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Hydrogen peroxide

June 01, 2014
My mom always had me and my siblings put hydrogen peroxide in our ears. She would pour some in (Not sure how much cause I've always had her do it, but probably a spoon/capful at the most) and then she would just wait there and watch till it started bubbling and foaming. (You can hear it bubbling too) I have an earache and plugged ears right now from a cold and I tried the hydrogen peroxide and it didn't work though.
Manda from USA


Poppin that earache pain

May 28, 2014
Hold your nose blow out with your mouth but don't let the air come out let the pressure build up when your holding your nose and blowing through your mouth it will pop yo your ear it will hurt but you will be cured.
Julian Vargas from Albuquerque


Vicks and heat.

May 28, 2014
Vicks rub around ear (not in ear) and heating pad. So much better.
Rachel from Texas


Pop goes the eardrum!

May 25, 2014
If you are having an earache and then it sudden gets worse and then goes away all together. You might hear a pop or crackling, you might not. That means that more than likely your eardrum is busted. Ears aren't supposed to drain. I just went through this.

It took a little over a month for my eardrum too heal. It drained the whole time and eventually dried up. The only thing that ever help me was to take a prescribed dose of pain reliever or even a Tylenol PM, take a nice long hot shower(where I'd be crying my eyes out), once you come out of the shower, you SHOULD feel relaxed enough to go to sleep.

It's not a cure, but it's how I got through it. I hope it helps, I know the pain :}
Melinda from Florida


This helped me

May 20, 2014
Put a heat pad on your neck.
John from Washington


The relaxation always helps

May 12, 2014
Make sure the room your in is quiet...Best thing's just to go to your room! Get out your computer or any device, then head to youtube.com and search "soft music" Now put it on a nice, low/quiet volume. MAKE SURE YOUR MUSIC IS LONG!! I found one 9 hours long! Have a nice little nap then just, close your eyes, and find your way to your dreams... Can't sleep? Find a nice night poem... Hope this helped! If not then I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry!!!!
Dorina from England


Sleep is a good thing

May 10, 2014
Just lay down in your bed and put things like olive or baby oil it does not only have a lubricating effect but a pain easier as well. I really hoped this helped if not I am so super sorry! =._.=
Ezia from A Place


Terrible earache

May 04, 2014
I've tried many things but finally I found the right one. I put a cotton ball/tissue and put peroxide on it, put it in your ear for one minute after a minute wash your ear out with warm water. After that get a heating pad/warm towel and put it on that ear for 10-12 minutes or if you prefer longer, do so. I Hope this helped, if not sorry.
Kate from Texas


50/50 vinegar and alchol

April 26, 2014
I read this remedy on here and it works awesome! I didn't think I could take anymore pain from my ear! I tried the hot compress after and I laid in a ball and cried decided yo have a shower and just plug ear and leg water hit the outer part and it drained with in 10 min of me been in the shower and I feel great now no more pain.
Tanya from Mj Saskatchewan canada


For minor and strong earaches

April 18, 2014
Ever since I was about five I have had really bad earaches however, as I started getting older they started to occur only when I am on the plane and its about to land although, for some strange reason today I randomally had one of the worst earaches hence why I am still awake and it is 5:57. I actually cannot believe that I have an earache as tomorrow I have a date and this earache has just totally ruined my mood but I've been reading some of the advice on this site so I decided to try to help by simply telling you what I would do. I would never try or recommend peeing in a cup and pouring it into your ear as thats just disgusting, but I would suggest trying to yawn or chewing gum or on a hard mint or something like a toffee sweet. Chew for about 5 to 10 minutes if your ear has not popped yet then I would either suggest heating up a cloth, sock or even a heating pad for about 30 seconds in the microwave and then placing it on the ear that is score/affected. Once you have placed either the heating pad, sock, cloth anyone of your choice then lay down in your bed but make sure that you are laying down in a position where the ear that is score/affected is facing upwards and the ear that is not affected is leaning downwards on the pillow.

This should then help the pain to go away but it is always better to take a nap once you've placed the heated material of your choice on your ear so that by the time you wake up the pain should of completely disappeared as it might take a while for the pain to go away completely depending on how bad the pain is and how bad the ear is affected inside. But either way if the pain is strong or minor heating the cloth, sock or heating pad will ease the pain giving you some time to call a doctor or allowing you to take a peaceful nap so that in the morning you then can visit the doctors. However, if your earache is minor but you want to do something about it because it is annoying you or you are feeling a small amount of pain which is not allowing you to sleep comfortably (which is basically the kind of earache im experinecing) then I would just suggest that you take two parcetamols and just have a lay down whilst chewing gum or forcing a yawn until the ear pops or until the painkillers kick in.

I really hope this long paragraph was worth it so good luck and hopefully you will get better soon. Chau
Mamacita from Mexico


Vicks and heat pad

April 02, 2014
I put just a tiny bit on my finger and then rubbed in my ear and around it, then put heat pad over my hear for about 10 minutes. Within 30 minutes throbbing pain is gone. Wow!
Mikey from CA


Earache :o

March 29, 2014
I had a really bad cold for 2 days it started off as sniffles and sneezes then sore throat watery eyes sore nose and a earache. So I done some research and it said about hot liquids. So I grabbed a flannel let the kettle boil only half way through I clicked the kettle off' dangle the flannel iver the sink then poor hot water on to it rinse it fold the flannel lay down in bed and rest in bed with warm flannel till pain is gone do this about x2 then put the flannel in the wash and have a great night sleep :) Hope this works for you's.
Kelsey from United kingdom


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