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Warm cloth peroxide and warm water good luck.
February 16 2016

Lee from Indiana

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Vicks remedy

I am a 17 years old student last week there were my chemistry practical examination of HSC Board . Suddenly I developed earache at 10 p.M. At night and next day was Sunday and no doctors are available on this day. I could not visit hospital as it was my was of time during my exams so I tried a home remedy of putting Vicks on a cotton ball then put it in my ear not deep just normal way and covered it with hot cloth slept for about an hour after which my earache was gone. You can also try this above remedy and it works like magic.
February 14 2016

Aishwarya Nevrekar from India

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Vicks and warm facecloth

Wow! After trying a few suggestions, I fell on the Vicks with the warm facecloth afterwards. My 8 year old was in so much pain that his eyes were watery and the left one almost completely closed (from the severe pain in his left ear). I tried the warm olive oil, the steam machine (with Vicks liquid), Ibuprofen and Tylenol about an hour and a half later... Poor thing was still in so much pain!

I finally ended up on your site and noticed this suggestion from many, so I tried it. I put Vicks (the rubbing jelly one) on a cotton all (generously) and put it in his ear. I then held the facecloth under hot water for a few seconds to warm it up... And then put it over his ear... To my great surprise, just before actually laying the facecloth on his ear, he told me that his pain had already gone !!! Oh my gosh ! I never would have believed it ! Trust me, he was in A LOT of pain just prior... Almost to the point of heading to an urgent care.

Anyhow, I still held the warm facecloth to his ear for a few minutes. I then took it off and removed the cottonball. No kidding, he fell REALLY sound asleep no more than 5 minutes later!!! I still can not believe it! I'm actually typing this as he's now sleeping right next to me!!! Thank you so much for having this "blog"!!! It was sincerely a saviour for me this evening :)
December 18 2015

Brigitte from Ottawa, Canada

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Vapor rub

Vapor rub on cotton in the ears works wonders. My roommate is really sick and I had her try it due to tons of suggestions from people. It works amazing... Instant relief...
December 17 2015

Eli from Colorado

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3 tried and true

After thankfully stumbling upon this page I read several interesting remedies and decided to try out two. Which happened to be Vicks and warm/hot compress and it seemed to help with the pain for a bit but then it returned. I had my bf run to Walgreens to get Hyland's earache drops(a homeopathic alternative) and I must say these drops are fabulous and they truly helped alleviate the remaining pain.

I then put a garlic clove in my ear(not all the way in) then I set it with another warm/hot compress. It's supposed to help infection. All in all, I wanted to prevent further pain so I guess you can say I was pretty desperate to try out all three!!! But hey, I'm pain free and I feel good! Desperate times call for desperate measures!
December 01 2015

Ev from Chicago

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Take a cotton ball and absorb with olive oil, insert into your ear and leave it.
October 25 2015

Karen from Phila.

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Keep trying

Well this worked for me. I wake up with a sore and block ear. AND I'm the only one awake. I came onto this site and gave it a try 2 things worked the shower of the steam kinda soothed my ear and the vapo rub unblocked it but I was still sore I took a tablet. But my mum gave me tiger balm from asia and it worked. Just apply it around your ear not too much cuz its strong wait 10-15 min and hell is gone.
October 24 2015

Jess from London England

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Vicks and heat!

Even though there are many just like this one on this site. Vicks Vapo rub and heat work wonders! I woke up at 5:15 with a throbbing ear ache, almost brought me to tears, jumped online after heating up a washcloth and found the best remedy. Put Vicks on a cotton ball, not to much! Excess you can put around your ear. Place the cotton ball in your ear to block the air from hurting your damaged eardrum, run a washcloth under hot water for 5 minutes, lay down and place the wash cloth over your ear! Once I did this I had instant relief!
The ringing is still there but the horrendous pain I woke up with is gone, I also suggest as soon as you get it to subside FALL ASLEEP. You'd rather be getting rest as it heals then sit up wondering if it's going to heal. :)
October 22 2015

Brandi from New York

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Ice pack

I woke up at 2am with a bad ear ache. I went on a couple different websites and on one I found something that seemed like it would work. It said put an ice pack or sock full of rice on your hurting ear. I choose the ice pack. It helped do much and I was able to go back to bed.
October 16 2015

Bob from Ohio

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I took a shower at 2:34am and then I dried my ear and put some ear drops in my aching ear. I would really like to sleep at night but with an ear ache I know that's hard for some people I have had this ear ache for three days now and nothing has seemed to work so far but the shower helped a lot so does some ibreprophren and ear drops! TRY IT,IT REALLY WORKS!
June 29 2015

Harlir from The United states

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Omg, so this may sound weird, but all I have to say is finger in the ear!!! Okay, bear with me. I'm 14 and I have a date tomorrow, so you can believe I want to get rid of my terrible earache. It hurt so bad, so I took my index finger and placed it inside of my ear and then my thumb and made kinda like a V with it outside my ear and began to rub both fingers up and down and in little circles GENTLY until I heard popping in the ear.
When I heard the popping I kept going. After about 5 minutes of that I washed my hands and took some ibuprofen and FINALLY went to sleep. It was such an easy way to get rid of it without waking up my parents. Yay! Date time!
June 11 2015

Reina from Somewhere

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Thank god

I was trying to find something to get the pain away and I found this page and I saw that almost everyone did the vicks thing so I tried it and it worked! Now I can go back to sleep try it.
June 10 2015

Paulina from San Antonio

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