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54 Home Remedies for Coughs

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Relief from coughs

Take half spoon of black pepper powder and mix with one spoon of honey and eat it. You will get sudden relief.
September 26 2013

Shankari from Tamil nadu

72 34

Warm salt water remedy.

1- boil water normally.
2- add salt to it.
3- gargle the mixture.
4- take rest.
5- get well in test.

" prevention is better than cure "
September 13 2013

Prabhat from India

38 11

Malai or cream

You have have malai (one spoon) as the last thing before going to bed. Don't have anything over it not even water till next morning... Even your age old cough will vanish :)
August 26 2013

Kavita from India

33 45

Say bye to your cough in minutes!

Simply massage some Vicks to your chest, and breath in the smell of the Vicks. It's a very strong smell, but this has helped me ever since I was 4 years old. Your cough well go away in minutes:)
February 20 2013

Avery from San Francisco, California

30 45

Kill the cough and get a good night's rest

First you gotta get some vapor. Believe it or not this actually works!!!! Rub it on the bottoms of your feet, then put on some socks(prefferably warm) and then, if your chest hurts when you cough, rub it on there and on your back too. Then drink a cup of hot tea with some honey. Add a slice of lemon(a juicy one) mix well, drink up and enjoy your good night's rest!!!!!!
January 23 2010

anonymus from San Luis Obispo, CA USA

43 34


Mix dry thyme or fresh thyme leaves (you get it in any herbal store) in a cup of water and boil. Reduce it to half and drink it, good for all the ages. It should be taken just once in a day!!
December 15 2009

Arthi from london,UK

6 21

Onion cough syrup

Grate an onion into a bowl. Add several tablespoons of sugar. Allow to sit until a syrupy liquid forms. Drain off the syrup from the onion and drink a teaspoon (or several).

I learned this from some Bosnian friends. Works every time.
December 14 2009

Susan Bleyle from Watkinsville, GA

30 16

Milk, turmeric powerder and black pepper

Add half a teaspoon of turmeric powder and enough ground pepper that you can handle to a cup of warm milk. It soothes your dry irritating throat and calms your cough as well.
November 20 2009

Nirmala from Marietta, GA

32 7

Vicks Vapor Rub on your Feet - SERIOUSLY!

Simply apply a layer of Vics to the bottom of your feet and cover with socks, slip into bed and fall fast asleep! This works on all ages. You may need to reapply in the middle of the night, but I have yet to see this fail (and, yes, it does sound rather silly :)
October 21 2009

Nash from Denver, CO

120 30

Cough stopper

I used to have bronch bad so was always searching for something beside the drug kind of relief...when it got bad I used to take a gulp of vodka and would cut the cough, but can't take that to work..so kept looking..found that taking a chicken bouillon cube and putting into a sandwich bag and breaking it into smaller pieces, that it would stop the cough for a time. Works good on my little kids...it is just letting salt coat your throat..especially good for the tickling kind...and handy to just put your hand in the baggy and get a little piece and let it melt.
October 17 2009

bev from mo.

11 17

Lemon, Honey, and Cinimon

Every year at the beginning of cold season I make this cough syrup. Take a jar and fill it half full with honey (I save a few extra honeybears and split it between the two) Heat the honey by putting the jars down in simmering water till the honey gets thin. Add a teaspoon of cinimon (more or less to taste) and fill jar the rest of the way with lemon. It works great, safe for all ages, and can be taken as often as needed.
April 02 2009

Monica from Columbus, MS USA

34 24


To ease your coughing cut a lime in half and squezze it into a cup, then add some salt and drink it. Do this at least twice a day and your coughing shall ease

March 30 2009

V.W from USA

21 14

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