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Yesterday I was in the gas station heard a noise above my head looked up and was hit in face with gust of air from vent in ceiling immediately thought oh! My allergies..Well within ten minutes I had itching and so much eye goo mucus in both eyes it was alarming. No insurance so here I am. Try ed aloevera coconut oil and goldenseal. My eyes are sore but so so so much better.
June 01 2014

TammyRay from Decatur

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Salt water did it for me!

I woke up at 4am today with pink eye. My right eye was closed shut with nasty puss. I clean it but it comes right back with a lot of gunk. It's a Sunday and I also have no insurance so I googled remedies and found these posts.

I picked the safest method I could find, it's 5 hrs later and I can't believe I've cured it! I boiled water for 10 min. Filled a clean mug halfway and put 2 tblsp of salt. Waited for it to dissolve and cool down. I then took a piece of paper towel, soaked it in the warm salty water and squeezed the liquid into my eye, constantly rolling my eye around. I could feel a little tingle/burn.

I did this for 20 min, at 5 min increments. I then held the mug up to my eye holding my eyelids open and poured into my eye with a final flush of remaining salt water. My eye is clear and I hope this helps you.
May 25 2014

Salt Water from Salt water

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Pink eye no more

I got pink eye for the first time ever recently. Woke up with a crusted over eye and sore to the touch. Went to look in the mirror and my eye was completely red. Since I had a series of interviews this week, I immediately looked up home remedies and gave the ones I had supplies for a go. I'm not sure which one actually cured my pink eye by the next morning but I'll list them all:

1. Coconut oil (all natural from Whole Foods, put a dab over my eye and let it melt in. This provided the most relief of all remedies and immediately took away some of the redness. Vision was blurry for about 30 minutes afterwards so apply before bed.)
2. Golden Seal (at first I was hesitant to put anything in my eye so I just boiled some water, added some Golden Seal powder and dabbed in on my eye. Eventually I used a straw to add a drop of the water after it settled straight into my eye.)
3. Activated charcoal (Boiled water, added charcoal, let it settle, added a drop of the mixture of to my eye using a straw)
4. Squeeze of lime (didn't feel that great but like I said, I was willing to try everything.)
5. Garlic (I rubbed a bulb on my eyelid. The burning sensation made me think that I was drop kicking all the nasty germs in my eye.)
6. Colloidal Silver (drops in my eye once every hour.)

Honestly, my pink eye was gone by the next day. Be sure to wash your sheets and apply the remedies to both eyes since it's so contagious! Best of luck!
April 28 2014

Alexis from Texas

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I never had pink eye until yesterday. I didn't know how to get rid of it but after googling and I literally mean almost every site stated breast milk. Well I just had a baby and have milk supply, so I tried it. I put two drops in each eye wait about 2mins the placed a warm towel on my eyes repeating this three time every 3-4 hours and I'm now pink eye free.
April 26 2014

Ashley Lee from Iowa

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List of remedies

Years ago I lived and traveled in areas where there was a lot of pollution so I suffered from allergies and chronic conjunctivitis. I tried several remedies and all of these will work:
{of course some are better than others} and I will list them from the best at the top.

1. your own fresh urine - the very best - quick relief and will not sting, plus it's free.
2. pure lemon - second best, but it stings
3. honey
4. aloe vera
5. rose water (a mixture can be made of 2, 3 and 4)
6. ocean water or sea salt in water
7. comfrey solution w/ distilled water
8. golden seal solution w distilled water
9. apple cider vinegar w/ distilled water
10.boric acid solution
April 26 2014


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Honey and lime juice

I just started having a pink eye not too long ago, and wanted to find a solution immediately. After research I saw a lot people recommended honey, and a few recommended lime juice. It reminded me of the Hispanic remedy for sore throats.
Right away I mixed some raw honey in warm water, and added lime to it. I didn't use measurements I just went with what I thought my eye could tolerate. With the mixture being a little warm (not hot) I started out by adding 2 drops in my eye to see if my eye could handle it. Then added more drops. You feel a slight sting from the lime but right away it did wonders! The redness of my eye cleared a bit, and the pain and swelling went away!! :)
April 04 2014

Lorena Moreno from United States

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Tea bags

I am at this minute just got done using the tea bags on my eyes and they already feel better with the itching and burning and redness. So tonight I am going to brew another cup of tea and use the tea bags when I go to sleep and wet them as needed. I am going on almost of week of battling this pink eye and the doctor would not call anything in without being seen and I was told I would have to go to the walk in clinic and that could take hours. So I am trying the tea bags so far so good. Thanks everyone.
March 21 2014

Tammy from Missouri

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Neosporin did it for me.

Well, I can remember the last time I got pink eye, about 15 years ago. Thanksgiving. My husband got it as well. What a site the 2 of us were. Antibiotics for several days. This past January, I got it again, and realized the symptoms fairly early. A Monday. I found a pink eye home remedy blog, read nearly all the suggestions, and the only thing I had in my home at that time was Neosporin, and tea bags.

My mother and sister (who by the way run to the doctor for every little thing) urged me to see a doctor and get a script. I replied “and why? So I can pay a $35 co-pay so they can tell me I have pink eye? I already know that. So they can prescribe antibiotics that I have no coverage for? I’ll look online and see if there are any home remedies I can try.
The remedy that got the most votes was breast milk, which I didn’t have access to. Second was whey from whole milk yogurt. Third was Colloidal Silver, forth was Neosporin, and fifth… fish tetracycline found in a pet shop. I had the neosporin. Once in the morning and before bedtime I would warm the tube with the lid on in a sink filled with hot water to make the vaseline like substance drip out instead of the unmanageable little sliver that would come out of the tube when I squeezed it. I would pull away my lower lid and put 2 drops of this warmed antibiotic in the pink of my lid, both eyes. Close them and take a nap for an hour or 3.

Then proceed with my day. Indeed vision would be blurred for an hour or so after my day nap, but that became less and less as the day progressed. I did this routine all week, every day, twice a day and by Friday I had no symptoms. That weekend I put the drops in my eye only at night, and by Monday I was fine and stopped the treatment. Viola. Pink eye gone, and it cost me pennies to do it.

Btw, that weekend I had a sweet 16 party to attend. No evidence of pink eye whatsoever :))
February 25 2014
Neosporin did it for me.
Eyewearwhore from Flushing

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Lime juice

So many people knock this but that's probably coming from the weak people. Lime juice really really works Take a lime, cut in half, squeeze the lime in a cup and use an eye dropper or if you don't have one a straw and put a few drops in your eye. For the extreme you can directly pour the lime juice in your eye from the cup.
I just did this a few hours ago and I no longer have symptoms. My eyes feel normal again after fighting with eye drops for a day.
February 17 2014

Trevor from Rochester Hills, Mi

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Salt water and q tips

Boil a cup of water, then add about 2 teaspoons of salt. Allow to cool. Wash your hands thoroughly, and then get an ear bud (AKA Q tip) or tissue, and gently wipe the rims of your eye. This cleared up mine in no time. Hope it helps!
February 07 2014

Kate from New Zealand

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Chamomile tea (manzanilla)

Like you are making a cup of tea, boil the water add the water to your cup. Put the tea bag and honey in the cup of water. Mix. Let it cool down. With a paper towel (1 for each eye) wipe from the inside (close to your nose) out. With a dropper, qtip, cotton ball or paper towel put 2-3 drops in each eye every hour or so. U can also fold 2 separate paper towels (1 for each eye)down to size (big enough to cover your eyes) soak w the tea and honey mixture and place on ur eyes for a half hour every once in a while. Should start looking better within 24 hrs.
January 21 2014

Kathy from Minnesota

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Honey! honey! honey!

I cleared up my pink eye with 1/4 tsp of honey dissolved in 1/4 cup of green tea and a tiny pinch of salt. I was about to pay $175 to go see a doctor since I don't have insurance, and who knows how much the antibiotic drops would have cost. I put drops in my eye every 1-2 hrs. My eyes felt better after the first dose and we're clear in 24hrs. Spread the word!
January 20 2014

Cara from Los Osos

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