USA

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