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Black Coffee

After making fresh coffee in the morning put some in a cup, wait till coffee gets warm and use a cotton ball swap and rub on infected eye every hour or 2 hours. Works great my grandmother used this remedy and so has my mom and works well.
July 05 2008

Dr.Mom from Bronx,NY USA

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Salt and Vinegar!!!!!!

Run hot water in your sink, Let it fill enough to dip your face in.... Add a couple a tbl spoons of salt, then a couple of tbl spoons of Vinegar.
Dip your face into the homemade solution and stay in as long as you can. Blink your eyes rapidly.
repeat steps every 30 min. for 2 hours.
June 24 2008

Daniel from West Palm Beach, Florida

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Herbal and homeopathic relief

Simalasin has homeopathic pink eye drops to relieve the irritation and to get rid of eiether the bacterial or viral infection take in conjuction garlic, oregano, and elderberry, or Now Foods makes a supplement called allibiotic that you can find at Whole foods. My eye has gone down in a day and a halph!
June 17 2008

Kim from Arlington Tx

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Camomile A.K.A. Chamomile A.K.A. Manzanilla tea

Camomile works! I recommend buying this herb whole and dried (you can find it in the herbs and spices isle...sometimes the Mexican food isle). Put a cup of water to boil, before the water boils, add 2 tsps of Camomile. Let the Camomile boil until the water turns dark yellow. Let it cool then use a strainer and pour into a mug.
Dip a cotton ball into the tea and clean eyes gently with it. With another cotton ball drop 2 drops into eah eye. If you have time you can soak 2 more cotton balls and lay them on your eyelids.
June 17 2008


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Clear Eyes Seasonal Relief

Buy a bottle of Clear Eyes Seasonal Relief. I used it thought out the first day as soon as i realized I had pink eye... It was gone the next day! It Absolutely works! (I initially heard boronic acid in contact solution would help. This is better because of the Hydrochloric acid plus zinc sulfate. Kills the bacteria on contact)
June 04 2008

Dalilah from San Diego, CA

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Well when I first got pink eye I tried to live with it and hope it would just go away, I didn't know that I actually had pink eye so I just tried a few of the remedies on here. I tried the alcohol swab underneath my eye, it burned so bad. It hurt way more that the burn that I already had, and did nothing. Next I tried the lemon juice, I dripped a little of the juice into my eye and it was horrible, I would really recommend against it. I bought "pink eye relief" drops from the store and they helped with the burn and irritation but it didn't help it go away, so I went to the doctor, it took 20 minutes and I got my prescription and I used it 3 times and my eye is almost back to normal... its called vi.. something... end result, go to the doctor and don't use lemon juice
June 03 2008

Michelle from St. Louis, MO USA

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Pink Eye/Conjunctivitis Remedy

I've had pink eye twice in the last 4 months...I've keep my hands and fingernails very clean and even use sanitizers many times each day and got it again!
I woke up with super red bloodshot eye with a "clear puss" type goo, very thick. The pink eye I had before took weeks to rid even with meds from medcheck and I didn't have the money to go to the doc again and needed it bad ,it was worse then before. And I knew I had to do something FAST.
I found out that there are 3 types of pink eye, but I took a varity of remedies from here. Here's what I did and it worked GREAT in less then 24 hours!
I took organic Green Tea, lemon juice from an actual lemon and Peroxide. I used 2 teabags, two caps of the peroxide and squeezed about 1/2 of a small lemon. I used a small 6-8oz juice glass and filled it 1/2 full with filtered water and steeped for about 15-20 min.Let it cool. It will sting but only for a few seconds.
I used a store bought eyepatch...looked like a pirate...I took out one of the tea bags and let it drip and drain into my eye and held it in place with the eye-patch,laid down and took a nap for about an hour. When I awoke, it was 75% better.
When I went to bed last nite, I took the second teabag and did the samething, but left it on all nite!
It 99% better, just looks a tad bloodshot, but not bad at all, and it feels GREAT!
Try it cos it worked for me and FAST TOO!

May 13 2008

Juliettej from Indiana

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I had pink eye and it was the worst ...my eye iched and it looked harrible......so what I did was that I cut a lemon in half and I squeezed 1 drop into my eye.....I know it burns but believe it or not it clears it up in about an hour.....it works every time....it burns of course but it really helps.....I had to go to a sweet 16 that day and I didn't know what to do...until I called my grandma and I asked her what can I do, she told me to put a drop of lemon in my eye....I was like lemon, but that hurts she told me, do you want it to clear up and I said yes.....so that what I did...and it really worked....it would only hurt for a few seconds.....I had it in both eyes so I had it really bad.....just make sure you have some tissue paper next to you, because trust and believe its gonna make u cry...you can always try this if tea doesn't work...
March 15 2008

Tita from philadelphia,pa,usa

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Breast Milk

It might seem weird to some, but breast milk works wonders on pink eye (and other types of infection...). All the natural antibodies and other good stuff make it a KILLER for a topical infection. Just put a few drop in your eye (either directly from the source, or have someone who is lactating express a small amount into a medicine dropper and use that...) every couple hours, or so. It works...I promise! :)
March 13 2008

Marissa from Dayton, OH USA

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Russet potato water

You won't believe this, but it works over night every time!Cut a russet potato up in chunks(skin on) boil it in a small pan of water, let water cool, use a cotton ball dipped into the starchy water,and rub across the eye making sure you get it into the eye. There you go, works every time, does not burn, irritate, etc.
March 01 2008

Teresa from Colorado

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I went to GNC and bought SILVER-BIOTIC, it was the only silver they had it was about $25. I came home took a teaspoon and also got a q-tip dipped it in the silver and rubbed it in my bottom eyelids. Separate q-tips of course. I took 3 teaspoons the first day & did the q-tip thing each time I took it. I had it really bad in my left eye the day I bought it which was the 2nd day of having pink eye, & my right eye was starting to get it. The following day it was a lot better, the next day after that it was completely gone. So the 4th day it was completely gone. I have had pink eye before a few years ago & it was horrible and took weeks using antibiotics & drops prescribed by the DR, I wish I would have known to use silver. It is AMAZING!! I would recommend it plus its good for other things too.
February 19 2008

Angie Ramos from Orange County, CA

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Te De MaNzAniLlA

If you once get a pink eye you should go to a super market and buy te de MANZANILLA and then with a Q-TIP try to clean the out side of your eye after get a cotten ball or a cloth you dnt use try to get as much tea in it and put 2 eye drops in your pink eye every time you feel the eye dry.
February 05 2008

jessica from California, Los Angeles USA

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