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Potato steam

August 29, 2008
OK im 13 and I've had earaches my whole life what a drag! So my grandpa would cut a potato in half and heat it in the microwave until it is very hot but not cooked then he put a towel over the exposed end of the potato and I would hold it to my ear until the potato was cold, It usuly relived the pain. The only time it didn't was the times I had a true infection.
Brooklyn from Vancouver Wa


Salt In A Sock

August 14, 2008
Heat up salt in a frying pan. The put the heated salt into a sock and place on your ear. Within a few minutes you will be good as new.
Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555



August 01, 2008
Heat up some alcohal in the microwave for 5 seconds, wait a few seconds and pour into the ear, instant relief.
corey rethman from mcalpin fl usa+


Blow Dryer

July 30, 2008
Desperate after being woken in the middle of the night with an excruciating ear ache from a cold, I went to this site and saw the blow dryer remedy. I tried it in combination with blowing through my nose softly while the nostrils were held shut, and also with yawning. Less than ten minutes with the dryer on low and pointed from a distance into my ear, the ache was gone. I still had congestion, but the pain wasn't there. It worked for me.
Ronda from Redwood City, CA


Hot washcloth

July 29, 2008
Okay so I have been in agonizing pain for the past three days and I couldn't sleep from my ear, I tried ibuprofen and sweet oil to help but still when I lay down my ear would hurt so bad I couldn't get any rest. Right now I'm laying on my bed on top of a boiling hot washcloth inside a zip lock bag.... I'm about to fall asleep in the middle of writing this.
Krysten Bond from madisonville, kentucky


Ear ache solved

July 06, 2008
I worked in a pharmacy for five years and the content of 95% of ear drops is 90% white vinegar and 10% alcohol. When away from a medical facility the best thing to do is apply a three drops of Isopropyl alcohol followed by three drops of white vinegar. Lay down on the non-aching side for 10 minutes with the drops in your ear to allow for the solution to work. Flip to to the aching side and lay your aching ear on a damp hot towel until it cools down, reheatand repeat up to four times. Take two extra strengh tylenols. You will see results within thirty minutes.
Moises from San Antonio TX


All it takes are two fingers

June 12, 2008
Simply take your index and middle finger and place them in a v-shape diagonal to your ear and rub them up and down (to your ear and down to your jaw) repeate 36 times.. and the rubbing helps move the preassure away from the ear canal.
Jaime from Orlando, FL USA


Eat hot peppers

June 10, 2008
I had a screamer yesterday, and I drank water with liquified cayanne peppers and other hot peppers. The earache left in 5 minutes! It was one of those recurring earaches with sinus pressure and ear, eye pressure.
Sandy from Florida



May 25, 2008
I was reading this because my 3 year old was screaming .I read the blowdryer trick and laughed.then i thought i would try anything at this point IT WORKED after hours of screaming 5 minutes she sleeps thank you .
Christy from Scarborough ,me usa


Time to read

May 23, 2008
Read all the remedies on this page while listening to rock or pop and you will lough your pain away you will feel so stupid for following my advise but it helps, I may return later.
light yagamy from atlanta GA usa


Blow dryer and Chewing Gum

May 17, 2008
I did the blow dryer trick while chewing gum and it still didn't work. It feels good while doing it but the pain comes back when the heat's not on the ear. So I'm gonna say this only works if you got air in your ear or its due to pressure. I'm getting over a nasty cold virus and assume that this is more of a middle ear infection since it does not hurt to touch the ear or the surrounding area of it. All I have to say is that I wish this worked! My ear's been hurting pretty bad = 2 extra strength tylenol + a vicodin as a chaser and i can still feel the pain :(
Melissa from San Antonio, TX


ADVIL: Helps you sleep gets temporarily rid of it

May 16, 2008
Just take 2 capsules of advil. It works, its 3:00 am and I got some advil and it worked. At least to help me sleep.
Dr. Llamas from watsonville,CA USA


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