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Vicks did the trick!

Thank you to everyone on this site! My 4 year old son woke at 1am, claiming that his ear hurt. After attempting Children's Tylenol, "EarAche" drops, and warm washcloth compress I came across this site with the VICKS remedies. After a little trial and error with VICKS and cottonballs, but still no apparent relief, I used a safety-swab to apply it directly into the ear canal and then reapplied the hot washcloth. Just a few minutes later and my son is sound asleep! Success after nearly 2 hours! I followed up by putting the saturated cottonball on the pillow under my son's nose so ideally the vapors will now hit the problem area both internally and externally. I've found a lot of uses for VICKS over the years and am thrilled to add this to the list!
March 03 2017

Joshua from Denver, CO

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Vicks cotton ball and warm cloth

I felt so bad for my son when he began to cry and fuse about pain in his ear. I tried Tylenol ear drops ( that are supposed to take pain away, and didn't) then I found this page. I put vicks on a cotton ball and a warm wash cloth. He is asleep now thank God!!
February 27 2017

Andrea from New Mexico

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Earache won't stop

Definitely due to severe sinus issues. My left ear always. Read the comments and decided on Vicks. It truly works. It literally eased the pain in seconds and am now ready for a good night sleep. Thanks all who tried everything and put it down.
February 18 2017

Ellie from United States

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Vick vapor rub
January 06 2017

Gina from Allenhurst

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Vicks and earaches

Use a cotton ball, swipe small amount of Vicks. Place on earth, lay down on heating pad or hot water bottle...don't use high heat could burn self...Myself I laid on it half hour at a time, twice. It helped immensely. What it does of course you inhale the smells and opens up the eustachian tube, and drain the fluid. I am not a medical professional, it works for me.
January 02 2017

Janice from USA

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Vicks and warm washcloth

This really helps. My 5 year old woke up in tears saying her ear really hurt. I was going to give her some Motrin but just my luck we ran out. I had nothing else to give her but I noticed my little bottle of Vicks and wondered if it worked. That's when I went online and found this page. I decided to try putting Vicks in her ear with cotton ball and putting a warm washcloth and within a minute she started feeling better. She told me it still gutted a little bit the warm washcloth on top of the Vicks felt good. She is now falling asleep as I'm typing!!! I love Vicks!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!
December 23 2016

Yessica from Phoenix,AZ

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Copper penny

My mom used to use a copper penny and olive oil she would warm up the olive oil up and put the penny in the oil after that she would put it in my ear and the put a piece of cotton in my ear and it made my ear feel better. So this is my remedy.
November 18 2016

Carol Thornton from Usa

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Vicks worked for me to

I was just about to take my 10 year old daughter to the Hospital when I came across this website, thank God. I put Vicks VapoRub Cream all over a cotton ball and placed it in her ear. Next I ran hot water over a wash cloth on put it over the same ear as she laid in bed. The pain went completely away and she fell asleep :) Also, my Vicks VR was expired 11 years ago and it still worked. The only thing no one mentioned is how long do you keep the cotton and wash cloth on?? As I write this, I'm leaving it on her and I'm going to sleep because it's 3am.
August 02 2016

Monier from Chicago

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Heat compreser and vicks

Your awesome remedy since I used to had earaches back when I was a very small kid. Today at midnight it hit me by surprise and it was back and I had no idea what to do the pain was unbearable. I tried ibrufen as an effective pain reliever and it did not work until I started checking online and find some remedy for earaches I tried the onion and olive oil still they did not work then I tried Vicks I applied it on a cotton then put it in an affected ear and the put the heat compressor it felt good and relaxing in few minutes I fell asleep and I just wake up now the pain is all gone tnk u vicks and heat compressor.
July 03 2016

Mugovhoro Talifhani from Makhado town Mauluma

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I started having an earache Thursday june3,2016 and I told my mom. She put alcohol on a cotton ball and squeezed it in my infected ear (there was water in there) and put a cotton ball to hold the alcohol in place. Then I went to bed the next morning it was fine.
June 06 2016

Emily from Luisiana

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Moms best remedy

When I was a kid, I used to have bad earache's. So instead of going to the hospital for them, my mom use to get cigarettes, and spider webs. She would use the smoke from the cigarette, blow it in the sore ear, and then pack it with the spider web. After a few hours, the pain is gone.
June 02 2016

Larry Lucss from Virginia

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Quick relief from an ear ache

Roast 3 teaspoons of table salt till brown - place it in a cotton cloth and bundle it into a pouch and place it over the effected ear like a heat pad - the salt would be extreamly hot so check out the heat first and place it over the ear over and over again. This helped me to get over my ear ache.
April 15 2016

Kenneth Aloysius Dabrera from 094

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