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Hydrogen peroxide

November 19, 2014
It really worked I've had an earache for two days Now and I had decided to put it on my ear and It worked and I was so happy!!! Highly recommend!
Rebecca from California


Please read

November 16, 2014
I had an absolutely awful earache I'm not very prone to these as this was the first in a while but it was absolutely horrific. I had been suffering it since 7-12:30 I put Vicks inside of the ear and rubbed gently and heated a cloth up and placed it on my ear after 10 mins this was cured thank god as I have school tomorrow. :)
Sam from England


Vicks and heat

November 14, 2014
I am recovering from a chest infection and ended up with a really severe ear ache... Literally tried the oil and the heat and they didn't work... Then put some vicks on a cotton wool bud and put it around the shell of my ear... Not inside... Then put a fresh hot water bottle on it and laid there with it for 10 minutes and BAM!!! Pretty much gone... At least to a manageable, I can now ignore this sort of level... Hope this helps!
Mia from Uk


Vicks and heat

October 22, 2014
I have been having an earache so bad it developed into a migraine. I have tried everything under the sun in the last 2 days. Lastly, I put a capful of peroxide then I drained the ear. I then I put a dab of Vicks on a cotton ball and put the cotton ball into my ear and applied a heated cloth over my ear I am feeling immediate relief and may have saved myself a trip to the ER. Had I don't this first I would not have suffered an entire day.
Wanda from Staten Island, Ny



October 19, 2014
I started getting a throbbing in my left ear and looked up things to do from home and after putting heat on it for a little bit, I now have a onion in my ear...I guess we shall see how this goes.
Melissa Sullivan from Ft. Lauderdale Fl


It works

October 19, 2014
Put a few drops of baby oil in you ear.
Blank from Blank


Ear pain

October 13, 2014
Rice in a sock heated in a microwave and some antibiotics worked for me.
Nick from Idaho


You're welcome :)

October 10, 2014
Go buy yourself some Garlic-Mullein Oil Ear drops. Found at any Health Supplement store. This works fantastic. I've grown up using this. Put a dropper full onto a spoon. Heat spoon over stove until warm, NOT hot. Obviously test first on your skin. Put a couple drops in your ear and gently massage. Place cotton ball in ear. Ta-da! Your ear should feel some sort of relief shortly after.
Jordann from Pa


Waking up with an earache

October 06, 2014
So I woke up at 4 o'clock in the morning with a terrible earache. I used ear drops (5 drops) to numb it. But that didn't seem to make it go away. So I took ibprophen and took a wash cloth, got it a little wet and put it in a plastic baggy and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Then used a dry wash cloth to put the hot one (still in the baggy) underneath it and I laid down on it on whichever ear was bothering me.

Also I found out that distracting yourself made it a little better too because I was extremely tired but it hurt too bad to fall back asleep. Good luck. You're gonna need it!
Kali from Florida


Pee does work

August 23, 2014
Yes, pee works... I am 36, and have had to do it a lot of times in my life. I have used the home remedy with my children. It's not as horrific as people think. I mean, I am not scared to have a few drops of my own pee in my ear when I am in horrific earache agony! It's not like you have to drink it! If resorting to pee in my ear can keep me from having to take a prescription of pain pills, yes the pee wins. Pee also works as an instant relief for bee sting as well. It's really not a big deal...
Jennifer from Old fort, NC


Cure for extreme earache

August 13, 2014
I have recently had a cold which also included a minor earache which also hurt a bit, so I guess this is for minor and major earaches. I wrote this at 5:38 but have been looking through this website. Get some chewingum and chew it. I found it works more effectively when you chew it of the side of where the effected ear is. You can feel it popping. It might be a good Idea to use more than one piece of gum (maybe 3-4) Have some ibuprofen or parecetemol and listen to music or TV to distract you. This worked for me and I really hope this helps but if not I'm so sorry.
Bella from England


Vicks and heat

August 12, 2014
My ear is throbbing like mad! I tried everything… Meds, Rice, Cold Washcloths you name it.. Nothing worked. So I tried putting Vicks Vapour Rub AROUND my ear and then I heated up a Hot Water Bottle. I would say do this overnight. If in the day leave it on for around an hour. It worked for me!! And I hope it works for all you lot too!! Good Luck People!!
Aleishia Rae from United Kingdom


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