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Baby Shampoo

My mother-in-law recommended washing the eyes out with baby shampoo. I had found that it worked the last few times I used this remedy. The thing with the baby shampoo is that you are washing the bacteria out of your eyes and it doesn't sting!Use very warm water and as soon as you feel the itchiness and pinkness begin.
April 13 2007

Jennifer D from Niagara Falls, ON

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mommy medicine

If your baby has pink eye and you are lactating squirt breast milk in their eyes. It doesn't sting or burn, and usually has worked within 24 hrs for my boys. I have even used this on my older children , I just put the milk in a jar first so they didn't know what it was! Works wonderfully
March 30 2007

Anonymous from Red Lion, PA

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Seminal Rub Down

If you use a bit of seminal fluid directly to the eye, It seems to work. I actually found this remedy by mistake. My girlfriend had pink eye and i accidentally got some seminal fluid in her eye and to my surprise her symptoms relapsed her eye felt much better and also she didnt have as much redness in her eye.
March 15 2007

Kris from Pennsylvania, Usa

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chamomile tea

i had pink eye only a couple of weeks ago, and as a teenager let me tell you, it was a big deal for me because you don't want to be embarassed by going places with your friends looking weird. I first consulted a pharmasist and recieved polisporin for the eyes you apply it to your eye 5 times a day, and within a week the color of the inflammated eye and irritation is gone! i think what really sped up the process was the luke warm chamomie tea bags, which you put on both eyes for around 10 minutes. the only ingredient in the tea bag has to be chamomile. good luck!
March 14 2007

maddie from Ottawa, Ontario, CA

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Water and Salt

You fill your sink with warm water and drop about a tbs of salt into it, you wait till the salt disolves and dip a washcloth in and then wipe on your eyes. It kills the infection in about a day or so.
December 19 2006

Sam from Nova Scotia

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Contact solution and warm cloth

Wash your hands really good, clean your eyes with warm wash cloth, then add soft contact lens solution drops. I read on another message board and it worked very well for me.
November 14 2006

Sean from Makaha, HI

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Tannic acid from tea

You simply brew a cup of tea (regular black tea like red rose or other orange pekoe is what we use), take the bag out afterwards and lay the infected person down while you gently squeeze a little bit of the liquid from the tea bag into the eyes, then lay the bags over the eyes for a duration of about 10 minutes (keep one on each eye).
Rinse and repeat as often as you will (we do it about 7-10 or more times a day) and it is gone within at the most I would say 2.5 days. We have used this on our selves and our kids for years. It works FAR better than anything we've tried purchasing.
We haven't had a case of pink eye here in years, so this is just from my memory; I believe the time is about right.
November 14 2006

Allan from Nova Scotia, Canada

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Coloidal Silver

A few drops of coloidal silver cleared up the irritation within a few hours - too bad I wasted so much time using the antibacterial agent prescribed by the doctor when this worked so much better without side effects.
March 10 2006

Anonymous from WI

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Black tea treatment

Heat some water.
Put he tea bag in long enough to allow it to release some of the tea.

Squeeze it out

Place on the eye

You can continue to wet it and keep it on the eye.
February 24 2006

Anonymous from Virginia

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Help the Itch Go Away

What my aunt did to me is, she got a bowl of milk and some slices of bread, dipped them in and rubbed it on my eyes, it feels so good. Then wash your face, it also helps your eyes from sticking together.
November 28 2005


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