74 Home Remedies for Constipation

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Constipation remedies

August 29, 2013
1000-3000mg of vitamin C or 500-1000mg (only in powder or pill form, not from orange juice) of Magnesium. Everything will loosen right up. Also, Digestive Enzymes can help. You may want to stop eating bread and pasta products for a few days or long term. Licorice helps to stimulate mucus production to get things sliding along nicely. And we all know what prunes and dried apricots do.
Holly from New Zealand


Constipation due to thyroid problem

August 25, 2013
I've had hypothyroidism for 5 years now, and ever since then I've suffered from constipation. I tried EVERYTHING over 5 years. Ayurveda medicines, and western. I've had syrups, different foods, different diets and churna's. All of them have side effects and vary in effectiveness.

The thing which worked for me > Cavendish banana before breakfast/after dinner AND > Eating prunes as a snack during the day, and at least 4 prunes before sleeping AND 1 Cucumber as a mid morning/ mid afternoon snack REMEMBER, do not eat any oily/fried/heavy/processed food for the first 2 days while trying this, and it'll work for sure withing 3 days.

This combination got rid of my constipation (I get 3 BM per day), and also didn't leave me with any side effects (cramping, headaches, tiredness, skin irritation, eye dryness etc). I'm very happy, and I got the prunes suggestion from this very website! Thank you Midnight remedies, and thank you to the wonderful person who found this website for me:)
Sam from Banaglore, India


Big clean out

August 19, 2013
8oz of miralax and 32oz of gatorade. Mix together and drink up.
Tweety from Ny



August 18, 2013
Eat isabgol with one glass of water. And you'll be totally fresh the next day.
Yatharth from New Delhi


Quick and easy

August 17, 2013
Bi-carb soda in water, peppermint tea, hot water bottle, sitting on a bucket instead of a toilet and massaging your stomach works even better for me than over the counter laxatives.
Nicole from Australia


Home remedies

August 07, 2013
8 leaves of pudina and tulsi boiled in warm water and then drinking that water gives great relief from gastric and indigestion.Try this out.
Sneha Das from Kolkata


Constipation relief

August 06, 2013
Drain a jar of sauerkraut and reserve the liquid. Drink and you'll be "set free" in a few minutes. Works every time thanks to my German grandmother.
Tassels from Huntington Beach


Cashew your poops away..

August 02, 2013
The natural oils from the cashew nut is very very rich in fiber and probiotics. This makes a couple of handfulls of cashews on an empty stomach a perfectly natural way to not only soften the stool but to also create that bowel moving adventure that we all love to accomplish. Joe from Texas 17 years suffering constipation until cashews were brought to my diet by a Chinese dietitian..
Joe W. from Victoria, Texas


Secret therapy

July 29, 2013
Just press your ring finger with the thumb for 15 minutes in the morning, 15 mins in the afternoon and 15 mins in the evening. Check the results after one week.
Atul from Bandung, Indonesia


Amla juice or powder

July 23, 2013
Amla juice or powder Taking 1tsp amla powder with warm water or have 20ml amla juice on empty stomach in early morning.
Smita from Pusad..yavatmal India.



July 21, 2013
Make oatmeal as package says, then add lots more water until it is somewhat watery. Drink a glass of water before the oatmeal and one glass after. You should see results pretty quickly. Hope this helps.
Angel from Detroit


The sea salt smash

July 21, 2013
Take 2 teaspoon of sea salt and dissolve in a little bit of hot water, then fill to 900 mills. Drink the lot and wait. Make sure you don't have to leave the house within the next two hours. If no result within that time repeat. Good luck!
Sir Mathew Banks from Sydney Australia


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