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54 Home Remedies for Coughs

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Honey works naturally

There is no market cough syrup that works better than a couple spoonfulls of honey! And you'll never have a kid screwin their face up at it either!
It doesnt work fantastic; but ive yet to find anything that works excedingly well; but it does work as good as or better than anything the drug company is shoving.
November 14 2006

Allan from Nova Scotia, Canada

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Thyme Tea as a Cough Remedy

I have a nasty cold. When I'm up, I feel fine, but as soon as I lie down, I develop a violent cough. This has kept me awake for several nights.

Last night I ran out of cough medicine and had a horrible coughing fit at 2 am.

I heard once that thyme tea worked for coughs, so I made myself a cup of tea with a teaspoon of thyme leaves from my spice cabinet.

Although I didn't believe it would work, I got a good night's sleep without coughing the rest of the night.
March 08 2006

Janice M from Jasper, Indiana

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Onion cure for cough and bronchitis

My son often gets bronchitis with a terrible cough and lung pain. This cure works every time, and works immediately.
Take one (1) medium to large onion (any type) and slice it into a pan of water (just enough to cover it well. Boil it until the onion is soft. Strain the onion and place it on a thick towel. Place the towel directly on your chest and leave it there until it cools.
Word of warning: Don't fall asleep and leave the towel on your bed. My son's mattress smelled like onion for weeks!
December 05 2005

Lois Klapp from Penn Yan, NY

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Cough Remedy

Cough Remedy
Mix 2 tsp of lemon juice in 1/2 to 2/3 cup of warm water, and add enough honey to thicken. Take 1 or 2 tsps. every hour as needed
October 11 2005

Gert from MN

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Grandfather's remedy

Grandfather's remedy for an irratating cough. Mix a tsp of honey and sesame or vegatable oil in a cup of warm milk and sip slowly.
October 11 2005

Douglas M. from Montreal

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Cough remedy

Years ago, a homemade cough syrup was prepared by boiling purple cabbage leaves in water and adding enough honey to thicken the cooled strained liquid. American colonial sailors used to eat cabbage leaves to prevent scurvy, not even realizing it's high vitamin C content.
September 29 2005

CK from Connecticut USA

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