88 Home Remedies for Constipation

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June 01, 2014
Mix about two table spoons of lemon with a cup of hot water. It works a treat.
Unknown from Australia


Salt and citrus

May 26, 2014
Mix 1 tablespoon of lemon or lime juice, 1 tablespoon of salt in one cup of water and drink. Continue to drink water (salt increases thirst). Should provide a bowel movement in 30 minutes to an hour. May take longer. Avoid if you are on a salt restricted diet.
Lana from Scottsbluff, NE


Enzymes, fiber, probiotics, ect

April 07, 2014
I do all of the below and it works amazingly. I suffered severe constipation and bad digestion issues because of having eating disorders for 13 years (my bowels had shut down).

- Drink diluted apple cider vinegar before meals to get saliva glands working properly to help digestion
- Take enzymes before meals
- Take probiotics - Drink fiber, like metamucil, with water before bed
- Rebounding (jumping on mini trampoline) for 5-10 mins can really get the bowels moving fast.
- Add in Hot and Cold Hydrotherapy, Skin Brushing and Detox Herbs for added benefits.
The most important things are the enzymes and fiber!
Sabrina from Vancouver Island


Quick constipation relief

April 07, 2014
Drink a glass of prune juice with about half a teaspoon of melted butter in it. Sounds gross but you really don't taste the butter. This works in just minutes!
Flee from United States


Tips for relieving constipation

March 26, 2014

The sure shot ways of curing constipation are:

1. Take 15ml of Lactulose solution 3 times a day.
2. Take 2 big teaspoons of stool softener 3 times a day.
3. Drink a lot of water (8-10 glasses).
4. Take warm milk with honey 2 times a day. Coffee also does the trick.
5. Take 1 spoon of psyllium husk with 2 glasses of water in the night. You will definitely have a BM in the morning. Psyllium Husk also cleans the intestines.
6. Place a hot water bottle on your lower abdomen, back, below your hips, and in between your legs alternately. Do this for 2-3 hours or overnight.
As you sleep, press a hot water bottle in between your legs (it should touch your rectum).

If the above-mentioned points do not relieve the constipation, take a fleet enema. It should produce a BM within 10 minutes. If this also does not work, immediately go to a hospital. DO not wait as you might be suffering from a serious impaction.
Suhana from New Delhi, India


Coffee and probiotic combo

February 20, 2014
Coffee and Probiotics. Avoid the spore-forming bacteria tho. There are a few OTC products but only one with real probiotics (like you find in yogurt). That'll do the trick in short term, long term and in-between. The bonus is you get the energy boost from the coffee to counteract the zap of energy your body has from the discomfort. The good probiotic coffee is called something like cafe or caffe viva. And if you're curious, it tastes pretty dang good.
Danny from Montana



January 31, 2014
Meditating Imagine the sound vibration of chainsaws sawing through big hardwood tree, and the sound of tree crashing down. Keep trying.
Yogi from Nepal


Look to your spice rack

January 22, 2014
Taking fennel seeds (choke them down or put in a capsule) and also turmeric really help. Look for organic and non - irradiated. You can also buy turmeric already in capsules. It also helps reduce general inflammation.
Anonymous from US


Back to normal

January 18, 2014
Use a hot water bottle combination syringe, with warm, not hot water. Place bag on your stomach for a few minutes. If this does not work use the tubing and nozzle to give yourself an enema. You can take the full bag, but most only need about half. Hold the water till you are ready to go. You can pick up the combination syringe at most walmarts or pharmacy's.
Mark from NY


Immediate relief from constipation

December 01, 2013
I glass milk with 1 teaspoon of honey works great...Immediate relief.....
Komal Singh Lahauria from India


Baby remedy for constipation

December 01, 2013
If your baby is constipated,lie them down over the sink, wet a towel with warm water, and rub it on the r e anus. It sounds gross, but animals lick there babys anus to stimulate them and your baby will have poop shooting into the sink in a couple of minutes. You can also stick a rectal thermometer in the babys back end to stimulate, rotate there legs like a bicycle, and try an abdominal massage
Secret from Everywhere


Works every time!

November 19, 2013
As a student nurse, I have found that for short term constipation, drinking 1 or 2 cups of coffee will help. Long term constipation: good remedies are chia seed and/or flax seed daily. I usually add a bit of flax seed to my morning fruit smoothie. Also note: if your regular bowel movements are disrupted for more than 4 days, seek medical attention immediately.
B. Carp from Ontario, Canada


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