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Vinegar on a q-tip

Put some vinegar on a qtip and gently tickle inside your ear with the qtip dont insert qtip deep just right outside your ear drum..it works wonders and my earache was gone
August 28 2009

Jenny from New york, NY

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I'm 13 big deal I told my doctor he said urine is all it takes l.o.l My earache hurt so bad I did it and it works, pee in cup and apply to ear. I had a earache for 4 days, I did it and it works. My friend teased me and told everyone at school big deal it works.
August 25 2009

tonya from zach arizona usa

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Bye bye ear ache

Try water & hydrogen peroxide, mix it use an eye dropper and put a few drops in your ear.
August 09 2009

Maggie from New Jersey USA

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Peppermint Oil

I had swimmer's ear. First, I tried the good ol' heated onion trick (Put chopped up onion in a thin lady's sock and heat in microwave. Wrap in dish towel and place on ear.), but that didn't work out to well. Then, I went online and saw that a hair dryer worked for some people (Hold hair dryer on low/medium 6-12 inches from ear for desired amount of time.), but, also, not for me.
Then, I saw that lots of oils were used in earache remedies. I remembered how often I use peppermint oil for headaches, so I thought "why not try it on my ear?". So I dabbed a q-tip in 3 drops of peppermint oil and applied it outside and somewhat inside the ear canal. Turns out, IT WORKED! My ear kind of tingles now, but not in a bad way. Maybe peppermint oil is some kind of natural asprin...?
July 26 2009

Marlène from Florida, USA

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Hydrogin proxide in ear

Take a cotton ball and wet it with hdrogin proxide. Then put 2-3 drops of it in your ear. Finally lay with your bad ear faceing upward and stay there for 5 minutes. While I was on vacation visiting my grandparents in PA I got a terrible earache and I did this and the pain was gone in about 10 minutes. ※hope this helps※ !)
July 13 2009

Victoria from Yuma,AZ

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Hair dryer

Get a hair dryer and turn it on medium and hold about 12 inches away from your ear and let that hot air blow in your ear 4 about three minutes, if it don't work after a couple minutes repeat process and do it again. After that get some cotton and put it in your ear, but before that step with the cotton, put some sweet oil in but heat the oil up first, don't get the oil to hot.
July 12 2009

busby from seattle, wa usa

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Tea Tree Oil

Years ago I visited a Cherokee medicine man who recommended this for ear care and earaches. Using an eye dropper place a couple of drops of tea tree oil(Melaleuca)into your ear. If you have Swedish bitters dip a small bit of cotton into it and squeeze out excess. Place into ear to hold tea tree oil in place. If you don't have the bitters OK. Do this before bed and remove in morning. Repeat 5 nights in a row. Then use some drops of hydrogen peroxide. Lay on your side, place drops in ear and let the peroxide bubble. Finally rinse with a couple of drops of apple cider vinegar. Vinegar will re-establish the correct ph in ear. Follow this anytime you feel an earache coming on. I have not had an earache until I started using my cell phone a lot.
July 03 2009

Maggie from Stokesdale, NC

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Castor Oil

Lay down hurting ear up. Put one drop of castor oil in the ear with the pain. Cover with heat for two minutes. My pain was greatly reduced within minutes.
July 01 2009

Melissa from CA.

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Urine and Blow Dryer?

Okay, so I'm 15 years old, and have had an earache in both of my ears for about 2 days. I couldn't bear the pain anymore. I read a bunch of remedies, and the last I tried worked the best. Me and my friend were so not trying to put urine my ear. But I just couldn't handle it anymore. I peed in a cup, and put a few drops into my ear. After about 3 minutes, I titled my head onto a cloth like substance and the Urine came out. I then put the blow dryer about 18 inches from my ear for about 3 more minutes. It was unbelievable how fast the pain went away. If it hurts that bad, really, just pee in your ear.
June 29 2009

Mrs. Cunningham :] from Georgia, USA

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Murine helps by cleansing your ear canal. It drys it out so the mucus in your ear will come out quickly. It kills chlorine bacteria in your ear.
June 26 2009

cayla from utah.

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Hot Face Cloth

Take a hot face cloth, lay down, put it on your hurting ear.(This will work , trust me)Repeat this a few times for it to work. Why didn't I think of this when I was younger!
June 19 2009

Taylor from Chalmette , LA USA

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Pain of ear ache gone

As soon as you feel a ear ache coming on and who hasn't, apply a hot face cloth to the ear and repeat a few times. Make sure its not too hot but watch as the ear ache is gone!!! I could not believe it at first. I read about it a few times and decided to try it and guess what, it works. Why didn't someone share this with me when I was young and had a ear ache and suffered.??
June 10 2009

John Carollo from Leesburg, Florida, USA

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