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Vicks and heat

November 14, 2014
I am recovering from a chest infection and ended up with a really severe ear ache... Literally tried the oil and the heat and they didn't work... Then put some vicks on a cotton wool bud and put it around the shell of my ear... Not inside... Then put a fresh hot water bottle on it and laid there with it for 10 minutes and BAM!!! Pretty much gone... At least to a manageable, I can now ignore this sort of level... Hope this helps!
Mia from Uk


Vicks and heat

October 22, 2014
I have been having an earache so bad it developed into a migraine. I have tried everything under the sun in the last 2 days. Lastly, I put a capful of peroxide then I drained the ear. I then I put a dab of Vicks on a cotton ball and put the cotton ball into my ear and applied a heated cloth over my ear I am feeling immediate relief and may have saved myself a trip to the ER. Had I don't this first I would not have suffered an entire day.
Wanda from Staten Island, Ny



October 19, 2014
I started getting a throbbing in my left ear and looked up things to do from home and after putting heat on it for a little bit, I now have a onion in my ear...I guess we shall see how this goes.
Melissa Sullivan from Ft. Lauderdale Fl


It works

October 19, 2014
Put a few drops of baby oil in you ear.
Blank from Blank


Ear pain

October 13, 2014
Rice in a sock heated in a microwave and some antibiotics worked for me.
Nick from Idaho


You're welcome :)

October 10, 2014
Go buy yourself some Garlic-Mullein Oil Ear drops. Found at any Health Supplement store. This works fantastic. I've grown up using this. Put a dropper full onto a spoon. Heat spoon over stove until warm, NOT hot. Obviously test first on your skin. Put a couple drops in your ear and gently massage. Place cotton ball in ear. Ta-da! Your ear should feel some sort of relief shortly after.
Jordann from Pa


Waking up with an earache

October 06, 2014
So I woke up at 4 o'clock in the morning with a terrible earache. I used ear drops (5 drops) to numb it. But that didn't seem to make it go away. So I took ibprophen and took a wash cloth, got it a little wet and put it in a plastic baggy and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Then used a dry wash cloth to put the hot one (still in the baggy) underneath it and I laid down on it on whichever ear was bothering me.

Also I found out that distracting yourself made it a little better too because I was extremely tired but it hurt too bad to fall back asleep. Good luck. You're gonna need it!
Kali from Florida


Pee does work

August 23, 2014
Yes, pee works... I am 36, and have had to do it a lot of times in my life. I have used the home remedy with my children. It's not as horrific as people think. I mean, I am not scared to have a few drops of my own pee in my ear when I am in horrific earache agony! It's not like you have to drink it! If resorting to pee in my ear can keep me from having to take a prescription of pain pills, yes the pee wins. Pee also works as an instant relief for bee sting as well. It's really not a big deal...
Jennifer from Old fort, NC


Cure for extreme earache

August 13, 2014
I have recently had a cold which also included a minor earache which also hurt a bit, so I guess this is for minor and major earaches. I wrote this at 5:38 but have been looking through this website. Get some chewingum and chew it. I found it works more effectively when you chew it of the side of where the effected ear is. You can feel it popping. It might be a good Idea to use more than one piece of gum (maybe 3-4) Have some ibuprofen or parecetemol and listen to music or TV to distract you. This worked for me and I really hope this helps but if not I'm so sorry.
Bella from England


Vicks and heat

August 12, 2014
My ear is throbbing like mad! I tried everything… Meds, Rice, Cold Washcloths you name it.. Nothing worked. So I tried putting Vicks Vapour Rub AROUND my ear and then I heated up a Hot Water Bottle. I would say do this overnight. If in the day leave it on for around an hour. It worked for me!! And I hope it works for all you lot too!! Good Luck People!!
Aleishia Rae from United Kingdom


It works good as!

August 10, 2014
I was at work and I was meant to be finishing at 5:00 am but we shut early anyways I didn't get home until 3:00 am so I climbed into bed went to sleep and then woke up and 4:30 am with an earache that was so painful that it turns out I was crying in my sleep..

I tried everything the hot water bottle to my ear, the olive oil, the peroxide but yet nothing still worked I then remembered what nan told me to do one day after hockey, (cotton ball with a tiny bit of pepper and hot water) I then found a cotton ball out boiling water on it with pepper waited for 10-15 minutes it may work quicker for you and if it does then well done..

I now no longer have an earache and I am now able to go back to bed mind you it's 7:10 am. Hope it works for you guys!
Golly from Tasmania


Heat is the best

August 03, 2014
I had an earache and I didn't know what to do so I grabbed a peace of cloth poured salt in it, and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds! Take it out and place it on the ear that hurts and leave it there. You will see that in a minute or two you will feel brand new! HOPE IT WORKS! -jenn ? Xoxo
Nicole from Texas


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