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Vicks and heat pad

April 02, 2014
I put just a tiny bit on my finger and then rubbed in my ear and around it, then put heat pad over my hear for about 10 minutes. Within 30 minutes throbbing pain is gone. Wow!
Mikey from CA


Earache :o

March 29, 2014
I had a really bad cold for 2 days it started off as sniffles and sneezes then sore throat watery eyes sore nose and a earache. So I done some research and it said about hot liquids. So I grabbed a flannel let the kettle boil only half way through I clicked the kettle off' dangle the flannel iver the sink then poor hot water on to it rinse it fold the flannel lay down in bed and rest in bed with warm flannel till pain is gone do this about x2 then put the flannel in the wash and have a great night sleep :) Hope this works for you's.
Kelsey from United kingdom


Hydrogen peroxide

March 17, 2014
So I had a really bad earache in both ears. I read every remedy on this website and was scared to try most of them or was in to much pain to do the others. Finally I decided to try hydrogen peroxide. All I did was take a cotton ball and put some peroxide on it and put it in my ear making sure I got in my ear.
After a minute I washed my ear out with warm water and then used a heating pad and it's worked so far. Hope this helps xxxxx
Amanda from Pittsburgh


Bad ear ache late at night

March 07, 2014
I was in my bed last night when all of a sudden my ear ache got 10x worse the best thing to do is take a tablet as such as paracetamol or ibropofen and/or get a hot water bottle of a hot towel and place it on the sore but of your ear sorry if it doesn't work but hopefully it will xxxxxx
CLARICE from 7 dibber road


Olive oil trick

March 06, 2014
Put a little bit of olive oil in a cup. Warm it up in the microwave for 10 seconds and then pour it into your ear.
Kylie from USA


Doctor and medicine

February 27, 2014
This isn't a home remedy, but I tried tons of these home remedies and mostly they just made it worse. I would suggest painkillers from the doctor or pharmacist, not peeing in your ear.
Lori from I Don't Want Go Say


Just lie on the side

February 26, 2014
So I'm 11 and my ear started hurting last night I stayed awake till 4:30 in the morning this morning it was worse I treys the hot hand towel no help so I just had so Medicine and then I lie on my Side and the ear starts popping it might hurt but goes in 2 hours hope I helped.
Amelia from UK


Bang......and the ache is gone

February 23, 2014
I've always suffered from chronic earache so bad that the acid from my ear would peel my skin off my skin/face. Anyway tonight I was in so much pain so I boiled a cup of water then put a bottle of Vegtable oil and place 2-3 drops in my ear. At first the pain was still there and I started thinking that it wasnt working but after half hour the pain completely went away. Not everything can be done in 30 seconds just be patient and the pain will go away. Hope my advice works as I know the pain:( Thank you for reading. W.M
Joseph from Wickwar


The 2 finger trick

February 22, 2014
So I have a earache today and it didn't really start to bother me unlit like 7:00 or so. I started looking at ways to get rid of it and I found that if you take your index finger an your middle finger and placing your index finger in front of your ear and your middle finger behind your ear and rubbing up and down how ever many times you feel is needed or unlit it's gone.
Nikki Lynn from Rising Sun md


Sweet oil and tea tree oil

February 01, 2014
Last night, I woke up around 3:30am with a horrible ear ache. I don't get them very often now, but I used to get them all the time when I was little. I mixed together some sweet oil and tea tree oil, put a couple of drops in my ear, and put a cottonball in my ear to hold the liquid in. I left it in for about 10 minutes and then wiped it all out of my ear. It really helped to alleviate the pain, so I hope it will help you too :)
Anna from Texas


Earache queen

February 01, 2014
Many ideas here are close but not complete. First of all.. NO URINE. Sort out with drinking lots of water and CRANBERRY JUICE. Warmed liquids may feel best. TheraFlu (I use generic with less water and honey or sugar). Peroxide is great and to clean out wax regularly. I had neglectful parents and took care of green pus in ears by boiling it loose/disolving it out with peroxide. Water in ears will come out and should be out...Lay ear on heat pad or make your own by nuking damp towel to warm in plastic grocery bag. Has saved me many times with sinus headaches using those as, as well.
L. Barrett from Naples FL


Easy and noninvasive ear ache solution

January 23, 2014
Hold a hair dryer about 10 inches away towards the bad ear on a warm setting for no more than 5 minutes. Mine was gone in 4 minutes. Couldn't believe it and I tried everything from heat, meds and olive oil. So grateful. Wish I knew about this when my children were young.
Marcia from Vermont


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