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80 Home Remedies for Heartburn

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Severe chronic heartburn

Mint Mentos...Just suck on it until it basically dissolves. Instant relief.
March 25 2015

Gerd sufferer from California

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Yellow mustard works like magic!

I just woke up with severe heartburn, after reading your comments, I've decided to try the mustard on saltine cracker, I ate it 5 minutes ago and now I'm going back to sleep because the pain is gone! So glad I've found this web site, you've helped me a lot, thanks guys :)
March 19 2015

Bonbon from Florida

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The mustard worked!!!!

I just tried the mustard...I feel relief ALREADY!! THANK GOD!! I fight heartburn like no one I've EVER known. And mustard is the FIRST thing that has worked for me. The only thing, after reading the other posts, is I still can lay in my left side. There is a sharp pain in my upper rib cage when I do. So I'm always sleeping in my right (when I DO sleep). THANK YOU to all that posted here!! I CANT BELIEVE the difference I already feel after 5 minutes of taking a tsp of mustard. THANK YOU THANK YOU.
March 19 2015

Kelly from Texas

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Severe heartburn

I get bad heartburn frequently and went online for home remedies and saw the yellow mustard in a saltine cracker so I tried it and it really did work for me, it relieved my heartburn pain in five minutes.
February 21 2015

Anjie K from Newton Falls, Ohio

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Mustard does help

I tried the mustard just now with a severe burn in the pit of my stomach. It actually works. Thanks yall!
February 14 2015

Dawn from Brunswick Ohio

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Red grapes

I tell you I heard that red grapes helped right away, I was like how in the world would this work, but I tried everything and did not work and I said well grapes are worth the try.. They worked great!!!! Actually just takes one or two!!! And I sleep on my left side now and head elevated and I hardly ever have the heartburn now.
February 11 2015

Ammie from Douglas Georgia

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Teaspoon of yellow mustard :) super fast

After 2 days of Severe Heartburn and trying all of the over the counter medications (I mean all of them) without relief, I came across this website ~ :) Thank Goodness :) I put a teaspoon of Mustard on a Saltine Cracker, ate it, and within a couple of minutes, finally felt relief! This is the quickest relief that I have felt, ever!!! Thank you and it seriously works, GREAT :) !!!! :)
February 03 2015

Krissi from North Carolina

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Amazing mustard

After reading several remedies I decided to try the mustard. Within 10 minutes of swallowing the spoonful, the pain was completely gone. So glad I found this site, it really helped.
February 03 2015

Lauren from Denver

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Natural heartburn antacid

I have pretty bad heartburn. I have tried all these medicines and natural remedies. The truth of the matter is these natural remedies don't really work. As much as people claim their validity, it doesn't help GERD sufferers. I myself have tried all these products from PPI to antacids. The only one I've found to help me without having the side effects of PPI's is Episolve GI. I take about four before I go to bed as I have heartburn worst through the night. Episolve GI took the edge off my morning heartburn. I can't highly recommend Episolve GI enough. Apparently it has a combination of Olive Oil and Calcium Carbonate. It also lasts a couple of hours opposed to TUMS that lasts a short period. Www.Episolvegi.Com
February 02 2015

Craig Scott from California

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Remedies for heartburn

I heard of teaspoon or sugar or coffee. But baking soda works for me.... U
January 20 2015

Judy Searles from Hattiesburg Ms.

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Magical mustard

Followed the mustard remedy....And found instant relief. Really the mustard was magical.
December 30 2014

Chitra Rajagoplan from Chennai

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I just woke up out of my sleep, because my heartburn was so bad! And I usually use milk, but there was none I tried a spoon full of mustard and it went away surprisingly fast!! At first I was like no way mustard seems like it would make it worse like most foods or beverages, but NO it actually WORKS!!??????????????????????????
December 21 2014

Angelica from CA

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