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January 07, 2009
Using heat on your ear can cause the infection (if you have one) to spread to the middle ear and can cause damage! It takes away the pain, but it allows the infection to spread...and infection is caused by bacteria that thrives in warm areas!

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Ashley from Iowa


The Pain is Gone!

January 06, 2009
The best remedy that I have tried is the white vinegar and alcohol mixture.

Mix equal parts of each in a glass, then use a bulb syringe to suck the fluid out of the glass. Lay your head down with bad ear up (of course) and lightly squeeze the mixture into your ear. If there is irritation in your ear it may sting, so if you would like to dilute the mixture a little with water that's ok too. The pain subsides in a minute or two.

After doing this about three or four times, I take a Q-tip and wet it with water and gently clean the inner ear, just enough to get some of that vinegar smell out.
Melissa from Brownstown, MI


Herbal heat

January 01, 2009
A small cloth bag filled with buck wheat or rice. Add some fragrant herbs, microwave about a minute and hold it on your ear or lay on it. If you get it too hot, wrap it in a wash cloth. It feels really good.
home remedies are cool from Kentucky


Olive oil

December 27, 2008
All you need to do is get a few drops of olive oil and drop them into your ear then get a hot compress like a hot water bottle and place it in a pillow case then lay your hurting ear on the pillow and go to sleep, when you wake up and ear wax should be softened, get a cotton bud and scrape it out gently you should feel an instant feel of relif if not consider takeing your case to a doctor it may be an infection. This work especialy well for young children.
Ellie from England


50/50 vinegar and alcohol and a heating pad

December 25, 2008
It is 4:30 AM on Christmas morning and my 14 yr old daughter just woke me up crying because she was having ear pain that woke her up. I gave her a warm heating pad and then tried the vinegar and alcohol 50/50 and was plesantly surprised that she is ready to go back to sleep after just a few min. I will keep this in mind for next time!!! It really worked!!
Momma Mindy from Provo Ut, USA


Combo cure

December 17, 2008
I recently broke my jaw and have tmj now because of it, so this earache was especially horrible I first got a washcloth and soaked it in hot water, then drained it and held it to my ear and jaw area, and massaged my jaw and relieved some pain by pressing on the pressure points on my temples and between my eyes.

I then took a nasal decongestant. And tried the 50/50 1 tsp vinegar, 1tsp alcohol and used a dropper left it in my ear for approx 5 min using a cotton ball to keep the solution in.
But most of all I believe that the generic homeopathic ear drops from the drug store helped with the horror from an earache the active ingredients are: chamomilla 10x mercurius solubilis 15x sulpher 12x and now I can hardly notice the pressure.

Hopefully this will shed some light! Good luck!
Hannah from Santa monica, ca


Go to the doctor.

December 15, 2008
If you have an earache...Got to the doctor. Do NOT put anything in your ear, especially not urine or a lit cigarette! What sort of weirdo even suggests these sorts of remedies? Seriously, go see an MD if you have an earache. It may be an infection.
Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555


Garlic and mustard oil

December 06, 2008
In one table spoon hot mustard oil put half piece of garlic(crushed). When the garlic becomes dark brown take the garlic out of oil. When the oil turns in room temperature, put two drops of oil in ear and massage.
Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555


Temporary relief for an ear ache

December 05, 2008
I was just looking through these remedies with a horribly aching ear when I could find nothing for a fast temporary relief, I filled a sink completely full with hot water, no cold at all. I stuck my infected ear in and in a few minutes. The sharp shooting and dull constant pain was gone. This is not for a totally permanent solution. Just for fast relief until you can get rid of it for good.
Jessica Minney from Ohio, USA


Onion cure

November 28, 2008
Best remedy ever! Had a bad ear ache tried lots of tips found slicing a onion in half did releive the ache.
billy manchester uk from uk


Advil and Ofloxacin

November 20, 2008
I'm 10 and I've been crying all through the night with a painful earache trying not to wake my mom.
Finally, she heard me....She gave me about 4 drops of Ofloxacin and Tylenol Pain Reliver. I still have a tiny bit of pain...In about 5 minutes it will go away. If you can't find Ofloxacin, look for it in the drugstore. Hope It Works!
Sydney from Alburtis,PA USA



November 20, 2008
OK check it, you light a cigarette, put the cherry end close to your ear canal without touching the skin (trust me it hurts) remember to puff on the cigarette often. May burn a little but pain will disappear within minutes.


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