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47 Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

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Gold bond

I use Gold Bond Powder. After a warm bath I apply it and all signs and symptoms are gone. I continue to apply GBP for a couple of days after relief....
February 16 2016

Kelly from Kelly from NC

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Do not use apple cider vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar applied externally CAUSES Hemorrhoids. Try applying apple cider vinegar topically for ten minutes then you will see what happens. Why did I try it? Because I had a small external hemorrhoid that would not go away since 1997 right after I had a hemorrhoidectomy to remove a thrombosed hemorrhoid (bloodclot due to terrible diet in my early twenties. If you want to know what I ate I ate cheese then washed it down with a glass of milk. Now I avoid dairy almost completely.)

The point is I was going to the doctor anyway to fix an external hemorrhoid and the doctor(s) said at that time I had no internal hemorrhoids. Then the day after I tried using apple cider vinegar I had pain from internal hemorrhoids. The apple cider vinegar externally treatment causes internal hemorrhoids.

Take your time to think of an appropriate response. Most people require 24 hrs to change their mind. I'm not going to respond to your response if you decide to respond. Until you change your mind about recommendations specifically about apple cider vinegar externally people are going to read your advice and suffer because of your misguided information.

If you do not believe it try applying apple cider vinegar externally whether you have hemorrhoids or not for ten minutes because the next day you will have hemorrhoids. DO NOT USE APPLE CIDER VINEGAR FOR HEMORRHOIDS!
July 12 2015

Chris from Canada

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Honey and apple cider vinegar

1 to 3 times a day apply apple cider vinegar, it burns at first but deal with it, after a minute or two the burn will go away if you don't have time to let it sit apply a paper towel with a little on it before bed when you wake up apply a thin coat of organic honey I use a Qtip to reduce mess and waste I have been doing this for three days and mine have gone from the size of a small pear to a grape.

I'm thinking about adding a black tea bag in the morning for 10 minutes but I have been dealing with hemorrhoids for 2 years and they won't go away and prevented me from doing marathons. Today was my first bowel movement in two years that didn't want to cry nothing else I've tried did anything or made them worse this is for external hemorrhoids not internal.
June 30 2015

Andrew from Kansas

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Talcum powder to the rescue

I have been suffering for the past couple of years with hemorrhoids occurring approx. once every 3 months. They are just awful. Anyway, I have found that the creams and ointments don't help much. They keep the area moist and irritated. I have resorted to using Tucks or Prep. H wipes every time I use the BR, then blow-dry my tush on cool setting, then applying Johnson's baby TALCUM powder, NOT the regular baby powder. It has to be 100 percent pure talc. This takes the irritation away. I've heard about applying olive oil at bedtime, but I have yet to try that.
June 29 2015

Marynorris from Wa

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Apple cider vinegar just burns!

Wow was the apple cider vinegar suggestion just a bad joke. It just burns, took it off before it started to burn my skin off. Ugh that was terrible advice for me.
March 17 2015

Ugghg from Philly

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Get gone

Never thought this help but it did tea tree oil.
October 07 2014

Mel from Sc

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Use wet paper wipes and......

Use wet paper towel to clean up after every bowel movement. Along with dry toilet paper. Don't use wet toilet tissue. It falls apart... Increase fiber in your diet. The powdered supplements in your beverage, they are pretty good. The name brand Benifiber or store brands worked for me. Try probiotics as well. Keefer cultured milk (in the yogurt section of the grocery store) or more expensive capsules. All of these did not get rid of the hemorrhoid but ...Completely ....Eliminated the inflammation and pain for me.
March 16 2014

Steve from USA

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Ice and heat

I'm new to the hemorrhoid thing and I came across this site looking for help. I received a cream from my doctor and I've been using it for days but it doesn't help. I did the ice for ten minutes then hot cloth for twenty and it shrunk it quite a bit. My butt is in the air with a hot towel as we speak. I feel so much better, I just hope it last.
March 11 2014

Jenny from Chicago

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Apple cider vinegar

I am a single mother who just discovered what living with hemorrhoids for 4 months feels like. I had my son at home and have had them since he was born 4 months ago. I don't trust doctors. Why I would trust anything but natural is beyond me. I am learning everyday. The Internet seems almost important to me now after discovering remedies that work...

So far I am relieved finally after spending 50+ dollars that I didn't have on stupid creams. Apple cider vinegar it works trust me, the instant burn and itch only last a minute or two then it's like the hemmies are gone.
December 06 2013

It Works from Rolla, Mo

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Hammeroids go away. stay away

I personally believe that soft stool should be priority. Try to have stool soft than hammeroids will no longer be problem. Use stool softner and add veg and fruits to your diet. Stop eating fried foods and any fatty food. Loose weight if you put on weight. Drink 3 liters of water at least and drink juice.
Don't eat apples it is not good when you have hemorrhoids and don't drink milk or any dairy products.

Take sitz bath 3 times a day. Don't wear tight jeans or pants. Don't sit longer times. Apply ointments to affected areas 3 times a day. Eat little so in morning not much pressure. But most important stool must be soft.
Take some stool softner but don't take bulky one's it is going to aggravate your hemorrhoids and you will be in more pain.
Do some exercise like taking a brisk walking.
October 01 2013

Carl from Newzealand

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Hem solution

Apply betnovate N it is the best cream it got hydro crositone. But do not apply more than 2 days or if you're allergic don't apply. It thin the skin so not to apply more. Apply rectogesic with proctesedyl.Try this cream very good but take stool softener orally. And change your diet only fruits and vegetables. Drink lots of water juice.
October 01 2013

Pat from Australia

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Solid fix

I have suffered for weeks throughout the past two years. Bottom line, you MUST get your stool soft! Raisin Bran every night with or without milk. A Shot of MOM (Milk Of Mag) every night. Drink a fiber drink three times a day. Following your voids, clean area and stuff a Tuck like pad in the area (5 times a day) and let is sit so shrink the inflammation. Also hit it with Tuck spray before hand for extra shrinkage.

Once gone, simply eating raisin bran every night should maintain healthy life. Extreme cases require an ice cube as long as you can stand it on the herniated blood vessel. Never bear down to go potty, that will surely bring it back!
August 06 2013

Johny from Salt Lake

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