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Epsom salt+water=results

I've always had constipation troubles even when I was little I would go a month at a time without going, just like my grandma UNTIL she concocted us up a drink which was a dab of Epsom's salt & water!! It's got the (dosage) + directions right on the bag. Adults & children 12 & up take 2 to 6 level teaspoons (10-30 grams) of Epsom's salt. Children 6 to 12 take 1 to 2 level teaspoons (5-10 grams) of Epsom's salt, in 8 ounces of water, (lemon juice may be added to improve taste). Word for word, directions & dosage from the Epsom salt bag which says right on it *┬░SALINE LAXATIVE┬░* I promise you, IT WORKS! It might not be as enticing & sweet sounding as honey & water, but I guarantee you it'll have you at the porcelain throne in NO TIME,, just make sure you don't have plans for that day lol!! ;) #ThankGodForGrandmas
November 05 2016

Its not fun being stopped up! from Kentucky

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Sorrel is a Caribbean drink that is high in iron and fiber. It helped me when I was pregnant and now my 5 yr old drinks a half cup and he is ready to run for the toilet in 15 minutes. Do a search and you will see what it looks like and how to make the drink yourself. Very inexpensive.
July 24 2016

Michelle from Brooklyn, Ny

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Have been suffering from constipation for over an year. Exercise and diet helped me overcome it. 20min of cardio loads of sprouts n veggies n fruits in diet and not to forget water water water!
July 20 2016

Andy from San Francisco

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I can recommend this one. What a sweet remedy for your bowels. Unless you don't like honey, my father in law now 90 years young has been hospitalized for this issue many many times. This past month was my 1st bowel obstruction. Horrible pain to be thru I read and tried the honey and hot water in sheer desperation. And, I CAN SAY YES, it really does work within an hour for me my tummy was rumbling. Great solution for pennies.
July 17 2016

Grace from Montana

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Honey and water

I'm trying this method now! I happened to have some packs of honey from the gas station lol I really hope it works, I've been drinking water all day so I'm constantly urinating and it's getting old.
July 08 2016

Ally from Florida

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Senna leaves/tea

This is a very strong natural laxative. Boil a tsp of leaves or pods in a cup of water. Add honey and drink. It doesn't taste bad, takes a few hours to kick in. If the tea was strong enough, it will totally clean you out (sometimes too much, so be careful).
June 07 2016

Jane from NY

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Hi Buddies, TRY senna leaf with hot water u will 100 percent be releived from constipation u finally say bye bye to it ...
April 27 2016

Karthik from India

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Honey and water

Spent 40 mins trying to go. So much discomfort it was hard to walk. Di the one tablespoon of honey in a cup of warm water, worked in less than 10 mins!
April 14 2016

Jake from CT

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Works every time (not instant but works)

Aloe Vera is the miracle plant that will keep you regular. Blend enough of the aloe vera leaf to make a cup (8 oz). Blend the whole leaf minus the thorns. The inner part is tasteless but the green part is bitter. You may add a bit of orange juice to disguise the taste. It will take a few hours, possibly even overnight for a severe obstruction, but it WILL work. Drinking aloe on a regular basis will have you going regularly. Blend it smoothies, etc... Also, there are so many other additional health benefits your body will thank you.
April 13 2016

Natalie from NYC

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Quick fix

I had cancer so I am still on a lot of pain killers which causes OIC. I drink Mira lax every day and take 3-100mg stool softners every day as well but it had been 3 days since my last BM so I started to panic because I ended up in the E.R. last year when I hadn't had a BM in 4 days. I tried a few of the remedies here but the one that worked the best was honey and warm water. Tasted disgusting but I chugged it down and ten minutes later I had a BM!
March 25 2016

Ryan from Houston

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Warm water and honey

I was super constipated and it hurt to even sit. I decided to try the 8oz of water and honey mixture and it was disgusting only got two big gulps before I had to dump it out and wash the taste away with something else. Not even lying 10 mins later I felt like my stomach would explode so I went in the bathroom and within seconds instant relief!
March 14 2016

Serena from Ontario

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Attempting honey and warm water

I haven't gone in over a week, and it was the week I was menstruating so I normally would go twice as often. I'm desperate for relief now. I just tried some honey in warm water... Hopefully I don't vomit from chugging a bunch of water... Ten minutes in, nothing yet. Twenty five minutes later, relief of belly discomfort, but no bowel movement yet.
January 27 2016

Tam from Pennsylvania

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