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80 Home Remedies for Heartburn

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Instant relief

an 8oz. Glass of water with 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda and half of a lemon works wonders! It gave me instant relief.
July 17 2014

Veronica from San Francisco

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Thank you

I just wanted to say I woke up today with such bad heartburn I couldn't take it-actually woke me up, I needed a VERY quick fix so I had some chewing gum, some mustard (eww), papaya only 1 slice, 1 slice lemon, some cold water and some yoghurt I just had it all one after another and now 10 minutes later I'm completely heartburn free-I'll be sure to always keep these things handy but I think it was the yoghurt that did it for me (petite filous) it was ice cold down my throat.
July 08 2014

Ridvana from Bolton

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Wood ash

Put two spoonfull of ash in a mug, add water, stir then filter. Sip the liquid twice.. Problem solved.
June 29 2014

Edu from Bugz

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Believe it or not

A little slice of a lemon will work wonders for quick relief of heartburn. Heard it at work and I was at a bar and got a bad case of heartburn and tried it, really it worked I was shocked.
June 20 2014

Charlie Seiler from Newburgh Indiana

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Warm water

A few years ago I was in the shower with heartburn I took a small drink ad the warm shower water and haven't took anything but warm water to rid myself of the problem since.
June 05 2014

Bob from Louisville

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I get heartburn from drinking too much apple juice. Mustard is the cure. MUUUSSTAAARD
May 04 2014

Brunswick from Mass

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I get horrible heartburn and acid reflux often. I found that the fastest-acting home remedy for me was MUSTARD. Just get a saltine cracker or slice of bread, put some mustard on it, eat and you'll begin feeling relief almost instantly. I know it sounds weird, but aren't most home remedies that actually work usually kind of weird? Just try it. I promise it works!!
April 23 2014

Melody from Texas, USA

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Right when you feel the heartburn coming on, get a large glass of water and drink it. It will wash all that acid down back into your stomach.
April 19 2014
Skeeter from Mississippi

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Baking soda

Put together a teaspoon of baking soda together with water to balance out the acid in your stomach, mostly after consuming spicy foods. This home remedy typically works well in just minutes, the water has got to be cool, however not too cold. Don’t apply this remedy that often, especially when you have heartburn regularly. Baking soda is extremely high in salt and most likely will result in water retention and high blood pressure should you use it a lot Learn more here : heartburnnomorre.Uni.Me/
April 13 2014

Sonia Mathews from London

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Apple cider vinegar and bitter foods

I had really bad, painful, chronic heartburn. Relieving constipation with enzymes and fiber helped. My naturopath told me that it was also the result of not having enough bile to breakdown food, that somehow you get all acidy because you don't actually have adequate amounts of acid to promote digestion. So she told me to drink Apple Cider Vinegar regularly, before meals and to eat bitter foods in my diet, such as lemons, granny smith apples, arugula, ect.

I used organic apple cider vinegar with the Mother frequently because I don't like eating bitter foods, I'd rather just drink a shotglass of diluted vinegar and get it over with. I can't stand lemon juice LoL but that would work just as well. The truth is I tried all the remedies here and nothing worked for me for fast, miraculous pain relief. Apple Cider Vinegar was not a quick fix either, in fact it made it feel temporaily worse BUT it cured it after regularly remembering to drink it before my meals within 24 hours and as long as I remember to eat bitter things every now and then, it never happens anymore.

It's not like vinegar is good for fast pain relief and it can actually burn even more, but it does fix the underlying problem and that is the most important thing.
Also, another thing I realize for myself is if I eat late and sleep on a full stomach, it would give me heartburn that night and maybe the following day, so when a full undigested stomach is the culprit, it helps to get up and move a bit and apply heat - I just take a bath, drink some water during and afterwards I feel better.

Generally, it's not good to eat late because digestion slows down so much, but I have to because I work out late at night some days.
April 07 2014

Sabrina from Courtenay, Canada

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Jaggary for acidity

Take some jaggary of brown colour when feel acidity. It give instant relief within few minutes.
January 09 2014

Suzan from India

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Ginger and oatmeal

While suddenly waking up from really bad heartburn earlier today, I looked up foods people with acid reflux should eat. I quickly made a cup of oatmeal. I threw some ice cubes in it so it didn't burn even more going down! Then I found some ginger cookies and started eating those. This was all after my acid reducer pill didn't work. About 20 mins later, the pain started to subside tremendously. I definitely felt improvement while I was eating as well.
December 06 2013

Danielle from NY

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