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54 Home Remedies for Coughs

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Fast easy cough relief

2 cups of luke warm water squeeze 1 lime into it with pulp add as much salt as you want and a teaspoon of vinegar gargle all of it for fast relief.
February 12 2009

TSV from Wisconsin

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Vicks varporub

When ever I get a cough my mom tells me to rub vicks vaporub on my neck chest and back it helps sooth the irritation before bed.
February 11 2009

Tasha from canada ontario

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alcohol + honey = cure

Get about 2 table spoons of alcohol and about a teaspoon of honey take this twice a day I have tried this and this worked in 3 days! All ingredients are like a cough lozenge but more natural and better!
January 09 2009

chris from New York

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Warm up a cup of milk and put 1/3 tsp turmeric powder and mix it and drink it, I have been suffering for cough almost 9 days and one day I use that my cough is gone and I sleep very well, it definitely works I even did with my kids too.
January 07 2009

aysha from chatsworth ca usa

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1st Check for mold!!

If you're getting sinus or bronchitis more than you would normally, have your home checked for mold. My husband and I were sick for months with a cough and we blamed it on the seasons. On a hunch we opened the basement and ran a fan for days with the door opened. As the cellar dried up so did our cough/cold/sinus/bronchitis. It's worth a shot and in the meantime try one on these great remedies on this site..
September 24 2008

Sandi T.L. from Somerset, Ma USA

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Cure for Cough

The best way to get rid of a cough is to drink fresh carrot juice (as much as possible) and within a day or two, it should be gone.

You can buy it at your local health store or juice the carrots yourself if you have a juicer.

The problem with this, however, is it can be costly and time consuming (if you are using a juicer).

So here is another option that I do a lot (and also use it for my daughter). I use a homeopathic "cold remedy". You can buy it at your local health store or buy it online. You have to follow the instructions just like it says. Sometimes, you have to take the "pill" once every 2 hours and sometimes it will be once every 15 minutes until it subsides... and then an hour or two thereafter till it goes away.

For me, the homeopathic cold remedy works typically within 2 days... but again, you need to be religious about taking the pills.

For more information on natural cures, visit http://www.provennaturalcures.com

June 09 2008

Natural Cures - Proven to work from Inverness, FL

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Surefire cough remedy

Rub eucalyptus oil on the bottoms of your feet, then put socks over them. I had a cough for nearly a month that *nothing* would help, but this did!
March 16 2008

Brenda from Los Angeles, CA USA

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Prevention method -yogic breathing

I used to get bronchitis six months out of the year and it was terrible. After doing kundalini yoga breaths - long deep breaths everyday plus "breath of fire" where you focus on exhaling small spurts of breath out your nose (the inhale comes automatically), I hardly ever get coughs and if I do, they last a normal range of time (a week or 2 weeks). Others may have a different experience, but this really really helped me. It's very difficult to be around people when you're coughing every five seconds - coughers you know what I'm talking about! Thank god I found these breathing exercises.
November 25 2007

better in brooklyn from brooklyn, new york

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For colds and flu (coughs )

Take about 1 Tb fresh lemon juice,a dash of cayenne pepper, 1 Tb. honey and mix together.Take for unproductive coughs and chest colds to bring up mucous and plegm. Make larger quanities and refrigerate.
October 14 2007

deeter from USA

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Vicks + socks

To help you sleep through the night without that bothersome cough, apply Vicks vaporub on the sole of your feet then put on a pair of socks. I had to laugh when I read this in the newspaper but it has helped our family sleep better. Now I also have family & friends who swear it works.
September 28 2007

Anonymous from FL

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Take an onion and dice it up pour some sugar enough to cover the onion. Let stand until sugar pulls the onion juice out. Take one to two teaspoons when needed and it will knock the cough faster than anything.
September 24 2007

wawa from ohio

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Lemon tea

I've been up the past week with cough attacks to the point where I was crying. Then I remembered my aunt always giving me a glass of hot tea with honey and lemon juice. As soon as I took one drink I stopped coughing, I finished the rest of the tea and was able to sleep the rest of the night.
June 16 2007

Mrs. P from wichita, ks USA

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