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36 Home Remedies for Headache

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Headache Remedy

Lemon-lime Alka seltzer in a cup of warm water. I get headaches at least two times a week. I've taken up to 3 Excedrin migraine tablets at a time, sometimes they work, but the lemon-lime alka seltzer works like a charm all the time.
November 25 2008

Damaris from Queens,NY

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Pressure to eyes

If your headache is induced by eyes strain, then apply slight pressure to the eyes. To do this, close your eyes and apply the pressure to the eyes over the lid.
Then avoid straining your eyes afterwards...
November 22 2008

Dapo from Lagos, Nigeria

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Rub VICKS under your nose and lay down and close your eyes, it worked every time I did it.
November 17 2008

Anonymous from TN

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Unbelievable Use for Scotch Tape

I suffer from horrible headaches, but when I get the startings of one, I reach not for the medicine cabinet, but for the Scotch Tape.
Sure it may look crazy as all being, but if you apply one strip of Scotch Tape to your forehead, the headache will simply go away.
November 01 2008

Jessinika from Mooresville,NC,USA

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Headaches are horrible! I used to suffer from them almost daily. And I found out why. I was very sensitive to caffeine.

Being raised part british, strong tea was always part of our staple. And I love it. However drinking too much can get you addicted and that's exactly what i was. If you notice you can't pass a day without caffeine or you'll suffer a headache, you should begin weaning yourself off of it. When you suffer headaches because of lack of caffiene, take a pain killer and REST. Don't do any tiring or strenous sport during this period.

Tension. Having muscle tension in neck, shoulders, or back can be a huge case for headaches. Take a hot bath, and do some stretches. if your condition is worsening, seek professional help, or go to a massage parlor.

Too much sun. Too much sunlight can cause a headache as well. if you have a very light eye color, I HIGHLY suggest wearing sunglasses when you are outside.

If you chew gum constantly, you might want to slow your use of it, or stop altogether. Gum creates a very high tension rate in your jaw muscles triggering severe headaches,

Stay away from foods containg MSG, Benzoic acid, and tartrazine. This additives have been clinically shown to increase the rate of headaches.
Milk (first thing in the morning, or late at night) also increases your chances of a headache.

I have several Herbal remedies which may also be of assistance: Chamomile and mint tea are excellent if your headache is stress related. Australian's Vegemite is an excellent source of vitamen B and a good preventitve. Try ordering it online or checking out your local health food store.

If you need more help, I'll gladly give it. Email me at solushunz.4U@gmail.com

August 15 2008

Jazz from California

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isotonic drink

You can get buy 1 or 2 cans of isotonic drink (eg.100PLUS), and mix it with drinking water according to a ratio of 1:1 or 1:2 (simply, it means one cup 100plus, one cup water.or 2 cups water). Another method will be to submerge your feet in a basin of warm water so that it bring the blood pressure down from your throbbing head.

June 09 2008

Phantom010436 from Singapore

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Hot and Sour soup for headaches and sinus problems

I agree with one other person that I can often fix a headache by having hot and sour soup but at times when I can't get to a restaurant I make a lighter version of my own.

All you need is chicken stock, diced onions (green onions are best), garlic, soy sauce, red pepper flakes and vinegar, (you can add a bit of sugar to balance the taste if you wish).

This will not only help with sinus related headaches but also sinus infections and stiff neck from sinus problems.

I used to believe that just the heat from the pepper flakes was what helps and to be sure it does but this soup works better than just adding hot sauce to your food. Now I believe that the vinegar is the real secret ingredient.

Drink this with a hot tea and you'll start to feel better faster than you would think.
May 20 2008

c twitty from North carolina

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Drink gatorade!!... it works!
September 23 2007

Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555

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Inhale Peppermint oil or lavender

For the first sign of a headache try dabbing some pepermint oil to a cotton ball & breathe in the scent for a few moments. Do not get pure peppermint oil on your skin-this could burn it,if it is not duliuted. This remedy works everytime for me.
What also works is Lavender-I had found this great eye pillow stuffed with lavender at a local natural food store. This works so great that my boyfriend always stole mine when he got a headache. So,now I bought him his own.
If you can not find one of these pillows try inhaling any lavender fresh/oil ect..
August 23 2007

Rainee from somewhere USA

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I had tried several time to drink water for 'just one day' I had the most terrible headache ever. I was a serious sweet tea drinker. I tried pain pills to no avail...however when I drank a glass of tea, it went away immediately....that was when i realized I was a caffeine addict. After several tries I finally made it; after 3 long hard days of headaches, I purged my system of caffeine and for 3 years I have been 99% headache free.
Get off the stuff, I promise it will be worth the 3 days of headaches. You can 'wean' yourself, but I needed to remember what caffeine was doing to me so I could stop.

July 16 2007

Tammy B. from Greer, South Carolina USA

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Drink water

Headaches are often caused by insufficient fluid to cushion the brain. Drink a large glass of water, and in a bit, the headache will ease up.

Hangovers are a direct result of this, and if you drink a large glass of water before bed - after a night of drinking, you will very likely awake with no hangover at all, or a drastically reduced hangover. If you do awake with a hangover, drink some more water to speed it away.

Also, not going to the bathroom (#2) can cause headaches. Again, drinking more water can help with that, too.

Many things can cause a headache, and water will not cure all of them, but it is a good place to start. Free, and readily available, and it works if dehydration is the actual cause - and you'd be surprised how often it is.
July 07 2007

KM from NH

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Feel a headache coming on? Head to the dunkin donuts or tim horton's. Within minutes of drinking a cup of coffee (caffinated) headache is gone.
May 15 2007

terri g from warren RI

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