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230 Home Remedies for Earache

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Peppermint Essential Oil

I had a wicked ear ache for a few hours here. I tried the olive oil with no luck. So I got my Peppermint Essential Oil and put a few drops on a cotton ball and dabbed it around the outside of my ear but not right in the ear canal. Works like a charm. I feel no more pain. :)
March 17 2009

Amoreena from Grand Falls, NB Canada

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I use drops

I have problems with my ear all the time and what I do is use my Similasan drops from walmart and they work good.
March 06 2009

Lakeitha from Many LA

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olive oil trick

I tried the rice in a sack,the blow dryer, and the hot towel. None of them worked. So what I did is poured a little extra virgin olive oil in a smal cup, heated it in the microwave for about 30seconds-1min and grabbed a cotton swab. I dipped the cotton swab in the olive oil and left it in my ear for 5 minutes. It worked like a charm.
March 05 2009

Jonny from Toronto,Canada

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Rice in sock

This remedy works for ears and tooth aches, Belive me, I have always had ear and teeth problems. Anyways, Get some white rice put it in an old sock and tie it up. Put it in the microwave until its warm . Then put it behind your ear thats hurting and in a couple of minutes the aroma from the rice will sooth your pain.
February 26 2009

Sabrina from Lufkin, Texas

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Old Home Remedy - Bear With Me

When I was a kid, my adult cousin had an unbearable earache. My mother told him she had a cure, if he wouldn't get mad at her. He responded, "Get mad at you? Why would I get mad at you if it helps?"
She left the room, came back in a couple minutes, told him to hold his head to the side, and put a few drops into his ear. In a few minutes, the earache was gone. The remedy? Urine.
My mom told me she'd learned it from her mother as a girl. According to her, it had to be someone else's urine, adding to my reluctance. I didn't see how the heck urine could cure an earache!
Many years later, I had a terrible earache, and as a last resort, had my wife put a few drops of her urine in my ear. In just a couple minutes, the earache was gone!
I don't even want to contemplate how anyone discovered urine could cure an earache. Kinda makes me wonder what they tried before making THAT discovery!
February 22 2009

Graymalkin from Roanoke, VA

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Onion juice for pain/ vit. E oil for cure

This is an old remedy from my great grandma. Take a big onion any kind...and cut it in half and squeeze the onion juice from it..onions have natural anniceptic in them to help with the pain. However this will not cure the infection if one accurs.Do not use heat!! That is a breeding ground for germs that will enhance infection. To help heal infection use vitamin E oil drops or poke a hole in a capsual u may have in the medicine cabinet. ( vit. E capsual) do this 1 to 2 times per day
February 21 2009

Carrie Hundsersmarck from pigeo mi

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Tried lots of thiings pressure starting to go away

OK so the pain was real bad and I tried the hair dryer pill of decongestent ibuprofin eardrops..what seemed to help was trying to yawn combined with nasal drops chewing on a honeycomb eventually while I was reading this I heard all the pressure come out and the pain went away a lil prayer wont hurt either :P
February 09 2009

eary pain pain go away dont come back anyday from miami

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Through Research and Self Use I have found a number of easy remedies. To be poured in the ear canal. Try one of the following.

1 Warm olive oil followed by a warm-hot compress
2 A teaspoon or less of Peroxide at room temp.
3 A mixture of Isopropyl Alcohol and water 50/50
4 A combination of smoke (from a cigarette) and warm compress.
5 Black Seed Oil (Nigella Sativa) is said to be a cure for everything except Old age and Death. It has been used for centuries in the Mid East and Africa. Black Seed Oil can be mixed with a number of other herbs. Then applied to affected area. Research online.
You may also try this:
Throughout this time period, one must try to pop the ears 15-20 times per day (hourly) and also immediately after nasal spray use. Ear popping is done by pinching the nose and blowing gently
February 06 2009

MR.B from N.J. U.S.A.

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Garlic and Olive oil

Put a fresh garlic clove in a bit of olive oil and warm up to a bit above body temperature. Take the garlic clove and let a few drops of the olive oil fall into you ear with your head tilted. The garlic has antiseptic properties and the slight warmth relieves pain. Repeat 3 time a day. This remedy helps but does not necessarily cure completely. It is best to use combined with echineacea and goldenseal tincture or capsules (in health food stores) Follow dosage instructions on the box.
February 06 2009

Mayleen from Alberta, Canada

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Pee Really Works

Ok I'm 14, and staying with my dad, and have been crying over my ear for 2 hours. I tried the hair-dryer, Vicks, and a hot compress, and none of those really made it go away. I was getting desperate, so I peed in a jar and then put a couple drops in my ear and it doesnt hurt anything like it did 20 minutes ago. If you can get over it being gross, it really really works.
January 23 2009

Jessalyn from Kearney, NE

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Lotsa Stuff

I read through here and we tried a few of the remedies on my husband. First we tried warm olive oil with a warm cloth on his ear. Tried that for two hours, nothing. Then we went to Aleve, an hour later, nothing. Then we went to the herbal ear drops (actually had some in the house, we used Wally's Ear Drops), some warm cigarette smoke and more warm compresses. Viola! It worked!
January 14 2009

Earache in Louisiana from Arnaudville, LA

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Olive oil earache remedy

Warm a little olive oil, put a few drops in the ear canal with a hot cloth overtop.
January 11 2009

selena from Canada

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