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Ear ache relief

April 08, 2008
I had to leave school one day because of an awful ear ache. I am 13 years old and laid down and cried. The pain...unbearable, I found this site, I tried warm salt, it comforted but didn't help. I held a cold onion to my ear, with no results, then a hot onion with the same results, finally I tried the hair dryer. It burned my ears but provided me with enough relief to write this entry. Ear aches are on of the worst things to get!
Tara from Canada


Vicks and Hair Dryer

March 22, 2008
For earache relief, you should never put anything (including oil) down your ear canal. It can seep into your middle ear, which can cause further problems and hearing loss.

Here is a safe and effective way I've found to ease pain without putting anything down your ear.

1. Put Vick's vapor rub (or similar product) around - but not in - your ear canal.

2. Turn a hair dryer set to low on your ear. (Don't hold it too close to your ear -- hair dryers are loud and prolonged exposure can hurt your hearing)

The pain should disappear within minutes. If it doesn't, your earache is probably not caused by a pressure difference. In either case, you should see a doctor in case you have an ear infection
Winston from Midwest USA


Nasal decongestant

March 03, 2008
If you have an earache due to a stuffed up head and have a lot of ear pressure. Your nose is probably to blame. This is a fast remedy and has always works for me and my family. Spray nasal decongestant in the nose on the side with the ear pain. Quickly turn your head so that the nasal spray runs toward the ear. Lay with your head tilted until you feel your ear come unclogged. It usually works within minutes. If you are using this on a child be sure to dilute the nasal spray or use one formulated for children.
Jill from WV


One lil' ones will tolerate!

March 02, 2008
My 7 year old daughter awoke in pretty bad pain in her right ear and I was at a loss! I looked up "ear ache" and found this site. I cut an onion in half and warmed it up in the microwave, wrapped it up in a few paper towels so as not to hurt her. She was midly irratated by the "onion" but was a trooper. I then put the hair dryer up to her ear for about 5 minutes and yeah! She was asleep within 10 minutes! She awoke this morning feeling much better! No ear pain!
Brooke from california


Garlic Oil for earache

February 26, 2008
Take a garlic oil capsule and put it in a zip lock bag and close it tight. Warm up the oil in the capsule by putting bag in warm water. When warmed, but not hot, pierce capsule and drop warm oil into ear. Put warmth on the ear such as a hot water bottle, warm washcloth in ziplock bag, etc. Works like a charm for those midnight screaming with pain child earaches and I never needed to use antibiotics to get rid of an ear infection. (I wouldn't use cooking garlic oil as it has other ingredients.)
Gail from Adk Mts, NY


50% Rubbing Alcohol/ 50% White Vinegar

February 25, 2008
I had excruciating pain, where I had probelms swallowing. I tried onions, garlic, nothing worked. I then took 1 tsp of alcohol and 1 tsp of vinegar. I sucked it up with a syringe. I then placed 3 drops in my ear canal and waited for 10 seconds. I did this on each ear 5 times! Subsequent research tells me the alcohol kills the infection, the vinegar makes the Ph uninhabitable for bacteria. The very next day, it was GONE. Granted, I know 3 drops 5 times in 1 sitting is rough, but it killed whatever was playing around in my ear canal. It stings a little, so take some Tylonol to ease the pain of the alcohol hitting the infection.
Vincent from Huntington, NY


Ear ache relief

February 23, 2008
My grandma used to do this to my mom and her siblings back during the great depression. She would have them tinkle in a glass and she would put 5 to 10 drops of urine in the affected ear. After about 20 minutes she would have them turn their ear down to remove the urine and place a very warm water bottle on their ear. My mom says it worked. I tried it finally and it did wonders for me. It sounds awful but it worked. I've heard other ladies of that era say the same thing.
Denise from Cumberland,VA USA


All about the vegetale oil

February 22, 2008
Take vegetable oil heat it up in the microwave for about 15 seconds. Then drip about 5 drops in your ear while it is still warm. Take a cotton ball or a piece of toilet paper put in your ear gently and let it sit. Until The pain is gone.
The Ghetto One from Jacksonville Fl


Onion and Hair Dryer

February 16, 2008
My 2 year old went to bed last night pulling on her right ear and complaining of an ear ache. I immediately went to the web and found this site. She could not sleep (waking up every 20 mins. or so howling in pain) so I tried the 1/2 freshly cut onion on her ear first. Can I tell you how difficult it is to get a two year old to understand that an onion won't hurt her? It finally took my nine year old to convince her and to hold it on her ear. We held it on for 45 minutes. That was all she would allow us to do until we decided to try the hair dryer. We turned it on low and kept it going for about 5-8 mins. INCREDIBLE!! I don't know if it was the combo pack (the onion and dryer) or what, however, she went to bed promptly after and slept the whole night through.
Beth from North Carolina


Ache be gone!

February 12, 2008
Now this is a lengthy thing so get some peroxide and 2 cotton balls.

Put peroxide on one of the balls drip like 3 drops in the bad ear, then take the other ball and stuff it in your ear leave it in for a few hours..

John M from Florida


Cup of tea in your ear

February 09, 2008
Boil hot water, trow in tea leaves and bay leaves then simmer for a few min, then pour in a cup. Leave bay leaves in a cup and cover it with a cloth and let the vapor hit the effected ear. Few min later pain is gone! Old family remedy.


Ear - Candle

February 06, 2008
Someone help you and follow the instructions on the packet.

After you are finished, cut the remainder of the ear candle open and you will see one really big brown or blackish looking chunk of wax (I know it sounds nasty) but that is what was causing the pain.

You might have some pain for a few hours after, but it will go away.


But I promise works like a charm every time!

The America Aussie from Brisbane, Australia


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