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47 Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

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simple witch hazel

simply apply witch hazel to toilet paper, then place it on hemmmorhoids, hold briefly, reapply as needed.
July 27 2007

just passing on something good from erie, pa.

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No cure, but no itching, either.

I've had bad hemorrhoids forever, and I never have itching. Keeping clean is the answer.

I am meticulously clean, and I keep wet baby type wipes on the back of the toilet. Anytime the TP seems insufficient to get things clean enough, I pull out a wet wipe, an finish up.

This works well, and I never have an itching problem.

To my knowledge, surgery is the only cure, but I am afraid of the surgery, so have no info on that.
July 07 2007

KM from NH

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Frozen Aloe Strips

Cut fresh Aloe gel into strips about 3.5cm X 1cm with pointed tip.

Place them in a container. Make sure the strips are separate from each other so that when you use them you do not have to tear them apart.

Use a strip to insert into your anus with your finger. This should be done at night and morning, if your hemorrhoids is not too painful or inflamed to touch.

This remedy comes from a radio talk. It has proven to be very helpful.
May 17 2007

Kay from SG

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Ice cubes wrapped up in face cloth

Wash area first, then use a wet, and wringed out face cloth with ice cubes wrapped in it apply directly for a few minutes. Keep rotating face cloth. make sure face cloth is clean when using on tender tissue.
May 15 2007

terri g. from warren RI

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cold as ice

Put some ice blocks against the hemorrhoids and after 2 days say goodbye to pain. Do this at night and early in the morning and if possible also in the afternoon.
March 23 2007

Bert from Caribbean

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Go to your local health food store and buy some DMSO gel, 70% strength, do not get the 90%, apply it directly on the affected tissue with a cotton swab or toilet paper, it will instantly relieve the sympotms. does not work as well for internal hemmorhoids.
March 01 2007

erik from chicago illinois

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Vics vapor rub ! rub your hemmies good bye instantly!

What a miracle! it really works instantly. The menthol in the regular Vics Vapor Rub works to reduce inflamation. One dab and say good bye to the pain for hours.
March 01 2007

Nina from Baraboo, WI

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Natural physical motion

1. Stand on your toes, upright.
2. Keeping legs straight, bend over as if to touch your toes. Don't strain. You don't have to touch your toes, just bend over.
3. Repeat three times, each morning and each nite.
4. Carry on for 2 wks., or until problem ceases.
There are no golfers with hemmorrhoids, they bend over all the time to place their balls or pick them up . Bending over is a natural, historically common behaviour outmoded by civilization. The motion causes retraction of the offending blood vessels, and relief and/or prevention of the problem.

February 04 2007

Charles Mathison from cfmesq@hotmail.com

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Help For Hemmies

My hemmies put me in the emergency room one night and the P.A. told me to go home and soak 'em in warm water with Epsom Salt. I did and have had no problems going on 5 years now but you will need some moisturizing lotion for your "cheeks".
September 06 2006

Patty from Kansas

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Rapid relief

Spray hemorroids with deodorant after washing area. Best done first thing in the morning.
December 31 2005

Chrissie M Murray from Florida

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Hemorrhoid relief.

Dab hemorrhoids with a tissue that is well soaked with dettol, surgical spirits or tcp. Sit down and wait, what a relief.
December 06 2005

Barbara from UK

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