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47 Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

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Herbs used in the right combination

I have suffered from hemorrhoids for years and have tried just about everything out there to get rid of them.

All the creams and ointments and wipes only provided temporary relief. The only thing I have found that completely gets rid of hemorrhoids is an all natural herbal product I found online called "hemroid harry"

It may have a silly name but it's the only thing I've ever used that actually worked. I hope this will help some people get rid of their hemorrhoids for good because I know how unpleasant and embarrassing they can be.
November 11 2008

Desi H. from USA

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Gapevine leaves

You take the grapevine leaves boil them till they turn dark, take out the leaves put in vaseline gel and boil until the water is gone, let cool put back in gel container and use when needed.
October 23 2008

Arturo from San Juan, Tx

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Witch Hazel and a Spicy Foods

Avoid a lot of spicy and hot foods. After a bowel movement use witch hazel on cotton ball for about a week. While doing this make sure you relax your bottom muscles.
October 12 2008

Blair from Baton Rouge La

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Add roughage to diet to loosen bowels

My hemmorhoids pop out after a particularly hard stool so I attack the problem with more fiber. I eat two metamucil wafers every day, the cinnamon flavored ones, along with plenty of water (be sure to drink the water) and whenever I remember to do this, my stools are reasonable and no hemmorhoids.
September 13 2008

mary from chicago

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A Hot Soak in the Tub

After dealing with these for years 2-3 times per year and trying everything on the market, I was in such pain one day that I mentioned it to my elderly neighbor. He said in the olden days they used to soak in a hot bath. I tried this with the water as hot as I could stand it. To my amazement, the swelling was gone and the pain was gone within 20 minutes of soaking. I have not had another flare up in over a year
August 07 2008

Mr. Happy from Canada

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good ol carmex...

Seems a bit akward but its always worked for me... simply put just get a thing of carmex and apply directly to sore spots... you will be amazed
June 23 2008

jake from moreno valley, ca usa

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You may want to check your heart health

This may seem really off-topic, but I have to mention it. My husband had been suffering from hemorrhoids for a long time before having a heart attack. Shortly after having three stents put in, he realized that his hemorrhoids had disappeared completely and have not returned. Perhaps the bad diet that led to the heart attack contributed to hemorrhoids. For sure, it won't hurt to have your heart health checked, or to reconsider your diet. For the record, he'd just passed a physical with flying colors two months before the heart attack. He now eats a lot of veggies and very little meat and seems to be much healthier.
February 18 2008

Ann from Fremont, CA

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Apple Cider Vinegar

I have never had this problem in my life before, now that I am 60 it started. The dreaded hemorrhoids. Hurt, itch, burn....I tried ACV (apple cider vinegar) what a relief. It will burn and itch for a bit but, it works. Apply it with a cotton ball, can be diluted with water if you can't stand the burn.
February 16 2008

Joanne from Montana, USA

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witch hazel and baby wipes

The trick to keeping the pain and itch at bay, is to keep the area clean, not just clean but extremely clean, first use soft lint free tp, most proctologists recomend never using dry paper, but I cant use wet tp, I use the cheap wal-mart brand baby wipes, and keep the box, and buy the refills(ecologically sound), when you open a new pack of wipes, pour about a 1/4th bottle of witch hazel into the wipes, it makes them more moist, and they are safe for flushing even with a septic system, use these every time you have a bm, or an occasional itch from sweating, and I will guarantee you not to have problems with itch and pain again.
December 12 2007

Terry from Gaston SC

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Lemon juice

Squeeze a few drops of lemon on a cotton ball, until saturated, and apply directly. Make sure the area is clean first. There's a very mild tingle, but it doesn't last at all, and it's instant relief. They shrink and go back in place. Use the juice of real lemons only.
December 09 2007

terri g from warren, ri

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Take vapour of touch me not plant

Boil touch me not plant in water and give vapor to the hemmies like we thake vicks vopour in cold, also can apply paste of leaves of the same plant to hemmies.
November 17 2007

sushant from india

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Prevention is better...

You'll find tons of information that describes various remedies; but not enough attention is spent on understanding cause because our bodies are as different as our habits and lifestyles. If you get a hemorrhoid, write down a list of activities that your performed in the last 4 hours. Keep this in journal form, and evaluate for patters. Once you know the types of activities that cause you discomfort, simply stop doing those activities. Presto... like magic, they are gone - forever.
August 11 2007

Robert from Illinois

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