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117 Home Remedies for Constipation

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A can of 7up or coke

A quick drink of a can of 7-up or cola, worked for me in less than 30 minutes. Hope it helps you. Also, I know that rubbing some olive oil on the "back end" eases the whole thing.
June 14 2013

Bob from Manchester

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Relief from constipation forever

Take 15 leaves of spinach and two tomatoes, grind them.
Extract the juice and drink first thing in the morning. It acts as laxative. This relieves the bowels.

Or soak 5-6 black dried grapes (munnaka).
Soak in the water and leave it overnight.
Eat them early morning.

This also helps cleaning of the bowels.
May 26 2013

Anita from India

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Acute/chronis constipation

I was suffering from constipation for about 25-30 years. I tried all my best but my problem was getting worst day by day. I had no feeling of bowl moment and I was unable pass stool for 5-6 days without using laxatives. I pray to the GOD a lot. One day it came to my mind, I am using it and by the grace of GOD it helps me a lot. It is very simple and easy. Here it is for everyone.

1. One tea spoon (1 ts) extra virgin olive oil in the morning with empty stomach.

2. One table spoon (1 tbs) of fiber husk keep in plain water for 5 minutes and then drink it, (after 1 hour of extra virgin olive oil.)
That’s it.......
You may apply this everyday or until you need it.

You can have your regular meal after one or two hours. Obviously drinking more fluid, using more fiber and eating fresh vegetable and fruits helps. I hope it will help all of you.

Best Wishes for your good health.
May 16 2013

Muhammad Umar from Karachi, Pakistan

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Relief in acute constipation

Put a wet towel on the stomach covered by dry towel for one to two hours will help in constipation.
May 05 2013

Ms Kiran Jain from Pune ,india

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Warm water for constipation

My dr told me to drink 8oz of warm water when I get up in the morning and to eat whole grains and to take 1 stool softener 3 times a day it works.
March 29 2013

Mary ward from Kansas

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Instant relief of constipation

When I worked as a lpn in a nursing home I had at least 1 patient that was constipated all the time so heres something I mixed up all the time and it will work fast I promise!

Get a 8oz glass. of prune juice and warm it up not to hot then mix it with 30cc or 3big spoons full and stir the 2 together and drink it while its warm! I guarantee in less then a half-hour you will be going to the bathroom with much relief!
March 06 2013

Viola from Marcushook Pennsylvania

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Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey

1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and honey will make your bowels active again in no time!
December 16 2012

Sherri from Long Island, New York

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Coconut Oil

Try a tablespoon of unrefined, virgin, or extra virgin coconut oil...up to 3 a day. Usually gets things moving again pretty quickly.
October 04 2012

Ryan from Los Angeles, CA

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All Bran Flakes and Prunes

I take my all bran flake first thing in morning and prunes at anytime of the day and it works fantastic for me.
October 02 2012

Mashadi Mokgata from South Africa Sandton

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Relief in about 45 minutes

1. Drink 2- 8 oz glasses of water
2. Eat 3 prunes
3. Drink 3 shots of expresso
I mixed mine up in blender.
Be close to restroom in 45 minutes you will be going very soon passing gas not recommended lol
I just used this remedy myself It works great.
September 27 2012

Bobby from orlando fl

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COFFEE! And LOTS of water. Black coffee is best, and extra espresso if possible. The caffeine will jump start your bowels if nothing else. Avoid eating until your relieved unless your eating fruit.
September 11 2012

Ashley from USA

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Two teaspoons of honey mixed in a glass of warm water taken daily at night before going to bed can work wonders.
August 02 2012


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