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36 Home Remedies for Headache

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Headache Remedy

Cut up a potato and rap it over your forehead with a bandana or a towel (You only need about 3 or 4 pieces of potato) That should work. It helped me when I had a headache.
May 10 2007

Angella from Sasatchewan, Canada

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heat works---

first i put an electric kettle on ,cover my head with a big towel and inhale the steam from the spout for about 15 minutes--sometimes i put in a few drops of eucalyptus oil especially if i have a cold and it gives me great relief!
Then i fill a hot water bag and place it to my forehead where its hurting and i lie in bed and sleep for atleast 30 mins.
Another thing i do is to soak my legs up to just below my knees in hot water as hot as i can bear for 30 mins at bedtime and put a wet cloth on the top of my head at the same time --and drink a glass of cold water before doing this so I dont get over heated.
March 22 2007

veronica from india

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pressure points away

right above your eye browsrum slowly in a circular motin, it will go away.
also on the back of your head right where the head and neck meet, rub that too.
or on your hand
when you look at your hand :
put it flat
bettween your thumb and pointerright along your thumb bone in your hand, rub there. that also helps for tummy aches
January 05 2007

maria from edmonton

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rubbing half a lime on forehead

Rub half a lime on your forehead.
November 05 2006

Kathy from Canada

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Dont drink coffee!

If you drink coffe the caffine will cause sideeffects for not getting the same amount of caffine all the time the sideeffects are getting very tired and mild headaches.
August 22 2006

Joshua from HA

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Spicy Soup cures Migranes

Spicy soups like Seafood Gumbos will cure a migrane. I have tried to pass this on to my friends, but they do not believe me. But it works.

It's some ingredient in the Hot Chili peppers that does the trick, called capsaicin, or something like that.

Also that Chinese Hot and Sour soup works too. So next time you get a migraine, go to the nearest Chinese restaurant and get some soup.
March 08 2006

Mary Manning from Kansas

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I find that when I have a headache , I get my husband to rub my temples and it relieves the pressure caused by the headache.
December 02 2005

Evelyn from Newfoundland, Canada

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Headache remedy

if you have got a throbbing headache, just get someone to rub there hands together so that there hands get warm. then get them to place there warm hand (quite close but not touching) near the fore head. this really works and has been passed down my family and has worked a treat every time!
November 16 2005

Kelly Brimfield from UK

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Headache relief

In a 1994 study on headaches, the essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus, or lavender can be used for a headache.

If you can find any of these oils, just carry one in your purse or pocket, and when a headache strikes, dab a few drops on your temples. My favorite is lavender.

If you have a migraine you need to raise the temperature of your hands by about 15 degrees and it will stop it. For instance, place your hands in hot water in a sink, (but not too hot)if you add a couple drops of the oils it will help even better.

October 30 2005

Harriet from Kentucky

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Use a heated cloth to cover your forhead. Heat the cloth in the microwave.
October 26 2005

jason from st.louis illinios

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Old remedy for headache

Forget pills! For headache relief apply a cold compress of witch hazel over the forehead
October 11 2005

Gramps from Indiana

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Headaches and tensions relief

A study at Michigan State University suggests that apples act as a tranquilizer. The study reveals that eating 2 apples a day reduces tensions, headaches, and emotional upsets.
September 29 2005

Carol from CT

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