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I switched from coke to Dr. Pepper when I eat I dont drink like 10 or 6 cans of it a day or anything like that, just when I eat. I believe it is made with some prune out of the 23 things. Very helpful though, I know how it is, landed in the hospital my self just desperate for a solution. Even though it may not work for everyone its defenetly worth a try. It helped me and it may work for you. The best thing is you dont need a referal.
January 25 2016

Ricardo from Houston Tx

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Er nurse

I have suffered from chronic constipation my whole life, over the counter remedies use to work fine, but now in my 50's they don't . I am currently taken Rx Linsezz and it is not helping at all added miralax still not much relief. I do Kombuca tea, fruit veggie smoothies I eat high fiber diet, take probiotics.

Been admitted to hospital with surgeon wanting to do a resection of colon( not sure why). No one can go 30 days without a bowel movement...It is physically impossible and my 20 years as a nurse knows that, but when admitted to the hospital it had been 7 days and my colon had swollen to the point of rupture ...The reason the surgeon wanted to resect the colon. I have done, MOM, every laxative on the market, Golytely...Nothing is working. The honey and warm water is the same as given your infant karosyurp...High sugar and warm water...Unfortunately I am a type I Diabetic so high auger does work for me. The only thing that has helped once before in the hospital was an enema that consisted of Nornal saline mineral oil and hydrogen peroxide.

Please any new idea this old bird willing to listen.
January 06 2016

Dana from Midland, TX

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Nothing works

I will have to say before I had kids I went Number 2 as soon as my feet hit the ground and drank 1 cup of coffee! 10 years and 2 kids later I can go weeks without using it, even been to the ER at least a million times because I couldn't go. The longest I've went without going was close to a month and the hospital stay well let's just say was horrible.

Nothing I take will help I've even had specialist digging around and stuck tubes up my back side to see if I had cancer or other stuff. To say the least I'm not normal as if I didn't know that already, but I'm tired of feeling so sluggish and bloated all the time! I'm going to try the honey and water and if it works I could kiss each and every one of you who's posted about it. Fingers crossed I will poo like normal again.
November 08 2015

Jennifer Duplessis from Louisiana

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10 min relief

I came across this site in my desperate Google search of relief tonight when I was so backed up the pain was causing me to vomit. I needed immediate relief. I drank 10 Oz of hot water mixed with 2 tbs of honey and within 15 minutes of finishing the mixture, my guts started rumbling and I had to run for the bathroom.
October 21 2015

Ashley from Oklahoma

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Unfortunately very experienced

I've suffered from OIC for a few years now, due to some serious spine injuries and chronic pain, leading to pain med use (daily). I've tried everything under the sun, including Movantik pills and Relistor shots, self administered to the subcutaneous belly. NO FUN (but wow, they work immediately and thoroughly). I have to do this one on my day off or in the evening after work to stay by the toilet. The cramps are horrible too but it works wonderfully.

As for home remedies, I'd suggest massaging your tummy clockwise, as prescribed by two of my dr's. Also, apples in the smoothie machine (do not use the juicer, you need the fiber/pulp). Don't get the strained stuff from the store either. Toss green apples in your ninja bullet and drink. Also, read the instructions on your Epsom Salt container (a tsp or two, I believe) in water and chug it. It tastes disgusting but it works. Magnesium Sulfate pills work as a stool softener. But you'll need that AND a laxative... Senacot is a great vegetable laxative. But if you don't drink lots of water with it (like most fiber laxative drinks) you'll make your blockage worse. Exercise!

My dr. recently prescribed me a liquid called Lactulose that actually works pretty nicely too. Home cooked beans, non-microwaved (homemade) popcorn, and supposedly black licorice (lots of it) work also...For other people. Just not me. That warm water and honey thing didn't work for me either though. Good luck to you!
October 18 2015

Cat from Vacaville, CA

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l love fizzy mineral water and I spotted one 1 hadn't had before a few days ago so I looked at the mineral content and it naturally has a LOT of magnesium. I've also started drinking-Aloe recently. The combination of Mivela water and Aloe Are my fix. I thought I would be in for a lifetime of battling but I am feeling great and no more nasty drug store laxatives! I'm going to order the water by the case. Mg supplements in pill form do not help me, but the water works wonders. Aloe is cheap at Walmart.
October 10 2015

Alpha centauri from Wonderland

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Constipation for kids

Used formula milk after used some of natural remedies but didn't work. My cousin suggested me mamil to prevent constipation for my daughter. It because mamil specially formulated with our prebiotics that can help to maintain good intestinal environment
July 29 2015

Tommy Kane from Glasglow

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Trying to solve husband's problem with warm water and honey as advised by several people. Hasn't been to the toilet for over a week and getting desperate. Saw the honey and water remedy and thought why not try it? Waiting for result.
June 01 2015

Mairi from UK

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The water and honey drink.

I have to say it's pretty sad when one is "poop envy" of their dog! She poops more in a day than I do in a week! Haha Anyway, I have not gone done Number 2 in 5 days. It's frustrating when you feel bloated and nothing is happening. So today, I looked up some home remedies and came across this website. I am so glad I did. I hate laxatives because I have a sensitive stomach. I usually eat some chocolate because that seems to make me go. Weird.. I know! I read some comments on the water and honey drink to help constipation here on this site. I thought,"I can do that! I'll try anything at this point!" I read it works quickly. I was desperate!

I used 8oz. Of water. I put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds then I put in 1 tablespoon of raw local honey, stirred it up and drank it down. It took about 15-20 minutes to work. And yes, it was a success! I am so happy. Haha. I never thought pooping could change a persons whole demeanor! Try it! You'll see. :)
May 31 2015

Melinda from Saxonburg, PA

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Chronic constipation from meds

Stool softeners and laxatives were never reliable which was incredibly frustrating. So I tried warm water with a tbsp of raw honey and it worked within 10 minutes. I was shocked! Grateful to find this page. Thanks to the folks that mentioned this method!
May 22 2015

Alli from USA

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Warm water and honey for the win

Absolute best home remedy for constipation, even obstipation/impaction is Warm Water and Honey. I had a blockage and NOTHING would move it. I refused to go the medical route, I still had liquid moving around the stool so I know I had a blockage and literally tried everything, stimulants, all the oils, miralax, etc and nothing moved it until I found the suggestion for warm water and honey twice per day.

I am shocked at how fast the remedy worked and how much hard stool I actually had stuck in my intestinal tract. Just drink 10-16 oz of warm water and 1 tbsp of honey before breakfast and after your last meal of the day and you WILL resolve your issues. Great treatment and cure and completely natural and healthy.
May 19 2015

Everett from Frankenmuth, MI

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Warm honey water

I tried milk of magnesia, drinking lots of water, eating olive oil. Nothing worked because I had a rock hard log jammed at the bottom of my butt. Then I read on here that WARM water and honey works. It does work!!!! Belly thunder started started after 10 minutes, then after an hour that sucker forced its way out. It was painful and I had to clean poop for 30 minutes afterwards because the pain was too much for me to sit on the toilet, but I am cured now. Thank you internet. I used about 8oz warm water and a tablespoon of honey. Swilled it fairly quickly.
April 18 2015

Jacob from Alabama

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