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Vicks worked for me to

I was just about to take my 10 year old daughter to the Hospital when I came across this website, thank God. I put Vicks VapoRub Cream all over a cotton ball and placed it in her ear. Next I ran hot water over a wash cloth on put it over the same ear as she laid in bed. The pain went completely away and she fell asleep :) Also, my Vicks VR was expired 11 years ago and it still worked. The only thing no one mentioned is how long do you keep the cotton and wash cloth on?? As I write this, I'm leaving it on her and I'm going to sleep because it's 3am.
August 02

Monier from Chicago

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Heat compreser and vicks

Your awesome remedy since I used to had earaches back when I was a very small kid. Today at midnight it hit me by surprise and it was back and I had no idea what to do the pain was unbearable. I tried ibrufen as an effective pain reliever and it did not work until I started checking online and find some remedy for earaches I tried the onion and olive oil still they did not work then I tried Vicks I applied it on a cotton then put it in an affected ear and the put the heat compressor it felt good and relaxing in few minutes I fell asleep and I just wake up now the pain is all gone tnk u vicks and heat compressor.
July 03

Mugovhoro Talifhani from Makhado town Mauluma

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I started having an earache Thursday june3,2016 and I told my mom. She put alcohol on a cotton ball and squeezed it in my infected ear (there was water in there) and put a cotton ball to hold the alcohol in place. Then I went to bed the next morning it was fine.
June 06

Emily from Luisiana

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Moms best remedy

When I was a kid, I used to have bad earache's. So instead of going to the hospital for them, my mom use to get cigarettes, and spider webs. She would use the smoke from the cigarette, blow it in the sore ear, and then pack it with the spider web. After a few hours, the pain is gone.
June 02

Larry Lucss from Virginia

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Quick relief from an ear ache

Roast 3 teaspoons of table salt till brown - place it in a cotton cloth and bundle it into a pouch and place it over the effected ear like a heat pad - the salt would be extreamly hot so check out the heat first and place it over the ear over and over again. This helped me to get over my ear ache.
April 15

Kenneth Aloysius Dabrera from 094

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Trial and error

I read through all these last night when I was suffering badly. I read everything and these are the best three I found helped me:

Rubbing alcohol/white vinegar, I used a couple of drops and then covered with heat pad. It did feel a little uncomfortable at first but I covered my ear with some heat and then I woke up after an hour feeling a good deal easier.

I also got my husband to bring me home some Vicks, went all the way round my ear with it and just a little around the ear entrance, heat pad and some Ibuprofen and again I got some blessed sleep!

I am now using the Vicks/heat pad before bed, it would be amazing if I got a fair nights sleep. Will update tomorrow :)
March 23

Yidette from Essex, UK

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Earache remedy

My 9 yr old woke up 2 hours ago crying with throbbing ear pain. Nothing helped. I tried shower, Motrin, essential oils, Vicks and warm compress. Still crying. 5min ago poured ACV in ear left for 1 min. Drained it. Then applied a cotton roll soaked in a mixture of warm olive oil, crushed garlic, and 2 drops whole leaf olive extract. Put that just outside ear and boom pain has eased and he's dozing.
March 19

Tera from Ohio

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Up-vote for vicks and intense ear ache

My daughter age 8 was in intense pain this evening - so much so, that she was in tears and crying, unable to fall asleep. I used warm compress to temporarily relieve symptoms and tylenol to reduce her fever (and hoping it would work on her pain as well) - but she was still unable to sleep due to the severe pain in her ear.

Having read how folks swear by vicks, I dug out my little bottle of never-used vicks vaporub and applied it in and around her ear. She was asleep and restless then, but is awake now and claims that she feels no more pain, but just feels like she cannot hear out of that ear. I think it is the numbing effect of menthol and other ingredients in vicks. Long story short - vicks works for ear aches! An up-vote from our family to all of yours.
March 15

Runa from Sandiego Usa

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Vapour rub

Woke up 20 minutes ago with a horrendously painful earache. Found your site and did the vapour rub in the ear followed by warm cloth on it. Pain subsided Started to feel better within 2 minutes and it's now been 30 minutes and I'm going back to bed. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou ????
March 14

Simone from Melbourne Australia

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Warm cloth peroxide and warm water good luck.
February 16

Lee from Indiana

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Vicks remedy

I am a 17 years old student last week there were my chemistry practical examination of HSC Board . Suddenly I developed earache at 10 p.M. At night and next day was Sunday and no doctors are available on this day. I could not visit hospital as it was my was of time during my exams so I tried a home remedy of putting Vicks on a cotton ball then put it in my ear not deep just normal way and covered it with hot cloth slept for about an hour after which my earache was gone. You can also try this above remedy and it works like magic.
February 14

Aishwarya Nevrekar from India

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Vicks and warm facecloth

Wow! After trying a few suggestions, I fell on the Vicks with the warm facecloth afterwards. My 8 year old was in so much pain that his eyes were watery and the left one almost completely closed (from the severe pain in his left ear). I tried the warm olive oil, the steam machine (with Vicks liquid), Ibuprofen and Tylenol about an hour and a half later... Poor thing was still in so much pain!

I finally ended up on your site and noticed this suggestion from many, so I tried it. I put Vicks (the rubbing jelly one) on a cotton all (generously) and put it in his ear. I then held the facecloth under hot water for a few seconds to warm it up... And then put it over his ear... To my great surprise, just before actually laying the facecloth on his ear, he told me that his pain had already gone !!! Oh my gosh ! I never would have believed it ! Trust me, he was in A LOT of pain just prior... Almost to the point of heading to an urgent care.

Anyhow, I still held the warm facecloth to his ear for a few minutes. I then took it off and removed the cottonball. No kidding, he fell REALLY sound asleep no more than 5 minutes later!!! I still can not believe it! I'm actually typing this as he's now sleeping right next to me!!! Thank you so much for having this "blog"!!! It was sincerely a saviour for me this evening :)
December 18 2015

Brigitte from Ottawa, Canada

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