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Look to your spice rack

Taking fennel seeds (choke them down or put in a capsule) and also turmeric really help. Look for organic and non - irradiated. You can also buy turmeric already in capsules. It also helps reduce general inflammation.
January 22 2014

Anonymous from US

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Back to normal

Use a hot water bottle combination syringe, with warm, not hot water. Place bag on your stomach for a few minutes. If this does not work use the tubing and nozzle to give yourself an enema. You can take the full bag, but most only need about half. Hold the water till you are ready to go. You can pick up the combination syringe at most walmarts or pharmacy's.
January 18 2014

Mark from NY

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Immediate relief from constipation

I glass milk with 1 teaspoon of honey works great...Immediate relief.....
December 01 2013

Komal Singh Lahauria from India

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Baby remedy for constipation

If your baby is constipated,lie them down over the sink, wet a towel with warm water, and rub it on the r e anus. It sounds gross, but animals lick there babys anus to stimulate them and your baby will have poop shooting into the sink in a couple of minutes. You can also stick a rectal thermometer in the babys back end to stimulate, rotate there legs like a bicycle, and try an abdominal massage
December 01 2013

Secret from Everywhere

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Works every time!

As a student nurse, I have found that for short term constipation, drinking 1 or 2 cups of coffee will help. Long term constipation: good remedies are chia seed and/or flax seed daily. I usually add a bit of flax seed to my morning fruit smoothie. Also note: if your regular bowel movements are disrupted for more than 4 days, seek medical attention immediately.
November 19 2013

B. Carp from Ontario, Canada

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Try 1 teaspoon of chia seed and teaspoon of olive oil mixed together. It seem to work great for me.
September 01 2013

Me from Texad

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Isphagol and guava juice

Take Isphagol with warm milk, can reduce constipation and guava juice is the best remedy from constipation.
August 29 2013

Tabish from Pakistan

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Constipation remedies

1000-3000mg of vitamin C or 500-1000mg (only in powder or pill form, not from orange juice) of Magnesium. Everything will loosen right up. Also, Digestive Enzymes can help. You may want to stop eating bread and pasta products for a few days or long term. Licorice helps to stimulate mucus production to get things sliding along nicely. And we all know what prunes and dried apricots do.
August 29 2013

Holly from New Zealand

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Constipation due to thyroid problem

I've had hypothyroidism for 5 years now, and ever since then I've suffered from constipation. I tried EVERYTHING over 5 years. Ayurveda medicines, and western. I've had syrups, different foods, different diets and churna's. All of them have side effects and vary in effectiveness.

The thing which worked for me > Cavendish banana before breakfast/after dinner AND > Eating prunes as a snack during the day, and at least 4 prunes before sleeping AND 1 Cucumber as a mid morning/ mid afternoon snack REMEMBER, do not eat any oily/fried/heavy/processed food for the first 2 days while trying this, and it'll work for sure withing 3 days.

This combination got rid of my constipation (I get 3 BM per day), and also didn't leave me with any side effects (cramping, headaches, tiredness, skin irritation, eye dryness etc). I'm very happy, and I got the prunes suggestion from this very website! Thank you Midnight remedies, and thank you to the wonderful person who found this website for me:)
August 25 2013

Sam from Banaglore, India

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Big clean out

8oz of miralax and 32oz of gatorade. Mix together and drink up.
August 19 2013

Tweety from Ny

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Eat isabgol with one glass of water. And you'll be totally fresh the next day.
August 18 2013

Yatharth from New Delhi

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Quick and easy

Bi-carb soda in water, peppermint tea, hot water bottle, sitting on a bucket instead of a toilet and massaging your stomach works even better for me than over the counter laxatives.
August 17 2013

Nicole from Australia

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