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80 Home Remedies for Heartburn

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Pregnant heartburn

7 almonds! I have used this for both babies, worked every time!
June 14 2013

Tara Ann from Kentucky

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Pickle juice!!

A big gulp of pickle juice always helps me. I suffer from severe gerd I take an over the counter medication to allow me to eat, I forgot one day to take my medication and I thought I was dieing, had some pickle juice and 3 minutes later the pain was gone!
May 15 2013

MichelleFM from Saskatoon

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Pretzles and water

For INSTANT relief of heartburn eat about 4-6 pretzles and follow with a glass of water. I've had heartburn for 40 years and eating Tums after dinner was the norm. About 6 years ago I had pretzles after dinner and realized I no longer needed Tums, have not bought Tums since. Eat a few pretzles with a few sips of water for immediate relief!
May 01 2011

Joyce H from Chesapeake, VA

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Baking soda

In a 8oz. glass filled with water you add 1 tblspn of baking soda, take it like you would a shot glass. May taste salty but it works instantly. You also might have a few loud burps afterwards, but its worth it.
March 24 2010

James from victorville, ca

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Low Sugar Low Carb Diet

I had chronic heartburn. Would wake up in the morning with it before eating or drinking anything. I stopped eating the obvious sugars, pasta, potatoes, and rice. No more heartburn! The effects were evident within a few days. I feel great and have lost some weight too. Hope this helps. Heartburn is no fun.
February 16 2010

Kelly from Gulf coast Mississippi

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A simple cure you wont believe

Did you know that body builders use coral calcium to prevent lactic acid in the body and cause joints to hurt before they work out? Well this works for whole body, coral calcium keeps the body from getting too acid. Another cure you wont believe, is Grapefruit juice, most people think grape fruit is acidic like an orange, but not true, it is a acid neutralizer believe it or not! Frink half a glass a day, you will notice your indigestion stays gone. Drink the no sugar added grapefruit juice.
February 07 2010

Anonymous from watkins in tennessee

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For well over two years now I have been relatively acid reflux and heartburn free.
I had been diagnosed, in 1975 with a hiatal hernia and accompanying acid reflux/severe heartburn. Over the past 30+ years I had used prescriptions filled for every kind of acid reflux/heartburn pain reliever known to man, plus over-the-counter stuff too. VERRRRY EXPENSIVE!

Then, a friend told me about his use of inexpensive Natural Apple Cider Vinegar, with the mother, (that is the dust like sedimentation at the bottom of the bottle). He said to use 2-3 tbspn mixed in a few ounces of water, or you can take them straight up if you like. It tastes terrble, but sure does the trick. Upon swallowing it I can feel the pain subside as it goes down.
I started using it two - three times per day, instead of the purple pill, and it not only gave me instant relief, but also has healed my GI Tract.
I now only require maintenance doses every 4-6 weeks when I feel pain symptoms coming on.
I guess Grandma was right, "an apple a day, keeps the Dr. away".

August 22 2009

HLFJerry from Western North Carolina

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Take a teaspoon of yellow mustard, not dejon but yellow mustard and swallow it, take a deep breath, don't eat or drink anything for at least five minutes.
Trust me, my grandmother from Alabama told me.
July 14 2009


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Drink white milk when you have heartburn. Wait 1-2 minutes and your heartburn should be gone. (If you put milk into tomato sause on pasta it prevents heartburn.)
June 15 2009

Marley Mullery, 11 year doctor :) from Scranton, PA, USA

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Eat papaya it works.

I had horrible heartburn while I was pregnant. I ate papaya and it went away every time.
January 21 2009

Sarah H. from Pasadena, CA

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Sounds crazy, but....

Cold MILK has always cured my nausea and/or heartburn. For years, it's been my first choice for relief. I know now they say milk only worsens symptoms, but not for me. It always settles my tummy and relieves my heartburn.
December 22 2008

mlj3 from ALABAMA

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Milk or Yogurt

When I was pregnant I was afraid of trying anything, a cold glass of milk and or a yogurt helped a lot.

December 21 2008

Abbey from Las Vegas, NV

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