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80 Home Remedies for Heartburn

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Icy cold suger water

Half a glass of water and 1 tablespoon of sugar with a lot of ice... Mix it up n drink it. You wont believe it:) so simple!
December 18 2014

Wiki from Nsw

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My dr recommend...

My OBGYN told me to sleep on my left side to relieve heart burn, gas, or stomach issues.. She's been a Dr. Over 40 years, so she must know what she's talking about.. And... She did =) Thanks Doc... And good luck, not every remedy works, so try a few ones bound to help.
Apple cider vinegar didn't help me at all, but I did try the mustard and shocker it worked also. Gum was a yes licorice was a no, but the old Dr. Standby of left side sleeping is my go to.. Works every time =)
December 05 2014

Nameless from Central Cali

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Last night I was woke up at 3:30am by the worst heartburn I have ever had. After 2 antacids with no relief, I found this site. After reading the posts, I decided to try the mustard.. Are 2 crackers with mustard and by the time I put everything away and walked back to my bedroom, the pain was gone. Propped myself up with pillows, laid down on my left side and went right to sleep. Mustard really works.. So glad I found this site..
December 03 2014

Robbie from Burbank

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Drk choc

Two pieces of dark chocolate the sugar subsides it and slept like a baby. With few sips of milk the combo knocked it out..????
November 19 2014

Tasha beebe from Nola

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Chewing gum!

I was woken up by the worst heartburn I have ever experienced today around 3am. I went online after a few moments of agony to find all sorts of home remedies, being that it was the middle of the night, and that it was so bad I thought I was going to vomit, finding something in my kitchen was not sounding great. I grabbed a piece of sugar free, spearmint chewing gum and within a matter of probably 15 minutes the pain was reduced significantly. Still a bit nauseous right now, but overall I'm thrilled with how simple and quick this remedy was!!
November 15 2014

Alyssa from Michigan

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Milk was the best option for us

Trying to help my girlfriend, reading all the remedies on here we struggled because we didn't have baking soda or mustard... Vinegar did nothing, peanut butter did bugger all too... My girlfriend hates milk, but I talked her into trying it and it was the best remedy by far. Nice cold glass of milk did it for us... It seems like everybody is different when it comes to heartburn relief so I'd suggest trying everything until you find what works for you.
November 09 2014

Ben from Australia

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Sleep on your left side to eliminate night time heartburn. Instant relief!
October 03 2014

Jeff from Canada

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Quick fix heartburn

Mustard, pickle juice, vinegar these all will help 80 to 90 percent better than current situation.
October 02 2014

Steven from Boise, Id

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Change your fruits diet

Just told by some friends and its really work. Sometimes people look for any remedies but they forgot about their diet. for fruit lover, they take an acidic fruits and it give effects to their heartburn problem.

try to take this fruits only:


good luck :D

JohnWayne from remediesforheartburnpain.com
September 16 2014

John Wayne from California

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Soda for heartburn

Bajing soda and water.
August 24 2014

Darcy Kae Corey from Barryton

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Peanut butter

While I was pregnant I would get a spoon with peanut butter and would slowly lick on it ( kinda like a child does a lollipop) it eased the pain and kept me from having to take anything.
August 22 2014

Chelsea from South Carolina

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I was in so much pain from heart burn, it just hit me all of a sudden. It was awful.. Tried antacids.. Then got sick.. I was a mess... I needed immediate help and viewed this site.. I saw mustard, vinegar and baking soda.. I didn't believe it but, was desperate.. I grabbed a piece of bagel and put Mustard (refrigerated kind) and quickly, the pain started to subside, about 50 percent better.. I couldn't believe it..

Then I poured some (eyeballed about 2 tsp) apple cider vinegar and about a tsp baking soda. Mixed, drank and felt up to 80 percent... It's been a half hour and I feel great...
Thanks everyone!
July 24 2014

Janine from Atlanta

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