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22 Home Remedies for Arthritis

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Arthritis gone

Used to take green lipped mussel pharma grade supplements which were high in omega 3s - after jump starting the no pain process with doxycycline - but now I mix kefir with chocolate almond milk and tablespoon flaxseed oil (cold pressed and refrigerated) and absolutely no pain no stiffness and no hip popping joints! This is my version of quark and flaxseed oil as described by the Budwig diet - (she believed we were imbalanced in our omega 6 to omega 3 fats ratio bf it was an accepted theory) -
January 18 2015

Michelle from Yorba Linda

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Organic flax seeds

Organic Flax seeds 1 tablespoon in fruit smoothie 2x's a day basically cured my osteoarthritis in my hip.. It was killing me for about at least a year every time I stand, walk etc.. Started on the flaxseed, don't even think about it anymore, I would personally say its close to a miracle.
October 22 2014

Rich from Tappan NY 10983

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I am a sufferer of osteo-arthritis and have tried several 'cures'
including prescribed medicine. However in the last few years, I have been using a good brand of liquid cod liver oil, and Omega fish oil18/12, the result for me, is that my joints are not as swollen nor as painful since moving from taking tablets/capsules to using the liquid. I take two dessertspoons of each, each morning, prior to breakfast of biodynamic oats, as my understanding is that oats naturally warm the body and promote circulation.
I have also started using a Homoeopathic product in the last 2 months, for the inflammation. I believe the produce has reduced the pain markedly. The product I am using is labelled, Traumeel's. I am unsure if this is a brand name or the name of actual remedy's name. The only other name on the box is -Heel.
I purchased the product from a homeopath, it may be available elsewhere. The brand of oil I purchase is Melrose, and it is labelled 'cold pressed', I think this may be why it is a more effective product.
The other product that friends have recommend to me is a good quality brand organic green whole leaf tea, as apparently it is an natural anti-inflammatory. Make a large tea potfull and drink throughout the day warm or cool.
I hope this helps fellow arthritic sufferers, as it is such a debilitating illness and can by the nature of the ongoing pain make one feel so sad. The other and wonderful remedy is meditation, Steven Levine's work is wonderful and of course meditation is portable!

Warmest regards to all. I think that Midnight Remedies, is a wonderful idea, thank you to the people who thought of it, and set it up, for all we night owls.
March 27 2010

Hanna from Victoria

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Cherry Juice

I'm surprised no one has mentioned drinking cherry juice every day for arthritis.

I know I heard that somewhere a long time ago. I think it was in an old newspaper clipping my mom had in her recipe box.

So this is just an idea, and I gave it 4 stars.
March 27 2010

Carol K from So. Dakota

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Flaxseed Oil

If you really want to get rid of your Arthritis pain all you need is Flax Seed Oil.

You will be pain free from Arthritis in 3-4 days.
There's nothing better on the market for Arthritis.
March 06 2010

K. Addison from L.A

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Arthritis remedy

Debone any chicken from any part of the planet, for that matter, any bones from any domesticated food source. Boil the cageebees out of it. Use the water for making your favorite dishes that require water. The dissolved cartlage and ligaments will serve as building blocks for your body to work with. Imagine a carpenter with no tools or wood to build..The body works the same way. That being said, also eliminate any vice habits such as alcohol, tobacco, or habitual drugs. Lets face it, your body is a temple that needs 100% care and respect.
February 21 2010

Ben from Skokie Ill USA

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Emu Oil

Emu Oil, either the pure stuff or the glucosamine cream has helped my arthritis. You can get it from www.emu-oil-well.com. It reduces swelling and eases pain and I've found that alongside my partner giving me a small massage with the cream and taking omega 3/6 capsules it has really helped.

September 30 2009

Jess from Norfolk, UK

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Stop Eating Potatoes

A Doctor said to Stop eating potatoes of all kinds
to get rid of arthritis.
December 09 2008

jenny from anywhere usa

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The feel good remedy.

A gentle massage every 48 hours. It would be preferred to have someone else do this for you, but you can do this yourself. Start at the joint and make sure your as lax and tense free as possible. Place the joint into every position possible while massaging it. This allows you to find the way to keep deep into the tissue with the least resistance, in addition to that massage with movement feels a million times better. Take extra caution to not use the muscles in the area, they need to be relaxed for a massage to be max benefitial. Only use pressure that feels good, if it is causing more pain than your already in, it will only do more damage. Make sure you do everything SLOW! You don't want to shock your body, you want to calm your body. Keep massaging from the joint all the way to the spine. Make sure to stretch the joint afterward.

The massage I am talking of is basically pressure with a slight bit (less than an inch) of rythmic movement. Try to massage the bones. You may not be able to reach them all at first, but as your muscles soften up, you will eventually.

The pain relief with be temporary at first. The more repetitious, the longer the pain relief afterwards will last. Eventually, those pain pills that were in your cabinet will be in the trash!

Remember the line "walk it off." The worst thing you can do to an injury is keep it immobile. It makes your soft tissue tight and allows for toxic build up. When something is tight it is much easier to tear and injure again. So keep those muscles, tendons, etc. moving!

You could also throw an epson salt bath into the mix or buy a heating pad and soak the joint in some castor oil prior to your massage. Dilude some witch hazel to pull the castor oil off. You can't get deep into the tissue with slippery hands!
May 07 2008

Katie from Detroit, MI

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Arthritis free for the last five years

I gave up wheat flour and haven't had any symptoms!
January 10 2008

K from Austin, Tx

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1-2 teaspoon of turmeric (an east indian spice) and powdered ginger daily.

I make my own with cellulose pill capsules. Then just mix together your bulk turmeric and ginger powder and stuff the shells.

I have suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for 5 years now and this is one of the only things that works effectively for pain and swelling in my joints. It is also a great digestive aid.
January 06 2008

Jonas from Ontario, Canada

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Flaxseed oil - a super cure

I read where a lack of omega 6 fatty acids promoted inflammatory disease. My shoulders were so painful that I had trouble lifting my arms and my knees hurt so bad that I was going to have to give up jogging, which I dearly love.

Canola oil is fairly high in omega 6 so I started taking a couple of tablespoons a day. It helped greatly. I switched to flax seed which is much higher in omega 6. This has been going on for 4 years and, for me, it is a miracle cure.
January 06 2008

Bob W. from Santa Cruz, CA

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