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117 Home Remedies for Constipation

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Have le' glass of warm water ens' mix a one cup of elton salt in it and eh' drink it up straight and you should have eh' BM soon.. Hope it helps :)Bonsai'
August 03 2014

Roche Oye Mo'nye from Paris

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Detoxing and constipation relief

Take 500 to 800 ml water everyday mooring empty stomach and do warm exercise/walk for 15min to do Routine work) may help It removes constipation kidney stones etc.. Around 25 disease are partially controlled (intensity reduced).
June 23 2014

Shivaram from Hyderabad

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Extra virgin olive oil

This may sound terrible, but it worked for me. It's just like the "ring stuck on our finger? Use a little soap!" Only this one, you use a bit of olive oil. Take a bout a cap Full of oil and lather your anus with it. If you can get Inside The better. It will just slide right out.
June 15 2014

Jon from Ssm

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Castor oil

We used to have a teaspoon of Castor Oil to clear the constipation. It tastes bad but it makes sure that you will have BM in a few minutes.
June 15 2014

Krish from Delhi, India

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What really works without fail

Linseed-flax seed. Takes about a day to work through your system. But it works, guaranteed, no ifs or buts.

Take two to three teaspoons of flax-linseed put in a a cup. Add a third cup hot water. Let it soak awhile (five six minutes) and then swallow-if you want to chew them that's fine. By now they have swollen in the water forming a glutinous-jelly substance. And drink more than eight glasses of water. The more the better, but hey, don't try to drown yourself and don't worry you wont rust inside if you consume more water either.,)

Thereafter, if you have a coffee grinder take one teaspoon and pop it in the grinder, blitz it and pour it over cereal/yogurt or whatever. The goodness for those who do not know is on the inside of the linseed hard outer shell. For those who do not have a coffee grinder take a teaspoon linseed. Put it in a container/cup and pour hot water on and leave overnight (covered- you don't wand extra unknown bits and bobs in there).
In the morning you can eat it with your cereal or better straight from the cup. And Guys and gals, the secret is WATER. Drink it! Lots of it. You can take less or more seeds depending on your daily needs.
June 02 2014

Ann Starr from Port Elizabeth, RSA

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Mix about two table spoons of lemon with a cup of hot water. It works a treat.
June 01 2014

Unknown from Australia

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Salt and citrus

Mix 1 tablespoon of lemon or lime juice, 1 tablespoon of salt in one cup of water and drink. Continue to drink water (salt increases thirst). Should provide a bowel movement in 30 minutes to an hour. May take longer. Avoid if you are on a salt restricted diet.
May 26 2014

Lana from Scottsbluff, NE

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Enzymes, fiber, probiotics, ect

I do all of the below and it works amazingly. I suffered severe constipation and bad digestion issues because of having eating disorders for 13 years (my bowels had shut down).

- Drink diluted apple cider vinegar before meals to get saliva glands working properly to help digestion
- Take enzymes before meals
- Take probiotics - Drink fiber, like metamucil, with water before bed
- Rebounding (jumping on mini trampoline) for 5-10 mins can really get the bowels moving fast.
- Add in Hot and Cold Hydrotherapy, Skin Brushing and Detox Herbs for added benefits.
The most important things are the enzymes and fiber!
April 07 2014

Sabrina from Vancouver Island

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Quick constipation relief

Drink a glass of prune juice with about half a teaspoon of melted butter in it. Sounds gross but you really don't taste the butter. This works in just minutes!
April 07 2014

Flee from United States

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Tips for relieving constipation


The sure shot ways of curing constipation are:

1. Take 15ml of Lactulose solution 3 times a day.
2. Take 2 big teaspoons of stool softener 3 times a day.
3. Drink a lot of water (8-10 glasses).
4. Take warm milk with honey 2 times a day. Coffee also does the trick.
5. Take 1 spoon of psyllium husk with 2 glasses of water in the night. You will definitely have a BM in the morning. Psyllium Husk also cleans the intestines.
6. Place a hot water bottle on your lower abdomen, back, below your hips, and in between your legs alternately. Do this for 2-3 hours or overnight.
As you sleep, press a hot water bottle in between your legs (it should touch your rectum).

If the above-mentioned points do not relieve the constipation, take a fleet enema. It should produce a BM within 10 minutes. If this also does not work, immediately go to a hospital. DO not wait as you might be suffering from a serious impaction.
March 26 2014

Suhana from New Delhi, India

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Coffee and probiotic combo

Coffee and Probiotics. Avoid the spore-forming bacteria tho. There are a few OTC products but only one with real probiotics (like you find in yogurt). That'll do the trick in short term, long term and in-between. The bonus is you get the energy boost from the coffee to counteract the zap of energy your body has from the discomfort. The good probiotic coffee is called something like cafe or caffe viva. And if you're curious, it tastes pretty dang good.
February 20 2014

Danny from Montana

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Imagine the sound vibration of chainsaws sawing through big hardwood tree, and the sound of tree crashing down. Keep trying.
January 31 2014
Yogi from Nepal

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