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Pain of ear ache gone

As soon as you feel a ear ache coming on and who hasn't, apply a hot face cloth to the ear and repeat a few times. Make sure its not too hot but watch as the ear ache is gone!!! I could not believe it at first. I read about it a few times and decided to try it and guess what, it works. Why didn't someone share this with me when I was young and had a ear ache and suffered.??
June 10 2009

John Carollo from Leesburg, Florida, USA

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Relieve pain

Take a cotton ball.
Just big enough to fit in the ear canal.
Put vicks vaporub on one side and put it inside the ear.
I have used this since I was younger and it has always helped.
May 23 2009

Tiffany from Lafayette, La

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That's all it takes. Just fill the cap with the Peroxide, dip a Q-tip in it, and clean your ear. I used three Q-tips and now my pain is gone!
April 05 2009

Bethany from Florida

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Eagle brand medicated oil

Take a cotton swab and dab with Eagle Brand Medicated oil, (found in many asian households) and insert it into your ear canal. The soothing feeling will relieve your earache pain.
March 28 2009

Asian Boi from Dtown, Colorado US

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Ear-ie Canal

What you should do is go to a supermarket.(like Wal mart)And buy some ear drops.Any kind will work.and put as many drops as it says on the box into each ear canal...(explains the title)
March 26 2009

P.L from NY

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Sweet oil and whiskey

Warm sweet oil slightly, and put 2-3 drops in ear. Pack loosely with cotton
Drink 1-2 shots of whiskey and go to bed.

You'll sleep like a baby and the earache is usally gone by morning.
March 24 2009

Ken from Bella Vista, AR

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Chew gum

Today I had an earache and the pain was excrutiating...the advil was finished...so I thought that people chew gum on planes for ear problems so I'll give it a shot...it eased the pain....it seemed like the jaw motion loosens your ear canal.....also for very temporary relief I got a towel and wet it with hot water,..then put it in my ear and pushed on the towel....this helped while it was held there....when I took it away the pain was back...ultimatly the gum helped me.
March 21 2009

Shane from Ontario, Canada

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Peppermint Essential Oil

I had a wicked ear ache for a few hours here. I tried the olive oil with no luck. So I got my Peppermint Essential Oil and put a few drops on a cotton ball and dabbed it around the outside of my ear but not right in the ear canal. Works like a charm. I feel no more pain. :)
March 17 2009

Amoreena from Grand Falls, NB Canada

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I use drops

I have problems with my ear all the time and what I do is use my Similasan drops from walmart and they work good.
March 06 2009

Lakeitha from Many LA

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olive oil trick

I tried the rice in a sack,the blow dryer, and the hot towel. None of them worked. So what I did is poured a little extra virgin olive oil in a smal cup, heated it in the microwave for about 30seconds-1min and grabbed a cotton swab. I dipped the cotton swab in the olive oil and left it in my ear for 5 minutes. It worked like a charm.
March 05 2009

Jonny from Toronto,Canada

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Rice in sock

This remedy works for ears and tooth aches, Belive me, I have always had ear and teeth problems. Anyways, Get some white rice put it in an old sock and tie it up. Put it in the microwave until its warm . Then put it behind your ear thats hurting and in a couple of minutes the aroma from the rice will sooth your pain.
February 26 2009

Sabrina from Lufkin, Texas

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Old Home Remedy - Bear With Me

When I was a kid, my adult cousin had an unbearable earache. My mother told him she had a cure, if he wouldn't get mad at her. He responded, "Get mad at you? Why would I get mad at you if it helps?"
She left the room, came back in a couple minutes, told him to hold his head to the side, and put a few drops into his ear. In a few minutes, the earache was gone. The remedy? Urine.
My mom told me she'd learned it from her mother as a girl. According to her, it had to be someone else's urine, adding to my reluctance. I didn't see how the heck urine could cure an earache!
Many years later, I had a terrible earache, and as a last resort, had my wife put a few drops of her urine in my ear. In just a couple minutes, the earache was gone!
I don't even want to contemplate how anyone discovered urine could cure an earache. Kinda makes me wonder what they tried before making THAT discovery!
February 22 2009

Graymalkin from Roanoke, VA

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