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Onion cure

November 28, 2008
Best remedy ever! Had a bad ear ache tried lots of tips found slicing a onion in half did releive the ache.
billy manchester uk from uk


Advil and Ofloxacin

November 20, 2008
I'm 10 and I've been crying all through the night with a painful earache trying not to wake my mom.
Finally, she heard me....She gave me about 4 drops of Ofloxacin and Tylenol Pain Reliver. I still have a tiny bit of pain...In about 5 minutes it will go away. If you can't find Ofloxacin, look for it in the drugstore. Hope It Works!
Sydney from Alburtis,PA USA



November 20, 2008
OK check it, you light a cigarette, put the cherry end close to your ear canal without touching the skin (trust me it hurts) remember to puff on the cigarette often. May burn a little but pain will disappear within minutes.


Sleep time

November 19, 2008
Warm up 2 towels in a microwave. When you go to bed put one on your pillow, lay your ear on it, then lay the other towel on your other ear. It is so comfortable, and you can go to sleep.
Ian from Churchville, Va. USA


Heat tag

November 17, 2008
OK, get a rag and wet it with hot water, hold tightly to your year, it don't hurt as much.
Anonymous from TN



November 05, 2008
Pop a few drops of your own urine into your ear, tilt head to side and then drain it with cotton wool. Yes I know gross right? it does really work and I have tried it. Just wash hands after and be clean. Urine is sterile when it leaves the body and has anti bacterial agents. Research it online if your want but has been home remedy for years. Trust me if it hurts that bad.....
docter from usa



October 25, 2008
Okay, so I've recently had a random painful ear ache. I didn't know what to do. It may sound stupid, but all I did was get a little hand towel and soak it in hot water and put it into a plastic bag, and just held it against my ear tight. It didn't hurt as much then.
Becky from Somewhere over the rainbow..


Best working remedy

October 03, 2008
I use herbal drops. They contain various oils including garlic oil. If you can't find herbal ear drops (I think they sell them at Wal-*art) then you can break open open a garlic capsule. Garlic is a natural antibiotic - and has antibacterial properties! Did you know that Louis Pasteur did studies of it back in the 19th century and proved that it did have antibacterial properties? Anyway, I warm the bottle in a cup of hot water and drop 3 drops into the ear. Then I use the hairdryer (on low for 3 mins) - longer if you or child will let ya - followed by a hot washcloth folded and placed into a ziplock bag. Went from screams to acting perfectly normal in the matter of minutes. I do have to do this 2 -3 times a day - but it works!
gal in maine from Maine


Heating Pad

September 24, 2008
My mother has used this with me and my siblings and it has worked every time. All you have to do is get a heating pad put it under the pillow case and go to sleep or take a nap and when you wake up it should be gone
Elisabeth Michael from Clintonville, WI USA


Tiger Balm

September 22, 2008
I have chronic earaches that seem to occur on Friday nights after a long week at work with not enough sleep. I have learned that putting Tiger Balm on the outside of the ear canal and on my neck just below the ear eases the pain and I don't need to take as much pain medication as I have in the past. I also put a warm, moist compress on the offending ear and go right back to sleep!
Stephanie from Lansing, MI, USA


Clogged Eustachian Tube Remedy

September 19, 2008
Every time my allergies act up, if my nose gets really stuffy, my right ear canal will clog up too and reduce my hearing on that side.
I didn't realize it was from sinuses then, I thought I had something stuck in my ear canal, maybe just wax, so from the outside I poured in Alcohol, peroxide, and de-waxing cures, and stuck in Qtips over and over, and never got any relief. I blew on it with a blow dryer, you name it, if it was suggested online, I tried it. But nothing worked for my clogged ear.

After I suffered like this - with poor hearing and uncomfortable pressure in my head, feeling like I was under water all the time, for over 3 months; finally I ended up going to an Ear Nose & Throat Dr to try to find out what was wrong. He said I had had an ear infection and I should have my ear drum lanced to relieve the pressure and it worked right away. It was only lightly painful when the Dr lanced the eardrum. Then my ear drained yellow gunk (like infection puss) for two weeks! Yuck! Then the puncture healed and I was fine, for a while...

This info is form WIKIPEDIA:
"The Eustachian tube also drains mucus from the middle ear. Upper airway infections or allergies can cause the Eustachian tube to become swollen, trapping bacteria and causing ear infections. This swelling can be reduced through the use of pseudoephedrine."

But sudafed did not help my ear. And I knew it was not an ear infection when it kept reoccurring everytime I got a sinus attack with stuffy nose.
My ear would clog up again. Sometimes going away on its own in a week or so, but sometimes it lingered for a LONG time!

I got the idea to put a little nasal spray medicine in a neti pot and wash my sinuses with that, just maybe it would relieve the pressure and swelling that was likely WAY back in my inner ear canal/eustachian tube....I was desperate!
And it DID work!!

Please go here to view the full remedy

Tiffany Cady Moore from Houston TX



September 17, 2008
go to a doctor and they will fix it for you. it might be an infection and can get worse if you dont go to a doctor sooner. :D
Sexayyyy from USA


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