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Tea... Honey... Salt

Steep two tea bags in a enough water to make one cup of tea. Remove the bags and put them aside to cool. Pour the tea in a shot glass or a small jar, add honey and salt( about a 1/4 tsp). Allow the salt to disolve and the liquid to cool. With a q-tip put 2-3 drops in each eye and sweep onto the base of the eyelashes. Cover eyes with the tea bags and a warm washcloth. Honey is an antibiotic and salt is an astringent. Use the left over solution 4-5 times a day and the eye should feel and look signficantly better by the next day:)
February 02 2008

Annesia from Georgia

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I got pink eye and i didn't know how to get rid of it. I tried many things and so far the thing that works the best is tea. Green Tea or Camomile tea really works. It takes about 3 days for it to be completly gone. All you have to do it make the tea and place the tea bags on your eye. Then every hour put about 2 to 3 drops of the tea on your eye. Make sure the tea is cold or atleast not that hot when you put it on. TRUST ME IT REALLY WORKS! and it gets rid of the pain fast!
January 12 2008

Anonymous from Miami, FL, USA

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Pink eye

It so true that tea helps.
I got a pink eye from my kids, I didn't know what to do, so I called my mom. I guess we all do that at one point:) She told me to try black tea. Well, I didn't have a black tea, but I did have chamomile tea. So I brew the tea and let it stand for fifteen minutes. Then before I went to sleep, I took some cotton balls and soak them in the tea. I put them on my eye lids right before I went to sleep. I had them on for an hour or two. When I got up the next morning, I didn't have discharge and no pink in my eyes, but they did hurt a little and that was the end of my pink eye.
January 10 2008

Vera from CA

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Tea bags

All you need is tea bags from around the house (Orange Pekoe and black tea) and a sterile eye dropper.
I wear contact lenses everyday, so pink eye is more common for me than most. I have tried just about every home remeidy for pink eye that I can find...Honey and water, peroxide, salt and water, baby shampoo, contact lens solution. None of them seem to work for me. I woke up one morning after accidently sleeping in my contacts with pink eye. My eye was really red, discharging, and hurting. I found a remedy using nothing but tea bags. I boiled the tea bags in some water, placed them on a saucer and let them cool for a minute. Then placed the tea bags over my eyes for 15 minutes. It was such a relief that I decided to put a drop in each of my eyes. It does sting, but within 30 minutes my eyes wear not red or hurting anymore.
I did this once every two hours, and left my contacts out for the whole day. The next day it was as if I never had pink eye. This is great considering that it would normally take me 4-5 days to recover from pink eye before.
November 08 2007

Chantie from Panama City, Florida

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Aloe Vera Plant Juice

If you can find an aloe vera plant, tear off a piece of one of the leaves and wash it, and your hands. Slice open the leaf and put some aloe juice onto your index finger and into the corners of your eyes, then "blink" the juice around your eye. Aloe is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. Pure aloe vera from the plant won't sting. If you can't find a plant, some topical aloe juice or cream will probably work, but depending on what else is in the formulation, it might sting. Using the aloe juice just a couple of times and overnight cures pinkeye in one day.
July 30 2007

Cathy from New York, NY

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Lime or lemon with water-chase it with tea bag

After reading about the alcohol remedy I decided to try this instead. yes it sounds crazy and stings a bit but I used distilled water and lime or lemon juice mixed 2 or 3 parts water to 1 of juice. A drop or two in the eye (stings for about 15-20 seconds but is far better than the burn and irritation of the pink eye). Follow this with a warm tea bag on the eye for 10 or 15 minutes, (treated myself late after noon, before bed and next morning).

I felt great relief within 10 or 15 minutes. A tea bag that afternoon and eye was fine by evening. If the outside corners of you eye is red and feeling raw before you try gently dab some petroleum jelly on raw area or the greater stinging you may feel will be the juice on your skin.

June 24 2007

Mary Mc from San Diego, CA USA

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It Just Took Some Tea

It's seems like the doctor's suff never works. I looked at some stuff on this page and only found that tea of all things worked. At this time I had pink eye for 6 days really really bad. I brewed some jasmin tea very strong. I used a eye lid cup I had and put it up to my eye for about a min and a half. The tea was warm not hot to my eye and right away i felt alot of disscharge from my eye. When I looked in the eye lid cup I found puss. I did it again 5 min's later. I then took a 1 hour nap and when I woke Up my eye was about 70% whiter then it was and the swelling went away. I then again used the tea for the rest of the day sleeping with the tea bag on my eye with a hankey. The next morning my pink eye was 90% gone! I used tear drops for the rest of the day and by noon my eye was back to normal. Hope this helps you all out. It might work or it might not.
June 04 2007

Jay from San Jose California

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hydrogen peroxide

I simply took Peroxide on a cotton ball and gently rubbed it on my sons eye lids when they were closed, making sure to get some under the lid or atleast a bit in the corner of the eye. My son said it stung a bit but it helped right away. I did this several times the first day I noticed the green discharge and by the next day they were considerably better with little discharge.
June 01 2007

Tricia from WI

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Pink eye-with a side of ACV

When I discovered I had pink eye, I made an eyewash of distilled water and Apple Cider Vinegar, it burns a little, but took the pain in the eyes away immediately.
May 03 2007

YS from Texas

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ACV in your eye

Try a little Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with distilled water as an eyewash. I got immediate results with this.
Use only 1 tsp ACV.
May 03 2007


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The Only Time I Liked Tea!

Hey everyone! I had pink eye in both eyes and i couldn't get rid of it! I had it really bad! I tried the tea bags on the eyes, collidal silver, and the contact solution. The collidal silver would make my eyes less pink or red but it would come back. so then one time I put the collidal silver in my eyes then put the tea bags on and it was better than it had been. Then i got to thinking that what if I take the tea bags that I brewed and take them out of the water and take the water that was green from the tea bags and put that in my eyes instead of the bags on top of my eyes? So I tried it and the "tea" was warm on my eye and it was soothing and made my eyes instantly feel less itchy, burning, and a few minutes after my eyes were almost back to normal! I was so happy! So for all of you that tried everything on this page and it didn't really work TRY THIS!
April 28 2007

Unknown from unknown

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Rubbing Alcohol

Dip Q-Tip in rubbing alcohol and rub the Q-Tip gently under the eye that is infected while holding eye lid open. (Hold eye open for as long as you can stand the burn) The vapors from the alcohol will kill the bacteria and will clear up the pink eye.

This method is a tad painful but it is the fastest method I have found to cure the Pink-eye. Do it at night before bed and Pink-eye will be gone by morning.
April 24 2007

Cruz from North Carolina

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