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36 Home Remedies for Headache

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Tigard balm

For my migraine headaches I rub Tigard balm (found in your muscle rub section of your pharmacy) around the end of my nose. Then I lay my head back, relax, and breath it in. It's a miracle worker for me. No drugs....
February 17 2016

Kelly from NC

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Avoid certain food

If prone to severe migraine avoid fresh onions, milk after dinner, smoking, control the intake of chocolates, cheese, peanuts, artificially flavored drinks, red wine, beer, whiskey and food that contains yeast.
Should be careful not to go out in the hot sun, have a regular pattern for your sleep and never over eat or be too late to have your food. I have been suffering from Migraine for the past 20 years, ended up with Hypnic headaches, undergone all sorts of treatments. This is what my experience has taught me. Practice Yoga and Natya Vyayama to boost you up.
May 12 2014

Geetha Mathen from Cochin.india

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Super remedy

I take some salt put it in my hand and swing it in a circle
January 25 2014

Ashley from 266 Pine

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Headache cure

One remedy for sinus headaches that works very well for me is sniffing black pepper. It causes sneezing, which causes plugged sinuses to loosen up considerably. It works nearly every time.
September 02 2013

Pat from Lynden, Wa

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Eating foods high in potassium like celery will reduce painful headache symptoms. Use a teaspoon of salt substitute(potassium chloride)mix it in a drink. You head will clear and the pain will go away. You may also want to try not eating high fructose corn syrup.
April 07 2011

aaron from idaho

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Heat theraphy

Heat wheat flour or sea salt in a pan, transfer it to a clean cotton kerchief/towel, fold it like small ball and rub gently on the back/top of your head, forehead, temples, neck(see that it is not too hot, it should be in a tolerant level). This heat theraphy absorbs water(sinus problems), relaxes your muscles and increases blood flow to the brain.

Even if you have back pain, knee pain you will get headache, just apply heat theraphy in the same way on your knees, joints or back, your headache will disappear.

I have tried it myself and also for my family members, it worked out.

Write to me if you find it useful lak_jp@yahoo.com
December 13 2009

P.C.D. lakshmi from India

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2 hydros 10/500 & 500mg antibotic

Works like a charm but get ready for a head high but its better than hurting.
November 25 2009

rotten teeth/scared of dentist i am from arkansas(rotton teeth capital)

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A Little Dab Will Do Ya

If you have a migraine headache...use a nasal spray and rub a dab of Menthol into your temples.
September 19 2009

Danny from Madison, WV USA

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Cold freshness

When ever I get a headache I run to the freezer, get ice, I suck it and it works !!!!
June 26 2009

jennifer mendez from miami fl

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Aspirin and pair remedy

If you have a migraine or just a plain headache, take 1 aspirin then get a fresh green pair cut in half and eat it save the other half for later if you would like. But this really works in matter of minutes.
June 01 2009

lore from utah

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Take 3 Aspirin 325mg each for severe headache (not migraine). It's the only thing I've found that works every time!!
December 22 2008

mlj3 from ALABAMA

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Rub your hands

A Teacher, who is also a paramedic said to Rub your hands together for a headache. I've tried it and it works.
December 09 2008

Shelby from Anywhere usa

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