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117 Home Remedies for Constipation

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Whole flax seed

When nothing else works, I find that eating 2-4 Tablespoons of raw flax seed will guarantee a good bm. Flax also has tons of omega 3s, its good stuff. I also cook raw flax with my rice... plumps up nicely and adds a nice nutty flavour.
February 22 2007

Sarah Dawley from NM

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Eat papaya

Take one slice of papaya after meal will give the great different.
February 19 2007

Rizal from Malaysia

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I know people who can't eat melons because the get the trots. Cucumber works for me, some like honey dew or other melons, use what works for you.
February 04 2007

Charles Mathison from cfmesq@hotmail.com

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Cure for constipation

I'm pregnant and I drink this "pregnancy tea" every morning or if you are not pregnant. (2 tbsp apple cider vinegar, 1 tbsp blackstrap molasses in a 8oz glass of warm water). This is a cure for constipation, fatigue and also clears up 97% of your complexion. This really works. God is good.
December 20 2006

Rose from Harrisburg, PA

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Warm Milk Coffee

For a Warm glass of milk, mix a table spoon of instant coffee such as Nescafe after a breakfast and have a nagging constipation disappear as warm milk and coffee both induce smooth bowel movements. I discovered this accidentally and it works for almost all the people I recommended. Give it a try definitely if you are sufferring from constipation. I would like to hear from people if it worked for them. Feel free to drop an email at k3wm at yahoo.com
April 05 2006

WMK from Germany

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Psyllium Husk and Natural Fruit Juice

Psyllium Husk is available from most health food stores.
Stir two dessertspoonsful of psyllium into an eight ounce glass of juice. Drink it down immediately as it will begin to thicken. Follow with extra juice or water. Best taken mid afternoon between meals.
Also recommended for heart health as psyllium helps to remove cholesterol from the body.
January 25 2006

Lani S. from Denver, CO USA

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Relieving Constipation

Here's a reciepe I got from my doctor for relief of constipation.

2 cups Miller bran (the kind found in health food stores)
2 cups of applesauce
1 cup of prune juice, sweetened or unsweetened.

Refrigerate, and take 2 or 3 tablespoons twice a day.
Feel free to add any of your favorite nuts, fruits or spices.
December 13 2005

Janice Monroe from Forsyth, Wisconsin

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No more Laxatives

I used to be hooked on laxative pills and couldn't move my bowels without them. I was too embarressed to tell anyone, but my doctor found out and recommended prune juice.

Since I started drinking 1 ounce of prune juice every morning I have not had to take the pills. Perhaps this will help somebody who relies on laxatives too much.
November 13 2005

Evelyn Crosby from Jasper, Indiana

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Constipation help

Dates have gentle laxative properties. For that purpose, 5 or 6 can be soaked in warm water until cool. They should be chewed well and followed with the remaining water. Do this morning and night.
October 01 2005

gramps from back in ohio

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