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80 Home Remedies for Heartburn

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Nola girl

Cabbage juice
October 14 2015

Matrissa from New Orleans

2 8

My grandmas home remedy

Works every time! If you feel like you are about too have heartburn drink shone milk!
September 26 2015

Gins from Gins Philadelphia

5 2

Acid gurgling up into throat!

I thought I was going to die when after a non stop feeling of fire in my chest and throat, I could feel a wave of burning heat coming up from my stomach. It literally had me puking from the pain plus the acid would just come up and stay there until another round came up!

I found this site and saw a lot of comments were talking up the mustard. I hate mustard with a passion! But I couldn't handle the pain anymore so I gagged down a tablespoon of the yellow stuff!! And got a cup of milk right after. I started burping as soon as the mustard was settled in my stomach.
God bless mustard!
September 14 2015

Lava throat from Tallahassee Florida

10 3

Middle of the night quick fix!!

I woke up in the middle of the night with horrible heartburn. I wasn't going to go to the store for otc meds. I remember reading something about vinegar and gum. All I had was some pickle juice. So, I took 2 decent size gulps, burped a few times and felt even more pain for about 2 min. But after that it seemed to die down quite a bit. Then I started chewing a piece of sugar free gum for about 15 min and bam! No more heartburn!
September 04 2015

Alex from Phoexin

4 3

Severe nighttime acid relflux

Woke up at 3:30 am with enough burning in my throat to make me just miss throwing up. Extreme burning and almost chemical like taste! Read all the "MUSTARD" comments..........WOW....It WORKED, relief almost immediately! JUST TRY IT!
August 16 2015

Mark Ollis from North Carolina

18 5

Mustard works!

I know it sounds weird, but a tsp of mustard and and a saltine cracker work almost instantly!
August 05 2015

Erin from IL

15 4


I was skeptical at first. Usually mustard gives me indigestion. (I have acid reflux) but by some miracle it worked. Big ole spoon full of mustard. Immediately made it worse. But washed it down with a swig of milk and instant relief. Thanks. :)
June 23 2015

Dying Of Acid Reflux from United States

19 3

Mustard helped

I'm in the third trimester and woke up with severe heartburn which I'm guessing caused from the fried stuff I ate last night.. I tried water, milk and almonds but they didn't work.. Had a teaspoon of mustard and it actually gave me enough relief to go back to sleep.
June 22 2015

Em from Maldives

14 1


I keep a pint of "SO Delicious" Vanilla Ice Cream (Almond milk) in the freezer for emergencies. A 1/4 cup serving does wonders for me!!! And it taste quit nice! For more regular maintenance I add 1/2 tablespoon (sometimes more) of vanilla extract to add to my pasta. I use an organic (alcohol free) vanilla extract. But the best thing for me is to just keep my hands off the trigger foods! = >
June 22 2015

JP from Houston, Texas USA

6 2

A heartburn cure.

Do you have heartburn? All you need is a little bit of baking soda in a small glass of water, chug it down, pat your chest to burp and instant relief. It's so cheap and simple. If you are out and about with heartburn chew some peppermint gum or candy. Peppermint is great for heartburn. Both remedies saves me every time! :)
June 01 2015

Melinda from Pennsylvania

8 11

Apple cider vinegar

A teaspoon apple cider Vinegar work instantly and mustard.
April 02 2015

Shonte from Alabama

21 0

Quick temporary heartburn fix

I've had luck with green olives....I'm pretty sure it's the vinegar in it but green olives are much tastier than downing a spoon of vinegar...
March 27 2015

Harley from NY

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