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Tiger Balm

I have chronic earaches that seem to occur on Friday nights after a long week at work with not enough sleep. I have learned that putting Tiger Balm on the outside of the ear canal and on my neck just below the ear eases the pain and I don't need to take as much pain medication as I have in the past. I also put a warm, moist compress on the offending ear and go right back to sleep!
September 22 2008

Stephanie from Lansing, MI, USA

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Clogged Eustachian Tube Remedy

Every time my allergies act up, if my nose gets really stuffy, my right ear canal will clog up too and reduce my hearing on that side.
I didn't realize it was from sinuses then, I thought I had something stuck in my ear canal, maybe just wax, so from the outside I poured in Alcohol, peroxide, and de-waxing cures, and stuck in Qtips over and over, and never got any relief. I blew on it with a blow dryer, you name it, if it was suggested online, I tried it. But nothing worked for my clogged ear.

After I suffered like this - with poor hearing and uncomfortable pressure in my head, feeling like I was under water all the time, for over 3 months; finally I ended up going to an Ear Nose & Throat Dr to try to find out what was wrong. He said I had had an ear infection and I should have my ear drum lanced to relieve the pressure and it worked right away. It was only lightly painful when the Dr lanced the eardrum. Then my ear drained yellow gunk (like infection puss) for two weeks! Yuck! Then the puncture healed and I was fine, for a while...

This info is form WIKIPEDIA:
"The Eustachian tube also drains mucus from the middle ear. Upper airway infections or allergies can cause the Eustachian tube to become swollen, trapping bacteria and causing ear infections. This swelling can be reduced through the use of pseudoephedrine."

But sudafed did not help my ear. And I knew it was not an ear infection when it kept reoccurring everytime I got a sinus attack with stuffy nose.
My ear would clog up again. Sometimes going away on its own in a week or so, but sometimes it lingered for a LONG time!

I got the idea to put a little nasal spray medicine in a neti pot and wash my sinuses with that, just maybe it would relieve the pressure and swelling that was likely WAY back in my inner ear canal/eustachian tube....I was desperate!
And it DID work!!

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September 19 2008

Tiffany Cady Moore from Houston TX

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go to a doctor and they will fix it for you. it might be an infection and can get worse if you dont go to a doctor sooner. :D
September 17 2008

Sexayyyy from USA

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alcohol and peroxide

Mix 50/50 in cap, pour into ear let bubble till it stops turn over let drain repeat as often as necessary kills bacteria and warms the ear.
September 09 2008

Debmanatee from Catonsville MD

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Cotton wool bud trick

ok when I first heard this I thought it was funny but then I tried it and the pain went away.
OK first grab your cotton wool bud and dip half in a cup of warm NOT HOT water and olive oil on the end placing in ear then hold in your until it stays. Please try it, it really releaves the pain.
September 04 2008

nicolas from wollongong, NSW,AUS

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My grandfather swears by this.
Make your own urine into a jar, then draw some out with a syringe. Drip three drops into ear, then lay down (good ear down) with warm compress on ear as well.
August 31 2008


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Tiger Palm

OK, I have been awake for 5 hours, crying over this ear ache, I did the hot towel, and the dryer, and the bubble gum, and nothing, and then I thought how about Tiger Palm, which is like Vick's, and put it around my ear. And then I thought how about a cough drop in my mouth, and about 2mins later my ear started popping and the pain is almost gone. Hey, if nothing else works, maybe this will. Hope it helps.
August 30 2008

Kayla Rosser from Texarkana, TX

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Potato steam

OK im 13 and I've had earaches my whole life what a drag! So my grandpa would cut a potato in half and heat it in the microwave until it is very hot but not cooked then he put a towel over the exposed end of the potato and I would hold it to my ear until the potato was cold, It usuly relived the pain. The only time it didn't was the times I had a true infection.
August 29 2008

Brooklyn from Vancouver Wa

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Salt In A Sock

Heat up salt in a frying pan. The put the heated salt into a sock and place on your ear. Within a few minutes you will be good as new.
August 14 2008

Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555

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Heat up some alcohal in the microwave for 5 seconds, wait a few seconds and pour into the ear, instant relief.
August 01 2008

corey rethman from mcalpin fl usa+

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Blow Dryer

Desperate after being woken in the middle of the night with an excruciating ear ache from a cold, I went to this site and saw the blow dryer remedy. I tried it in combination with blowing through my nose softly while the nostrils were held shut, and also with yawning. Less than ten minutes with the dryer on low and pointed from a distance into my ear, the ache was gone. I still had congestion, but the pain wasn't there. It worked for me.
July 30 2008

Ronda from Redwood City, CA

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Hot washcloth

Okay so I have been in agonizing pain for the past three days and I couldn't sleep from my ear, I tried ibuprofen and sweet oil to help but still when I lay down my ear would hurt so bad I couldn't get any rest. Right now I'm laying on my bed on top of a boiling hot washcloth inside a zip lock bag.... I'm about to fall asleep in the middle of writing this.
July 29 2008

Krysten Bond from madisonville, kentucky

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