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Hot Salt Water

Rinse out a glass with boiling water. Do not use anything to dry out the glass, it will dry naturally. Put about a 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt or, ordinary table salt in the glass then pour in hot water(maybe the boiling water used to rinse the glass, but of course, ADD COLD WATER. This will be used as a rinse for the eye(s). Everyone's tolorance is different but the idea is to rinse with "as hot as you can stand it" but use common sense, don't burn your eyes!!! This always worked for me. The water rinses the "goo" from the eyes and the salt acts as a cleaning agent.
December 29 2008

Pink Eye Be Gone! from CA, USA

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Take a spoon full of lemon juice tilt your head and put about a drop in. It my burn for a second but the tears flush it out it works in about a couple min. It soothes and take the redness away.
December 21 2008

Fgdg from Dfgdgd

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Tea bag

Get a tea bag (lipton works) and soak it in hot water for about 45 seconds. Then ring out the water and but it on your eye. It has been working for me!!
December 19 2008

Abigail from Milwaukee, WI, USA

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warm water and a cotton ball

First get a cotton ball and put warm water on it then just place it on the eye and it soothes and clears the eye.
December 14 2008

leslee from honolulu,hawii

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I actually got the idea from reading the posts before mine. I was COMPLETELY leary of it because it was my child that had the pink eye. But she was in so much pain, I had to try something until we could get to the doctor. I tried it last night (12/13/08) just as the advice was given and by this morning, she could see, she wasn't crying and she had no pain.

We still took her to the doctor's to be sure, though. While there, we told the doctor what we'd tried-thinking that she'd think we were quacks-but she actually said that it was a good idea. She said that it relieves the symptoms and takes the pain away (she was right) but as any doctor would say, she said to make sure we followed up with a doctor so we could get the medicine that would actually kill the germ. It absolutely works! And I'm here to tell you, I'm the biggest skeptic in the world!!!
December 13 2008

Nikki from Belleville, IL

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I just rubbed some vapor rub on a washcloth and soaked it in warm water. Then I rung it out and put it over my eyes and took a nap. I woke up, put the wash cloth in the washer so nobody got a hold of it. Then the next morning I was fine.
December 12 2008

Anonymous from IN USA

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Tea Bags

I promise I came on this website and I did the tea bag remedy about two hours ago for the first time and the results are great already,the best thing yet, try it!
December 10 2008

Kimmy from USA

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Pink Eye is highly contagious, so prevention is necessary. If some one you know has pink eye, do not touch your eye. If you do, immeiately flood with salt water. Clean eyes with salt water periodically. Wash towels and pillowcases in hot water daily.
December 09 2008

Sally G. from Anytown, AT 55555

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Breast Milk Works Wonders

I know it's already mentioned on here but I have to put it in again. My daughter has had pink eye 3 times this school year. I have always gotten the RX from the Dr. I still had some in the bottle this time so I used what was left. I ran out after 2 days the Dr. wouldn't call in any more and her pink eye started coming back. I found the breast milk remedy and tried it. Put it in the eyes 3 - 4 x a day. The redness was gone within 3 applications and the next day she was better. This will be my first line of defense from now until I stop lactating.
December 08 2008

mom2three from Fort Worth, Texas USA

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Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver is an all-natural "Anti-Biotic". You can use it for almost anything. I had the Pink-Eye the other day caused from SLEEPING IN CONTACTS all the time (in case you didn't know). My dad owns a Healthfood Store and recommended I try this in my eye. It cleared up in 2 days. In fact, the first time I put it in my eye I felt immediate relief. It works...I promise! Please dont put baby pee, lemon juice, or breastmilk in your eye for God's SAKE! Ha!
December 05 2008

Lauren from South East, Ga

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Boob Juice!

Breast milk has amino acids that repell the bad virus/bacteria in pink eye. It works. One of the MANY reasons to breastfeed and encourage breastfeeding!!
December 04 2008

Sally K. from Marquette, MI

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Colloidal Silver

So basically go to your local whole foods or another health food store and buy Colloidal Silver!! It works wonders by just putting a couple of drops in you eye and in a few hours it will be gone!!
November 17 2008

Lauren from CA, USA

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