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I tried this: from susan: susan in lakewood, ohio
At bed time put a very small amount of neosporen on a q-tip gently run it along lashes, in the morning it will be gone.

Sep 13, 2008

I didn't do it at bedtime but, mid afternoon and within 8 hours I could tell a difference. Put some more neosporin before bed, and got up once in the middle of the night and put more on and this morning it is 98% gone.
November 13 2008

brad from Raleigh, NC

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Chamomile tea !!

Gently cleaning out the outside of the eye with chamomile tea is a classic remedy for any sort of eye irritation... It can be used on the inside of the eye too for more extreme cases. Loose leaf chamomile is usually of superior quality than the stuff you’ll find in tea bags, so I would prefer that option for maximum effectiveness, but if you’re stuck, I’m sure the tea bag would be fine.

A number of different bacteria can be responsible for the infection. […] Pink eye is also caused when fecal matter comes in contact with the eyelid.
(from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pink_eye )

October 29 2008

Anna from Montreal, Canada

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Salt Water Cure for Acute Viral Conjunctivitis ie Pink eye

Where I am from we have pink eye outbreaks every year when it comes on to September to December so we have grown accustom to treating it on our own (if it isn't a serious case that is).

Firstly ensure that your hands are clean, wash eyes with luke warm salt water (regular salt) two times daily for three to four days and avoid hand to eye contact as much as possible. Stay away from crowded areas ie schools, work places...pink eye is contagious so be careful. After about 5 days you should be good as new again. This works, I guarantee it. If your pink eye is a serious case please seek medical help immediately, do not wait because as I mentioned it is contagious.

October 21 2008

Lexi from Jamaica West Indies

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First of all I wanna thank this website and the people...

that submit their advice, my daughter used someone elses eyeliner and got pink eye. I bought her some eye drops I think they were (simulisan for pink eyes) then 3 days later she didn't have it no more, she passed pink eye to me and mine lasted like 3 weeks.

Well I tried the same eye drops they didn't work so I bought another brand that I had used before and trusted(colirio ocusan) they did remove the redness but in the morning I would still have the discharge so I tried a couple advice from here. I first put on neosporin on my lashes with my clean fingers then I put some chamomille tea in my eyes and would clean my eyes with the tea twice a day in the morning and night and in less than 3 days my pink eye dissapeared...

So I hope this works for you oh and I still kept on using my trusted eye drops up to 4 times daily for the redness.

October 19 2008

Mary from Sacramento, USA

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Salt vinegar followup

I followed the Salt Vinegar recipe and it burned like hell-
but immediately after, my eye seemed to rid itself of most of the junk in it.
I followed up with the triple antibiotic ointment.

October 17 2008

SValdez from San Francisco CA

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Vicks Vapor Rub

I know that it says to keep away from contact with the eye but I use Vicks for everything. I just rinsed my eye out with contact solution and dried my face and around my eye throughly. Then I just took and put some Vicks on my pinky finger and rubbed it around my eye, I kept it away from the corners and concentrated more on the lid and underneath. It will be uncomfortable for a few minutes and may even sting a litte but the irritation and pain definetely goes away. I did this while sitting at home just watching tv but washed it off before going to sleep or to bed.
October 11 2008

A. Gordon from Huntsville, Alabama

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Noni is a good remedy it really works I tried it and its the best. All you have to do is to get some noni jucies and put it in a eye drop bottle or on some cotton roles and drip in the eye, your eye will clear up in in the next hour or two.
October 11 2008

Noni remedy from Jamaica westmoreland

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Coconut Water

Young Coconut Water, It doesn't clear up the eyes instantly but it helps soothe the irritation. Works much better then the tea.
October 05 2008

Shekie from Turks & Caicos Islands

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Pink eye releif

At bed time put a very small amount of neosporen on a q-tip gently run it along lashes, in the morning it will be gone.
September 13 2008

susan from lakewood,ohio

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Tea bags

After making your tea use the still warm tea bag
just place on the infected eye.
August 17 2008

margie from a.b canada

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Calendula - WONDERFUL remedy

Steep 2 tablespoons of dried calendula (also called pot marigold) in 1 cup of hot water (covered) for about an hour. Allow to cool. Take a square of cotton, dip in tea, place some drops in eye and put cotton over eye for about 10 minutes. Use as needed. Refrigerate the remainder and use next day same way. No stinging, no burning, very soothing. I tried the black tea, honey, vinegar, salt -- nothing worked except for this.
July 29 2008

Elizabeth from Palm Desert, CA USA

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Pee Pee

Have child pee in a cup, or squeeze pee from diaper and put a few drops in affected eye. My mother has done this, and so have I. It works by the next day.
July 27 2008

Cassandra from Deltona, Fl

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